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Cannabis is a huge industry for different parts of the world. Given the rising popularity of cannabis, not to mention the number of countries that legalized its use, you can’t deny the fact that people are now exploring many ways on how to enjoy cannabis. In fact, people search for different options in vaporization.
Over the years, a lot of people are engaged in using both dry herbs and waxes as their main vaping material. A great number of cannabis enthusiasts have utilized the use of wax in order to maximize both recreational and medical benefits of cannabis.
From the outside, since Colorado decided to legalize cannabis, the entire industry has been expected to grow up to $10 billion by 2018. Enter the rising number of extraction companies in the market. Just how tricky is this part of the cannabis business? Amateur extraction players have been known responsible for some deaths over the years. Before you even decide to take on waxes, you need to be knowledgeable about the potential dangers, not to mention, potential benefits that you could get from waxes.

Cannabis Wax
Also colloquially known as ear wax, a lot of people believe that this is a potent version of cannabis. The thing with wax is that it could either be dabbed or it could be taken via vaporizers. Dabbing is the term used by cannabis enthusiasts when they consume cannabis wax as an edible. For those who plan to make their own cannabis wax, you need to be warned about the possible threats that you could be facing. Keep in mind that this isn’t for someone who has no idea about chemistry. This could endanger not only your property but even your life. Butane is typically used as a solvent in order to extract the cannabinoids within the strain. In most occasions, it is THC that is being extracted. Using this method, wax is basically the particular cannabinoid rich in a particular herb.

What Makes Cannabis Wax Popular?
For a lot of people who tried cannabis wax, it has the potency that attracts not only the newbies, but those who already have a defined appetite for vaping and even dabbing. According to experts, waxes can tend to have up to 80% pure THC. This could result to a quicker high, and a better vaping experience compared to using dry herbs. Even High Times will agree that waxes tend to carry more cannabinoids ratio per gram compared to ordinary dry herbs. So what makes dry herbs better? Why not just switch to cannabis waxes instead of dry herbs?

Dry Herbs Better than Wax?
You shouldn’t jump so quickly about this new trend. It is a good idea that you learn both the pros and the cons. In fact, there are still those people who prefer vaping dry herbs. First thing that you want to check is the price range of cannabis waxes against the dry herbs. For dry herbs sold in California, this would range from $15 to $20 per gram. On the other hand, the same weight would already cost around $70 to $100 for the cannabis wax. The price is mainly due to the extraction process, not to mention the risks that are involved in making the product.
Secondly, you have to check the different potential side effects that you’ll experience when you take a rapid dose of cannabinoids, not to mention in high concentration. According to some reports, waxes can be quite hallucinogenic in nature. There was an incident where in an 18 year old started vaping wax. He was then rushed to the hospital since “everything looked 3D”. And this isn’t the only case of cannabis wax and psychotic episodes. There was another case which involved two guys in their 30s in Detroit. They became agitated and had to be restrained after taking in the substance.
Thirdly, making cannabis wax can be dangerous. Butane is a highly volatile liquid which could burn the entire house. Any sudden shift in temperature or the slightest spark could cause this liquid to explode. DEA even warned about making waxes especially those that operate in their own home.
And to make matters worse for cannabis wax, you have to deal with the fact that it is highly possible that there still remains butane in the cannabis wax. Unfiltered butane stuck in your cannabis wax can be considered a poison which could produce negative side effects in the long run.
If you’ll look at Colorado, there are licensed companies that are allowed to produce waxes which could then be taken by patients. The trend these days though is that other cannabinoids are used in order to avoid any sort of hallucinogenic effect.
One of the most crucial things you need to realize with dry herbs is that you get everything. Terpenes, cannabinoids and everything in between, these are things you’ll get from dry herbs. For starters, what are terpenes and how does it play a crucial role in both recreational and medical cannabis use?
Terpenes is the part of cannabis responsible for its scent. Terpenes today is considered the next frontier for the proponents of medical cannabis. According to research, terpenes have the ability to synergistically work with cannabinoids. In layman’s term, it means that it could increase the healing potential of cannabis.
If you will look at the characteristics of terpenes, these hydrocarbons has an affinity to the cannabinoid receptors. It works wonders with cannabinoids since terpenes can increase the amount of cannabinoids that get through the blood brain barrier. Due to this action, it multiplies the effect of each gram of your dry herbs.
Aside from the synergistic relationship of cannabinoids with terpenes, it is also worth mentioning that terpenes, similar to cannabinoids, hold individual properties that could be beneficial to the human body. There are terpenes like Myrcene which helps in promoting sleep. There are also those like Limonene which are considered mood enhancers.

Isolating cannabinoids is a practice that may be used by cannabis users both for medical and for recreational purpose. Despite the points raised, it is impossible to stop cannabinoid extraction for several reasons. There will be those in need of the cannabinoids alone. THC isn’t the only cannabinoid present among different strains. You have CBD, for instance, which is becoming equally popular. What CBD does is to focus cannabinoid receptors in the digestive tract. From here, CBD works the same wonders as THC. It has been used in the case of Charlotte Figi, a nine year old in Colorado who suffered from countless seizures. Through the help of CBD, it helped the patient regain a normal life.
Use of dry herbs remains better than just wax because you get everything from terpenes to cannabinoids. However, if you will look at isolation of specific cannabinoids and how it could be used in different conditions, the dabbing and vaporizing wax is here to stay. For instance, Children who are in need of non-psychoactive cannabinoids could benefit from dabbing cannabis wax.
Cannabis may contain several kinds of cannabinoids which could be harmful in some cases. Let’s look at Charlotte Figi’s case in Colorado for instance. Without the CBD only Rick Simpson Oil extracted through a solvent, a lot of medical experts would’ve opposed the use of cannabis to treat her condition.
Under normal circumstances, dry herbs are better than waxes. However, it is imperative that wax should still be available especially for pediatric patients who simply need cannabinoids that don’t get through their brains.

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