Plenty Vaporizer
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

Get to know your Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer is made by Germany’s esteemed Storz & Bickel, the same company that brought you the Volcano vaporizer. The vaporizer itself has a direct delivery whip-like, air cooled, flexible stainless steel wand that you use to inhale your herbs and blends. What is really awesome about this flexible wand is that it really does cool down the heated air to a temperature that should not scathe your lungs ( if you set the temperature correctly).

The system is also purported to have the largest surface area and can hold quite a lot of herb or blends for those that are using the vaporizer with friends. The double helix heat exchange unit ( the place where you put your herbs ) is unique in its design and allows for easy filling. The other nice feature is that if you are only using enough herb or blend for yourself, then you have a handy liquid pad that you put on top of your herbs. This is an excellent feature that allows the Plenty vaporizer to evenly heat the contents of the heat exchange unit without having to fill it all the way.



The liquid Pad

Plenty Vaporizer liquid padThe pad is really meant to hold your blends in place while heating. The liquid pad, included with the Plenty Vape is purported to be able to hold up to 10 drops of liquid. I have found that by dropping liquid on the TOP of the pad that this will more likely clog the top screen. One or two drops seem to be OK, any more and the pad soon becomes clogged with dried liquid. What I can say DOES work in the Plenty Vaporizer is WAX. This sticky substance seems to completely disintegrate vs. the oil which sticks to the screen and dries.


So, how do I use this thing?


The process of using the Plenty Vaporizer is straightforward after you get used to it. Which took us about one week. Basically, you look up the herb or blend you are going to use and find out what the optimal vaporizing temperature is.

Here is a decent guide for that:

Once you know the proper temperature, use the mini guide in the Plenty’s box, to find out the analog number. Next, you’ll want to adjust the temperature by rotating the orange temperature wheel to select your desired temperature between the ranges of approximately 266°F to 395°F. I personally have found that 6 – 6.5 gives the best results for herbs and blends, while 5.5 – 6 is great for WAX.

After you select the right heat range, turn the device switch on and activate the device by clicking the handle once.

NOTE: You do NOT need to keep holding the handle grip while using or heating, this is one click on the switch. You will, however, need to click the handle after the device starts to cool down.

When the temperature is at the right level, you will hear a distinct clicking sound that means you are ready to go, this takes about 2 – 3 minutes from a cold state.

Now, when drawing on the Plenty Vaporizer, you will need to make two dry draws. This just means that the hot air is being drawn up and heating the herbs. The third draw will give you a nice amount of vapor.

One more note: when you are done vaporizing, turn off the power switch. When the device has cooled down, you can unscrew the double helix and see your herbs or blends have turned a nice dark brown. If the blends are not dark brown, they can still be used.

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Overall the experience I had with the Plenty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has been great. I will look forward to comparing it to other vaporizers in the future. The Plenty Vaporizer has a distinct advantage over most of the vaporizers I have seen. It had a deep herb container, a self-cooling whip and allows for the vaping of WAX. Overall a great vaporizer, without the big balloon from the Volcano.

I hope you enjoyed my Plenty vaporizer review!

Now it’s your turn: Do you have a Plenty Vaporizer? What do you think of it? Comment below and share it with us.

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