(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

Most alcohols usually have alcoholic contents below 40%; however, many have alcoholic ranges exceeding that percentage. Such alcohols are only suitable for pros, and even they must take such drinks in smaller quantities due to the potential side effects. 

Identifying the stronger drinks can be a challenge since most are unique. Some have no scents, tasteless, while others have unique flavors. You need to be careful with such alcohols; hence you need to observe the labels to know the names. Let’s discuss some of them that you may want to try. 

  1. Absinthe 

Until 2007, Absinthe was illegal in the United States because of various claims such as hallucinations and convulsions. However, it is not a drink for amateurs and requires a responsible approach. It has an alcohol level of 72%, making it one of the most potent alcohols globally. The company labels it as the bitter spirit absinthe due to the unique taste. It can be a great add-on to mocktails as it pairs well with many flavors. absinthe  Absinthe stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images 

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  1. Pincer Shanghai Strength 

If you want to get high fast and feel your tongue on fire, this is the best alcohol to try. Rated 177 proof, the alcohol is only necessary at small levels. It may deceive many because of the ingredients such as milk, thistle, and elderflowers; however, you need to consume it moderately.  

  1. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka 

This drink is unique due to its packaging. The main ingredients include organic grain and water from Lake Vattern. It is rated 170 proof with alcohol content as high as 85%. You can use it to make cocktails, though, in a small percentage to enhance its taste. It has a fresh, peppery flavor and a clean texture, making it ideal for cocktails.  

  1. Bacardi 151 

Bacardi is one of the strongest rums globally; hence you need to mix it with other drinks such as fruit juices to limit the alcohol levels. Due to the alcohol contents of 75.5%, it is also highly flammable; hence, you need to store it away from flames, or you should not drink it while smoking. Failure to observe these signs can easily trigger fires. The flammability explains why most bars do not stock it. 

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  1. Stroh 160 Rum 

The alcohol has European origin and continues to fascinate many since it is one of the strongest and most flavored alcoholic drinks. The unique aroma and taste make it attractive to many. Many call it the spirit of Austria since most Austrians prefer to make warm cocktails in the winters to curb the severe colds and chills using this rum.   

  1. Balkan 176 Vodka 

A bottle of Balkan 176 comes with around 13 warnings. You should not ignore any of them; they are there to educate you about the strong effects and the potential risks. Scandinavian distils this Vodka in over three stages, and the result is a more potent drink without any taste or scent associated with standard alcoholic beverages. Due to the lack of taste and scent, many tend to mistake it for a soft drink leading to more consumption. 

  1. Devil Springs Vodka 

The name suggests one of the strongest alcohols. It is rated 160 proof with alcohols contents as high as 80%. It is one of the most potent vodkas. It is common in bars since it can blend with various herbs such as lavender, dried fruits, chili peppers, and herbal teas. For those who love burning shots, this is the ideal drink to try. You should take at most two shots to avoid the side effects.   

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  1. River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum 

This is another drink with no alcoholic scent. The alcoholic content of 90% is due to the unique distillation process, the traditional pot stilling method. The distillation process leads to a drink with a prominent flavor not present in other alcoholic drinks.  You only need a small amount, and ensure you add some juices to it, probably a lime or orange juice, to reduce the high alcohol content.  

  1. Moonshine 

The main ingredients include sugar and corn; this alcoholic drink is labeled 160 proof meaning it is only suitable for pros or those willing to mix it with other beverages. There are death cases due to alcohol poisoning; hence you need to treat this drink diligently. The high concentration that sometimes reaches 80% is due to the extensive distillation process and the corn base used in manufacturing. Most people refer to it as unaged whiskey due to the high alcoholic contents surpassing most whiskey.  

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10. Everclear 

There are various alcoholic drinks that you should not drink neat without adding some drinks to tone down the harsh flavor. Taking it neat may have slight side effects on your throats. The effects of Everclear are immediate; hence you need to take a tiny bit to ensure you stay sober and avoid extreme effects such as hallucinations. You also need to understand that addiction is quicker due to the 95% alcohol content. Labeled 190 proof, it is one of the most dangerous drinks globally.  


It may be fun to try either of these alcohols but ensure you take them responsibly and only in small amounts. You may get the side effects if you overdrink any.  

Still, you should mix them with other drinks to reduce the alcoholic contents lest you risk position and severe hallucinations.  

Written by Kathy Cooley