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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)


It’s Halloween once again and every trick-or-treater will surely have those loot bags filled with the sweetest and most adorable candies! But in Colorado and Washington, this spooky season may not be quite the same with the previous years now that recreational marijuana is already legal in both states.

With cannabis in unprecedented abundance since the legalizations began, anticipating the possibility of spreading marijuana-laced sweets during Halloween may not be so far-fetched. But how is this even highly possible?

Already, the Denver Police Department has raised its concerns regarding the widespread use of the pot-infused sweets. And to make the public understand the likelihood of this possibility, the department released a video featuring Patrick Johnson, the owner of medical marijuana center Urban Dispensary in Colorado. In the clip, he shares his thoughts and some serious warning:


There you go. So, it’s a matter of edible marijuana manufacturers’ clever ways to produce these sweets by buying candies in bulk and spraying them with specialized hash oil. Once the pieces dry, there’s almost no way you could tell the difference between a pure candy and the one with THC on.

Thus the real problem lies on the possible mix-up of sorts. What happens when a candy shop stores their candies with those infused with weed? Even at a closer look, you can hardly tell which one is going to give you that sugar rush and which one’s going to give the ultimate high.

This possibility it is one of the reasons why the Denver police release the video. And parents are also warned to help their children stay away from such sorts of sweets.

But as serious as this concern may seem to many, others downplay the growing anxiety because for one, retailers of marijuana infused candies will make sure that they separate these products because they’re more expensive to begin with. After all, you would not want to be too careless to mix the products you spent so much for with the cheaper ones, would you?

Yet a recent article on the Denver Post showed that there has been a significant increase in the number of hospital emergency admissions because of accidental marijuana ingestion. From 2005 2 2013, there were only eight children admitted to the Children’s Hospital Colorado emergency room because of accidental marijuana ingestion. However, just last year alone, the same number of admitted children was recorded by the same hospital for the same case.

A Few Cases in Point

So, how do kids gain access to these pot infused sweets? Let’s take a look at some cases:

Case #1: That Chocolate-Chip Cookie in the Front Yard

chocolate chip cookies with cannabis

In Longmont city in Northern Colorado, a 2-year old girl Evelyn Hernandez was rushed to the hospital after her mother noticed something unusual while grocery shopping: Evelyn started to look drowsy and was struggling to walk. In the hospital, tests revealed THC in the girl’s system.

Recalling what had happened, Ms. Hernandez said to the police that about 30 minutes before they went to the grocery, her daughter found something on the grass right in the front yard of their apartment. It looked like a chocolate-chip cookie, which the daughter took some bites before Ms. Hernandez grabbed the cookie and threw it away. Fortunately, the girl ended up just fine a few hours later.

Case #2: Brownies, Anyone?

cannabutter coffecake

In Kansas, an Olathe High School student was rushed to the emergency room after he reportedly ate marijuana-infused brownies that his classmate passed around in school. According to the police chief, the brownies looked homemade and not something you’d find in a dispensary.

Then followed the letter from the school principal, Scot Brown, warning parents of the possible “serious consequences” if students bring marijuana in the campus.

Well, this is Kansas, where recreational marijuana is not yet legal and where schools can still take greater control over the students’ access to cannabis. But in Colorado, such cases may potentially be on the rise if no further regulations are made.

Vigilant and Responsible Parenting: How to Keep Children Away from Weed

We at Smokazon.com support the recreational use of marijuana for our well-being, of course. But we are also aware of the dangers that THC could bring to children and adolescents, whose system is more vulnerable to even low dosage of the drug. So it would be wise for parents to take extra care when handling cannabis at home.

Here’s a rundown on what parents may do lessen the rick of exposing their kids to pot:

Keep a Child-Proof Cabinet Handy at Home


Let’s get straight to the point. If you are a parent and you vaporize pot at home , then you must have that certain spot where you and you alone have access to it. It should be a cabinet or any enclosed space that’s either out of reach of the children or has a secured lock. Whether you’re into dry weed, concentrates or edibles, a safe, lockbox or an elevated cabinet would be an ideal hiding place for all your stuff.

Or, Transform One Room into a Marijuana Bar

future of marijuana - marijuana pubs

Why cram all those vaporizers, weeds and candies in a small box if you can have a entire separate room to do whatever you want? If privacy and the concern of having your kids watch you get wild and high (just being wacky by yourself. Come on, we need a little time off alone too!), a private room would be the perfect place for you. Bigger places to use you weed means you can use even use the best desktops vaporizers without even being discreet about it.

For a room to be a perfect fit for all your weed vaporizing and joint smoking pleasures, make sure that there is enough ventilation to keep the exhaled vapors or smoke out and fresh air in. A small refrigerator may even prove very handy if you’re into pot-infused Caesar Salad, pasta, brownies or whatever food you can imagine. And you can simply mix, team, heat and bake these edibles in your own little space too!

Make a Deal With Your Little Trick-Or-Treater

During Halloween, we just can’t spoil your children’s moment of wanting to go out and go knocking on your neighbor’s doors. At one point, let them go but make them promise not to eat anything fro the loot bag unless you check them all and give the go signal to enjoy the safe sweets to their heart’s delight.

Now, if you find most of the candies loosely sealed or appear to be homemade, throw them away of course. This is where buying some extra sweets beforehand would help keep your kids from throwing tantrums for all those goodness you tossed away.

When at The Store, Always Ask

If you live in Colorado or Washington, you’ll more likely run into the chance of being in a store selling pot-infused goodies. And taking your children with you, plus all those brightly colored-packed candies in plain sight is never a good mix. Always ask the storeowner or sales staff which ones are tricks and which ones are real treats fo your kid (unless some mix-ups happen).

As we’ve mentioned earlier, marijuana-infused candies always come with a higher price tag. And if unsure, open one candy and check for any unusual smell. What you can’t detect in plain sight could somehow give you a clue through your sense of smell.

When Visiting a Neighbor, Always Ask

It’s not at all times that you get to know your friends or neighbors that well. And when taking your kids for some neighborhood fun, you might just want to know what’s served on the table or what’s being stored in the fridge. So it pays to ask your good friend to neighbor whether he or she keeps some stash or those pot-laced goodies around.

Better Yet, Do your Sessions Elsewhere

Not that you’re becoming too much protective of your family, especially your children, but if you think doing that business elsewhere would give you that peace of mind, by all means. This is the very main reason why we support the growing call for marijuana bars at least in states where recreational marijuana is already legal. Sometimes, we just can’t mix parenting with and having a smoke-free or THC-free home for the sake of the kids’ safety.

The Bottom Line

We’re not saying THC is bad. In fact, it has the most wonderful health benefits — from alleviating physical pain to the treatment of multiple sclerosis and even cancer. Even people with neurodegenerative diseases seem to benefit from the controversial herb. The concerns here lie on the fact that children are still vulnerable to even small doses of THC. What’s worse, it would be initially hard to identify the cause of their sudden nauseous sensation or lethargic gestures just because they unknowingly ingested cannabis-laced food.

So, this Halloween, make sure your kids get all the treats (pure candies with real goodness) and are away from all those tricks (pot-infused sweets). Or, better yet, why not get those tricks for yourself?

Written by The Smokazon Team
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