Easy Vaping With Friend
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2015)

We’ve always thought that vaporizing always gets much better when done in social circles, especially with friends who share a taste for the same kind of herbs or concentrates. Of course, staying socially connected while getting high is, shall we say, a priceless experience as well.

But when it comes to social vaping, using a pen vaporizer might seem a tad more ‘detached’ or ‘individualistic’ from the rest of the group. How much better would it be if you share one tabletop vaporizer for a much stronger and potent punch, achieving a more pleasurable high?

Today, we share with you some of the best ways to vaporize in a group, and which vaporizer gets the best collective reviews by vape enthusiasts who prefer meet-ups for vaporizing.

Why Use Desktop Vaporizers?

Sure, pen or portable vaporizers may still be your best alternative when spending your time away from home. But these types are best designed for individual use only. Their smaller herb chambers always result in vaporizing sessions that require more frequent emptying and refilling of your materials.

But when staying indoors with friends, it makes perfect sense to go for the bigger desktop vaporizers, which hold more herbs, deliver denser flavors and offer greater usability when whips (long tubes made of medical-grade plastic or silicone) are attached to the chamber. In addition, balloons, or plastic bags that inflate with vapors, can easily be passed around when you have a forced-air vaporizer handy.

The Best Desktop Vaporizers for Socializing are…

Well, it depends on whom you vaporize with and the budget you or your friends are willing to shell out for a tabletop. Let’s get down to the most expensive vaporizer first, followed by the more affordable yet equally functional ones that you might also find interesting.

The Volcano Vaporizer

Who does not want the Volcano on their wish list? Given the prices equal, we all want to have this vaporizer for its excellent build, quality and durability. But the real score is the vapor quality that many of our users undeniably praise.

Made by German-based Storz and Bickel, the Volcano vaporizer comes with a unique, cone-shaped design with a solid finish from the outside. You can choose either the Classic Volcano Vaporizer (with dial controls) or the Digital Volcano (buttons and LED screen for the control).

What’s good about the Volcano in social settings is this: You can attach the balloon to the vaporizer and inflate it with your choice of aromas and flavors, detach it and pass it on. And while everyone takes his or her turn with the balloon, attach the whip to the volcano and pass it to others as well. This indeed works perfectly in much larger groups.

You’d be even more impressed with the vapor power of the Volcano vape. The secret behind its success is the extra wide chamber and the large heating element. This means you could pack more herbs for more long-lasting, powerful flavors. The forced air mechanism is made possible because of the powerful fan that blows form the inside of the vaporizer. This means you can inflate the balloon with ease.

Also, having a Volcano around is like flaunting your iPhone to your friends. It’s simply the most coveted high-end vaporizer. At around 600 dollars, who would not want to give this vape a try and feel the high?

Buy it here: Volcano Vaporizer

If you find the Volcano vaporizer quite too expensive, there are always more affordable ones to try. Here they are:

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Canadian-based Arizer is perhaps the Volcano’s most formidable counterpart. At just almost half the price, you get the same forced-air functionality that could be used for either the vaporizer whip or the balloon.

So, why is the Q Extreme Vaporizer great for social groups? Well, you too can enjoy the balloon system and the whip with this vape. The only setback is that the balloon could leak after holding the mouthpiece because of the absence of a valve system, which the Volcano already has, and is patented by Storz and Bickel, by the way.

Another plus point for the Extreme Q is the Cyclone glass bowl, which not only allows whips to be connected to the vaporizer, but also allows you to just put in your dried flowers or potpourri to freshen up your room. So, while your friends are on the way, diffuse a little scent within your home to mask any unwanted smell.

And if you’re busy doing household chores, by the way, just use the remote to control the Extreme Q. Yes, it comes with a remote — quite an oddity for a desktop vaporizer, but it too can come in handy at times necessary.

Buy it here: Extreme Q Vaporizer

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

If you’re quite a bit OC about anything microbial, then you might want to try the Vapir Rise Vaporizer instead. This forced-air, desktop vaporizer is a tad lighter and slimmer than the Volcano and the Extreme Q, but what sets this one apart is the multi-user adapter, which has four separate nozzles for your to connect four whips simultaneously. If you happen to be four in a group (or some couples share the same whip), then you won’t need to share your tubes with anyone else. Talk about hygiene.

Although such functionality is most admired in the Rise, its vapor quality is, shall we say, not as excellent as the Volcano or the Extreme Q, as many of our users report. But still, it does give quite a strong punch when heated up to higher temperatures! Sometimes, it’s just a matter of hitting that right draw and temperature to achieve your desired vapor strength.

Buy it here: Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Summing it up

When it comes to vaporizing with your friends or acquaintances, we highly recommend forced-air, desktop vaporizers because they readily give out the vapors for you to enjoy. Plus, the option to use the balloon is really a plus point.

You may use cheaper tabletop vaporizers that do not have the fan, some good choices of which are the Arizer V Tower and Da Buddha vaporizers. But the lack of fan mechanism leaves them good only for whips. You need to exert some extra effort to draw the vapors because air is not pushed out, as in the case of forced-air vaporizers. But still, if simplicity is what matters to you, why not?

So, tell us what your experiences with friends are. Do you prefer sharing one desktop vaporizer of have your own vape pens instead? Tell us more about it!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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