best vaporizers this halloween season
(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)

This Halloween, we at  showcase the most coveted pen-style vaporizers to guide you through in choosing what’s best for you. Of course, we don’t want you ending up with all the tricks. All we want is for you to take advantage of your vape pen’s treats, no less. So, we’ve created a rundown of the best vaporizer pens just for you.

The Bestselling Atmos (Rx) Raw


Atmos raw pen vaporizer


Treat: At this point, we already know why the Atmos Raw is the most popular of all pens. It’s simple, lightweight and so easy to use. The moment you unbox your very own Atmos Raw, all you have to do is screw the three main parts — mouthpiece, herb chamber and battery — together, charge the device, fill it with your dry herbs and you’re good to go. You also have the option of purchasing an oil attachment if you’re into oils too for just a $10 add-on. No fuss. No rocket science. No problem.

Battery life also lasts fairly decently — about two to three hours of vaping in between battery recharge. Overall, our most experienced connoisseurs love the Atmos Raw for its design and functionality. And of course, it comes in cool colors of black, white, green, grey, red and pink to match your style.

Trick: Just like other compact vape pens, the Atmos Raw has once been plagued with issues on the herbs burning instead of vaporizing because of the close distance to the heating coil. But Atmos soon released the glass filter to protect the herbs from burning temperatures, hence improving the overall vapor quality.

The Bottom Line: Buy the Atmos Raw for simple, on-the-go vaping. Never mind the issues on combustion if you’re really into easy and discreet vaping anytime, anywhere.

Buy it here: Atmos Raw Rx Vaporizer 

Go Nostalgic of California’s Long Beach With The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer


Snoop G pen vape

Treat: The Atmos Raw may be the bestselling vaporizer in our product line thus far, but the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer does give the Raw a run for the money. We shall say that this herbal pen is in direct competition with the Atmos Raw with its similar features. And the treat? Well, this device does work using the same principles of having the mouthpiece, herb chamber and battery screwed together.

Yes, this pen is the result of rapper Snoop Dogg’s collaboration with Grenco Science. See the map engraved outside the pen’s body? That’s the map of the artist’s hometown, the Long Beach.

Beyond its cool aesthetics is what makes this pen popular: its lightweight and durable stainless steel build, plus a long battery life for vaping the ultraportable way. This device is so sturdy that dropping it or applying sudden force to it does not seem to nudge its good build at all (of course, don’t necessarily do it just to test its durability).

Trick: As is the case for most vaporizer pens, it’s the combustion problem that worries users who prefer pure vapor — without even the slightest hint of smoke. Another setback is that this pen is designed exclusively for dry herbs only, without the option to support attachments for vaping oils.

Bottom Line: Get the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer if you’re into easy dry herb vaping. It’s more affordable than the Atmos Raw too. But one setback is the lack of support for oil attachments. If you’re an exclusive aficionado for all things dry, then this device would work best for you.

Buy it Here: Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

The Atmos Junior Vaporizer: More Compact But with Equally Powerful Punch


Atmos Raw Junior Pen Vaporizer



Treat: At $79.99 and with equally powerful punch as what the larger Atmos Raw offers, you just can’t go wrong with the Junior. Granted, some might misunderstand the concept of the Atmos Junior by thinking that everything about it is just the downsized version of the larger Raw. At first glance, its shorter body — about 2 inches less then that of the Raw — might give you the impression that its performance might also be compromised. But as you take a closer look, there is no difference as to the size of the heating coil and the size of the chamber. So that means if you enjoyed the Raw, you too will be satisfied with the vapor quality of the Atmos Junior.

Trick: The downside of the Atmos Junior, however, is the shorter battery life. The button is also a tad tinier but will already do when you start getting used to it. All other things, including the build quality and the vapor quality, remain the same.

Bottom Line: The only difference between the Atmos Raw and the Junior is the battery life, not to mention the price. But if this doesn’t bother you given the significantly lower price of this vaping device, then by all means, choose this one for its affordability.

Buy it Here: Atmos Junior Vaporizer

 G Pen Vaporizer for the Serious Oil Vape Enthusiasts


G pen oil vape



Treat: This oil vaporizer is another must-have from Grenco Science, made exclusively for oils and other concentrates. The stainless steel body sports a very classic pen-style look and is if course very durable. Inside the G Pen’s chamber is a wick and coil atomizer, which holds up to about two grams of concentrates. Such capacity can provide you about 300 to 400 puffs of great flavors from your oil. And hitting the button will yield you the desired temperature in just 2 to 5 seconds. That’s almost lightning fast for a vaporizer.

By looking at this device, its black color and thin body makes it a very discreet vape to start with. The design is also similar with other vape pens except that the chamber is of course designed for oils. The device comes with a USB charger to add more to its portability even in the absence of power outlet.

Overall, the lightweight design of the G Pen makes it a sure winner for serious connoisseurs who prefer oil over dry herbs. We’re confident to say that you just can’t go wrong with the G Pen Vaporizer.

Trick: When not properly screwed or during refills, the vape can get quite messy with those drips and residues. Also, the button could be quite hard to press. But overall, getting the hang of this device is key to a more positive vaping experience.

Bottom Line: If you’re really into oils, the G Pen is worth the buy for all its easy-to-use features and discreet design. This device is a very affordable option too!

Buy it Here: G Pen Vaporizer

The New Atmos R2 Vaporizer: For Bigger Hits and Bolder Vaping Experience


Atmos r2 vaporizer


Treat: With an improved anodized heating element, a larger herb and wax chamber and a more powerful battery, the R2 perhaps symbolizes Atmos Technologies’ commitment to providing better vaping experience with vape pen enthusiasts. As we’ve mentioned, the Atmos R2 sports an anodized heating element, which, because of its design, can support both dry herbs and waxy concentrates. So, this is a virtually all-around vaporizer because of its improved design.

The basic elements such as the parts of the R2 are similar to the Atmos Raw and the Junior, only that the parts are bigger to support more volume of your vaping material. As always, it comes in three basic parts, and perhaps the only difference is the size and functionality.

Lately, we’ve noticed that the R2 has picked up more sales, and that does not come as a surprise because this is what we have anticipated from Atmos — an improved design with more functionality in just one vape.

Trick: The R2 is an undeniably a powerful vaping device. But one downside is that it gets a little hotter when used for longer periods. Also, it seems no one has yet solved the problem of combustion when using vape pens. Nevertheless, a glass filter can also come in handy to lessen the tendency of the herb to burn.

The Bottom Line: If you’re into waxes, very sticky oils and dry herbs, choose this pen for all its worth. It may come a tad pricier than the Raw, but the bigger chamber and the added functionality makes this a great buy.

Buy it Here: Atmos R2 Vaporizer 

G Pro Vaporizer: Getting More With Less


G pro vaporizer


Treat: If there is one vape pen that would directly rival the Pax, it would be the G Pro vaporizer by Grenco Science. We place this vaping device under the pen-style category although it comes in a wider body. It’s still compact enough to fit perfectly in your pocket or bag, and its design is intuitive enough to offer three preset temperature settings. Also, the G Pro promises to be a true vaporizer that will not burn your dry herb materials.

Inside the device is a durable stainless steel body that offers only pure vapors when the materials are heated inside. There is no plastic smell, nor are there any other foreign matter besides the flavors coming out from your botanicals. This is indeed a great improvement coming from Grenco Science. Surprisingly, we now have a vape pen that doesn’t burn herbs at all.

Trick: As promising as this vaping device is, Grenco Science has yet to perfect the performance of the G Pro in terms of vapor quality. Also, a 60- to 90- second heat up time is too long for a vape pen.

The Bottom Line: If combustion matters to you, then choose this G Pro vape pen, which promises lower temperatures to prevent the herbs from burning. The G Pro uses the convection method of heating, so the botanicals do not come in direct contact with the heating element.

Buy it Here: G Pro Vaporizer

Written by Nancy Roberts