How to Find the Best Portable Vaporizer for You
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

The market today is filled with a number of portable vaporizer brands. These portable vaporizer brands differ as to how users look at them. This just shows how there is no rule of the thumb as to what the best vaporizer is. Since preference differs from one end user to the other, it is important to specify categories in which will teach you how to get the best type of portable vaporizer for you. 

Portable Vaporizer ModelSwitch Off?DigitalFlexible TubeHeatingTempPriceRatings (10/10)
Arizer Extreme QYesYesYesConvectionYes$239.009.8
Arizer Solo VaporizerYesYesNoConvectionYes$224.009.7
Magic Flight Launch Box VaporizerNoNoYesConductionNo$119.959.5
Iolite Vaporizer 2.0NoNoN/AConvectionNo$149.999
PUFFiT X VaporizerYesNoNoConvectionYes$169.998.7
Wispr 2NoNoNoConvectionNo$199.998.5
Pinnacle Pro VaporizerYesNoNoConvectionYes$239.998
VaporBlunt 2.0YesNoN/AConvectionYes$239.997.5
DaVinci VaporizerYesYesYesConvectionYes$198.997


To guide you in buying the right vaporizer, you have to judge a product according to its price, overall rating, type of heating, temperature, flexible tube, digital display, and on/off feature. 

  • Overall rating- Are people generally happy with the product? Do they have a good or a bad experience with the portable vaporizer? Though you may have a different preference from other people, getting a general idea from the comments of other users is one of the things that you can read online.   
  • Type of Heating- What is the type of heating that is used by the brand? Are the herbs being heated through convection or via conduction? Of course, for those who are very particular with their vapor, this can make a really big difference in your user experience. Also, do you have to use electricity or simply butane? 
  • Temperature- How many temperature settings are there in the product? Is the portable air vaporizer allowing you to have 5 or maybe 7 heat options? Normally, the more heat options, the more flexible the product is in providing user preference setting to those vapor connoisseurs. 
  • Flexible tube- The tube is a crucial part of the portable vaporizer. Does the tube fit well with the vaporizer itself? There are cases when the flexible tube will fit well on later or early models. This is something that you need to check. 
  • Digital display– Is the digital display allowing you to see how much time you have left for the portable vaporizer before you charge it? Or perhaps, just an on and off sign? 
  • On/off feature– Does it automatically turn off when it is not in use? This is important as this can save you power for electric vaporizers.

Other Things You Have to Weigh

There are also some other things that you want to consider if you are going to buy a portable vaporizer in the market. For instance, does it have good design? Not all portable vaporizers were made equal. There are those products that are sold as portable vaporizers, but in reality can be bulky. If you tend to plan to carry the vaporizer anywhere you go, this is a crucial thing to look into. 

There are some products that are poorly designed in terms on how the users are going to operate the product. If you end up spending hours before you master the whole product, this may not be a user friendly product after all. Most brands today are making it possible so that the products that they offer are idiot friendly. Maintenance-wise is the product easy to clean? It is crucial for the user to know if the product is low maintenance, especially when the portable vaporizer is always on use. Lastly, the durability comes a long way. Since the vaporizer is going to be subject to high temperatures, you have to be sure that these products can hold up. 


Top Portable Vaporizer Products

Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q can be used in two different ways. It can be used with a vaporizer whip or with the Extreme Q bag. Though it is not the best balloon vaporizer, or a whip vaporizer, the main attraction about this product is that it can be both. If you are looking to save some cash, you can get this product to provide mediocre whip and balloon vaporizer. The market for the Arizer Extreme Q are those who are just beginning to use vaporizers. 

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Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo is a great product that you can simply keep in your own home for display. Though the Arizer Solo Vaporizer is considered as a portable vaporizer, it is not as handy as it may seem. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer temperature currently has 7 heat settings that you can choose from, giving the user versatility in their heating preference. 

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

In terms of the design of the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, it was a very simple looking piece of product. Despite the low profile look of the MFLB, it is a very functional product that can fit perfectly in your purse. Despite the small construction, it can pack a punch. Also, given the 0.3g capacity that can heat up in a few seconds, you may not ask for something better. In terms of aesthetics, the wooden material adds a different punch. 

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IOLITE Original Vaporizer 2.0

This vaporizer is a unique product especially for those who love to take their vaporizer outside their home. Made by Oglesby & Butler, the product is a great buy for those who became fans of the WISPR. The product is powered by butane making it efficient. Instead of getting batteries, and finding a plug where you can charge your vaporizer, you simply buy butane from your local store and you are already good to go. Simply put, you can use it whenever you want as long as you have butane on hand. For each filling of butane, you can roughly get around six sessions of 10-15 minutes with it. It is suggested that once you filled it up with butane, you wait for a few minutes to let it settle. For optimal temperature, the vaporizer can heat up at 190 degrees Celsius. 


Puffit X Vaporizer 

Puffit X Vaporizer looks similar to an asthma inhaler. The rare thing about this product is the fact that it is the very first forced air portable vaporizer in the market. It makes use of a fan in order to thrust the vapor into the filling chamber. What this provides is a constant and steady flow of vapor. The forced air will pass through the heated air around the herb that you are using. In terms of design, the Puffit X vape is lightweight and discreet. Also, given its asthma inhaler appearance, no one would suspect it to be a vaporizer. Also, this product can allow the herbs to heat up in just 30-45 seconds. Also, Puffit X temperature has 8 heat settings to choose from ranging from 150-220 degrees Celsius. In terms of charging time, it can fill up the power almost to 80% within just an hour. Also, it has a USB cable that you can use so you can charge it virtually even in your own laptop.  

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IOLITE Wispr 2

The Iolite Wispr2 is an enhanced version of the Iolite Vaporizer. Powered by butane with similar inner workings as the older model, the outside has been improved by adding a starter button along with a functional mouthpiece. Similar to the Iolite Vaporizer 2, it is powered by butane as well. This means that you do not have to worry about charging time. Before pressing the starter though, you’d want the gas to settle for a few minutes first. Similar to the Iolite Vaporizer 2, the WISPR can also handle around 6 15 minute sessions. 

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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporzier is a product from VaporBlunt. This product is considered a slim and compact device that will change your opinion about compact pocket vaporizers. This product in particular was designed to appeal to the user friendly market.  The heating chamber for instance was constructed near the Pinnacle Pro mouthpiece together with the 5 heat settings that you can tap easily. Also, it features easy on and off switch that has 1-5 LED lights that light up to indicate the power that you have on your vaporizer. Also, unlike most vaporizers that can just go for herbs, the Pinnacle Pro Vaporzier can be used not only for herbs but also for oil. 

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VaporBlunt 2.0

VaporBlunt 2.0 is a major revamp of the first VaporBlunt vaporizer. For starters, it is compact and half the size of its predecessor. Looking into the VaporBlunt 2.0, it comes with filling chamber, glass mouthpiece and cleaning tool. In terms of design, it comes with water filter that filters vapor giving the highest quality vape. Also, aside from having herbs, it has the ability to vape oils. What they maintained on the VaporBlunt2.0 that is also present on the first one is the single button function. As for the warm up time, you have to wait around a minute and a half for the product to completely warm up. 

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DaVinci Vaporizer

Eye catching and functional, these are the things that you can’t fail to notice with the Da Vinci Vaporizer. With a removable mouthpiece, this vaporizer is compact as it could get. But of course, there is that chance that you may misplace the Da vinci mouthpiece. However, the thing with this mouthpiece is that it is flexible. It has a temperature display that allows you to know what the current set up is. Unlike the other vaporizers that do not allow you to use the product while charging, this is not the case with the DaVinci Vaporizer. It also has an auto shutdown feature that saves energy. 

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Choosing which vaporizer is a good buy can be quite tricky. For instance, people have different preferences. Someone may prefer to have butane over battery powered vaporizers. There are also those who prefer to have the mouthpiece attached permanently to their vaporizer than being removable. For the connoisseurs, the temperature becomes a great factor also to consider. However, given the different products in the market today, it is a matter of knowing what you like. These products can easily be a top pick for you. you just have to know your expectations for a good vaporizer. 


Written by James Rubio