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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

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The G Pen Elite is a great buy for someone looking for a discreet device that can perform well. Overall you get quality vapor without paying a high ticket price.

The GoodG Pen Elite is the original flagship product for Grenco Science. Sold for $149 in most stores online, this device can be considered cheap alternative compared to other products that it is at par with. It is compared to the likes of Pax 2. Though a lot of experts still consider Pax 2 a better vaporizer, critics believe that the G Pen Elite is the best bang for your buck.

In terms of performance, the thing that is impressive about this particular vaporizer is its ability to heat up the elements inside the device. You have a device that could reach 400° F in half a minute. For something that is compact, that’s amazing.

Also, another thing that makes it a unique vaporizer is its wide temperature range. It goes from 200° F to 428° F. This allows you to vape different materials with ease. 

It also produces an unusually warmer vapor compared to other devices within its category. Though it isn’t a good idea to start vaping in high temperatures, the short vapor path minimizes the waiting time especially for those who wish nothing but instant satisfaction to a vaporizer.

It also has accurate temperature control unexpected from a small and compact device. It has easy to read LED display which makes the device user friendly. And if you think that you will have to recharge the device every now and then, the battery can last for days of regular use.

The design is also worth checking. It has a deep chamber which is quite different from the other vaporizers in its category. It can pack a decent amount of material. The chamber is also made of ceramics. The good thing about this particular design is it heats up not only the bottom portion of the device but evenly in all angles. This minimizes the amount of wasted material, giving the user the best bang for your buck.

The Bad/ Despite the number of good things that you will notice regarding the device, there are still some areas that need a bit of improvement from its makers. For instance, the mouthpiece tends to get hot after a while. It is also made of plastic, which may not be a good thing the longer you use the device.

The design of the chamber also needs a bit of improvement. Though it is understandable that Grenco Science focused on the performance of the device, it makes a pain to load properly.

The Bottomline/ The Grenco Science device is a great buy for someone looking for a discreet device that can perform well. Though there are some areas that need to be improved such as the mouthpiece. the G pen elite is a functional vaporizer that can come in handy both as your main vaporizer and a backup small vaporizer. You get quality vapor without paying a great amount of money.

Also, you can be sure that you don’t get your material burnt. Thanks to its ceramic chamber, it evenly heats the material that you are using. This makes the device a strong contender in the list of small vaporizers out there.

G Pen elite V1

What’s new with G Pen Elite?

The device has both dry herb and concentrate options. Other than its flexibility, it also has a sleek modern design that is absent in many portable vaporizers in the market. Grenco Science made each device with a unique serial number to prevent counterfeiting.

Another great thing about this particular product is that it comes with a metal grinder. You can easily place it in your wallet, which is also handy for the right situation.

Design and Performance

The design of the device is futuristic. No one would ever guess that it is only for $170. It measures around 4 and ½ inches tall. It weighs around 88 grams. Its shape is not a perfect circle, which makes it a great device to hold.

However, the only problem with the chamber is that it is quite difficult to fill up. Don’t be surprised to get frustrated on your first try. It takes a bit of practice to get used to this setup.

Portability and Discreetness

The device is not too small or too big. Its size is just enough to fit in a small bag. It is also the perfect device if you want quality vapor on something that could fit in your hand. Colored black and less than 5 inches, the vaporizer can be discreet. With its size, it carries a decent amount of herbs. However, it isn’t also too small to feel flimsy.

Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, the device can provide some warm and flavorful vapor. It has a design that heats up faster than most competitor products, while it also cools faster as well. This makes a huge difference in the long run since it helps conserve the herb.

The 360-degree design for the ceramic heating element also contributes to the superb vapor from this device. With this design, it evenly heats all the herbs and not just the bottom portion of the chamber near the heat source.

The best temperature so far for this device is at 375° F. And though the design of the vaporizer has a chamber right at the bottom of the mouthpiece, it doesn’t get too hot once you take a long draw.

G pen elite V3

How to Use the G Pen Elite
  1. Register the device. According to Grenco Science, it is highly suggested that you register your device on their site the moment that you purchased one. This helps confirm if the item is authentic or not.
  2. Next, you want to charge the device for three hours.
  3. After getting the device charged, lift the mouthpiece with two fingers, and you will see the chamber. Once you have placed your favorite herb, you can now place the mouthpiece back.
  4. To turn on the device, you will press the power button five times.
  5. You can adjust the temperature to the side and hold the power button for one second. Once you have chosen the desired temperature, the LED will then light up.
  6. Once you see the LED display on the right temperature of choice, you can now take a draw and enjoy.

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