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In spite the fact that pen vaporizers have been playing the game very well and favors have been shifting towards them, there is no denying that portable vaporizers remain the top choice for an ultra vaporizing experience. The quality of technology and the vapor they produce are just few of the things to crave for. 

Differentiating Portable Vaporizers vs. Pen Vaporizers: What are their Differences? 

Before we get started, let us start clearing up some confusion as many folks can confuse portable to pen vaporizers. While the basic truth is that anything you can carry in your hand is portable, pen vaporizers have differ in terms of their structure and design. So let’s set some rule of thumb here:

  • Anything that can be carried by hand that is NOT pen-styled structure and design is a Portable Vaporizer. They can be bulky in figure, but can still remain portable. 
  • Anything that can be carried by hand that is pen-styled structured and design is a Pen Vaporizer.
  • Portable Vaporizers also have features and technology that cannot be duplicated by pen vaporizers.  

Essentially, portable vaporizers are better than pen vaporizers (still depending on the brand and model, though) because they have much more room for better technology and they are pegged at a higher price because of the quality and the benefits they deliver. 

Transformation of the Vaporizer Community

transformers of the vaporizers

It is interesting to see how the community has transformed as companies started to revolutionize a new way to vaporize. Back in the days, die hard vapers only consider table top vaporizer models like the Volcano as the real thing. Anything beyond this model and type is considered taboo. 

But with the advent of portable vaporizers, it has taken us into another series of revolutionary transformation that has upped the game and vaporizing experience. 

Consider this – portable brands are the Apple of the vaporizers, providing a better experience with the same technology that is found within the best desktop vaporizers on the market today. 

Vaporizers are NOT Just for Lifestyle, it is also for Well-Being

A common perception that non-vapers have is when you vape, you are either quitting smoking or trying out a new fad. Well, we at the Smokazon Blog, would like to dispel that general opinion. 

The truth is vaporizers go beyond the capability of being an effective smoking cessation aid, it can also be used for aromatherapy purposes. This is mostly true if you are experiencing certain breathing conditions like asthma (and you are tired of trying out the common alternatives). Vaporizers come to the rescue as an aid to ease out the tensions and pain brought by certain respiratory conditions. Aside from that, it also helps you achieve a moist atmosphere during cold seasons that can trigger allergies.  

Choosing the Right Portable Vaporizer

iolite wispr

Getting a portable vaporizer that matches your desires, needs and lifestyle is definitely not a walk in the park. A true portable vaporizing experience goes beyond portability and being able to take it with you anywhere you want, benefit is also king to achieve the best vaporizing experience. 

Whether you are using flowers, herbs, concentrates, oil or wax, there is a certainly a very suitable portable vaporizer model that is best for your needs.  So to say that just because a portable vaporizer is not qualified to heat your favorite material, doesn’t mean that it is no longer the best. 

Suffice it to say that the best portable vaporizing experience still depends on you and your vaping preference.  

Last summer, we created a list for you of the best portable vaporizers to try on during summer time , today let’s go further and list down the Five Best Portable Vaporizers, why they are the best choice, and why they remain on top of the game despite the wave of new portable and pen models in the market today. 

5. Iolite Vaporizer (Original)

Iolite Vaporizer
Rating:  9.8/10

Capability: Herbs, Flowers, Hash; Only Operated with Butane

Price: $148.75

Description: It is not a secret that there remains many people who are looking for a portable vaporizer that can match forced-air models such as the Volcano. Well, here comes the Iolite Portable Vaporizer, your not-so-typical portable vaporizer. Made by Ireland-based manufacturers, Oglesby and Butlet LTD, the Iolite vape will certainly impress you with its stunning features. Do not underestimate this “walkie-talkie” vaporizer. What sets the Iolite Original apart from its contemporaries is it is a butane-powered vaporizer. Gone are the days when you have to worry about recharging your portable vaporizers when you’re travelling and nowhere to recharge it or plug it in to operate. 

What is more amazing is the despite being a butane-powered vaporizer, there is a temperature control system through its built-in bi-metal regulator that is set to its optimal temperature of 374°F/190°C. This temperature is already enough to heat your herbs before combustion happens. With this, you can already get massive draws of vapor from the Iolite Vaporizer. 

So you see, it is more than its design, the Iolite Vaporizer is one of the perfect portable vaporizers out there because it is cordless, needs no battery and can last long for as long as you carry your butane can with you, truly a perfect recipe to achieve the best portable vaporizing experience.    

Pros: Optimal temperature that gives a good vaporizing experience. Truly convenient and puts the word portable in portability. No need for electric cords or rechargeable batteries because the Iolite Original is a butane-powered portable vaporizer. 

Cons: You smell a little butane when it is not operating. There is also no visible indicator to know how much butane is left.  

Smokazon Team

Buy It Here: IOLITE  Vaporizer (Original) 


4. Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo vaporizer
Rating: 9.5/10

Capability: Dry Herbs, Flowers, Hash & Concentrates 

Price: $224.00

Description: Ah – the ultimate favorite! There is no doubt that the Arizer Solo Vaporizer has taken all of us by a surprise with its powerful features that can match the quality of top of the line desktop models like the Volcano. Out of all the manufacturers who tried to create and launch a product, this is finally the one that “got it” and came almost close to top caliber desktop vaporizers! There is nothing more that you can ask for on the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer –  its clean and tasty vapor are the ones that will make you die for to own a Solo. Plus, did we mention the fact that the Arizer Solo is almost a no clean-up vape? 

Arizer Solo features a seven preset temperature that you can use depending on the type of concentrate or herb you want to vaporize and a high quality borosilicate glass that will let you taste an ultra vaporizing experience. 

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer also sports the most consistent and highest quality of vapor a portable vaporizer can ever produce. The fact that it can last up to 2-3 hours is certainly a no match. 

Pros: Quality features that can match a desktop vaporizer. Almost no smell at all which keeps you more discreet in spite the bulkiness. And it’s everyone’s favorite! Truly one of the best portable vaporizers today.

Cons: A little bit too heavy and bulky, but that is why it was built for – the folks at Arizer gave a little bit of stealth for quality. The bulkiness and heaviness are still tolerable because you can still carry it anywhere you want. You cannot use it while charging. 
Smokazon Team

Buy It Here: Arizer Solo Vaporizer 


3. Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer 

Rating: 9/10

Capability: Dry Herbs Only

Price: $118.99

Description: Known for being the best vaporizer on its size and price and the one that have defined an era of hard-core vapers, the Magic Flight Launch Box (or MFLB as called in forums and social media) is certainly a vaporizer that is more than meets the eye. 

Looking at it, you will see that this small wooden box is a truly portable and handheld vaporizer! Apart from that, there is no vaporizer yet that can beat the Magic Flight Launch Box’s capability of producing real scores of vapor in a few seconds!

Why is the MFLB better than other portable vapes out there? 

While we sincerely think that nothing can beat the power of both Iolite and Arizer Vaporizer in terms of efficiency, we also think that nothing can beat the Magic Flight Launch Box with the vaporizer characteristic that you are looking for: an outstanding portable vaporizer at a very cheap price. 

Because seriously, there is nothing that you can find today for as low as $118.99 that can do so much stuff that the MFLB does.

Pros: Smallest portable vaporizer so you can count on its convenience. The price is a no match for any portable vaporizers being sold on that price. Lifetime warranty. 

Cons: Does not have an adjustable temperature control system. Taste and quality is not the finest one compared to top brasses of the vaping community which is okay, granted that this is the best among its peers in size and price. 

Buy It Here: Magic Flight Launch Box


2. DaVinci Vaporizer

Davinci vape
Rating: 8.5/10

Capability: Dry Herbs, Concentrates and Oil 

Price: $198.99

Description: You may think that the era of the walkie-talkie or walkman is over (saw the Iolite, eh?), because it is starting to become a new design trend with portable vaporizers. 

Here is a newcomer, the DaVinci Vaporizer. Aside from its impressive packaging, we have a little bit of trouble finding something unique, what makes it stand out from its contemporaries. Well, does the lithium-ion battery feature counts? Not sure. What we find really impressive with top portable vaporizers like the Iolite is that it is super portable because it’s powered by butane. 

The DaVinci is known for a few things that we will enumerate here: 

  1. What’s totally impressive with the DaVinci is its ability to vaporize both dry herbs, oil, concentrates and anything that can be vaporize. 
  2. The accurate and automatic manual control (which by the way is very user friendly) is something we should be thankful for considering how other portable vaporizers can get a little bit complicated with their controls systems. 
  3. Although this is common with a lot of models and some pen vaporizers, DaVinci also sports an automatic shut off system set for 10 minutes giving you safety on times you are so much in the zone to vape.   
  4. The optimal vaping temperature (da vinci vaporizer temperature) is 355°-375°F. Going beyond 392°F is already combustion and can cause production of carcinogens. 

Pros: User friendly controls with only a few buttons to think about. Automatic shut off system after 10 minutes. Rugged and strong (solid and do not easily break after several drop tests). Heating chamber can accommodate an ample amount of herbs  

Cons: Quite smelly. Surface can get hot during a long session. There is a tendency for a vapor leakage when unit is heating or idling. Charging the DaVinci can take up to 3 hours which can be frustrating especially when you’re in the zone. 

Buy It Here: DaVinci Vaporizer


1. Puffit X Vaporizer (New) 

puffit x
Rating: 8/10

Capability: Herbs, Wax and Concentrates

Price: $139.99

Description: Now, this is what we are talking about. Know for a fact that the PUFFiT X Vaporizer is probably the hottest portable vaporizer that has been released on 2013. If you take a look at our in-depth review about the PUFFiT X vaporizer, you will know that one thing is for sure – PUFFiT X has changed the game by being the FIRST and ONLY forced-air portable vaporizer in the market today. 

Forced air vaporizers commonly feature an internal fan system that forces the air out from its heating source to produce a tasty vapor. This is a capability that is commonly known with table top vaporizers like the Volcano.    

And we need not to say more, even though the PUFFiT X did not have a lot of improvements after the classic model (such as lessened battery life which can be a pain if you are into it a lot), this portable vape has taken the vaporizing community by a storm by having a true forced air capability that others have to match yet. 

Pros: First and only forced air portable vaporizer. Portable and similar to an inhaler-like design but can never give you a dull moment as there is now a variety of colors in it. 

Cons: Lessened battery life can be a bit of turn off, but is still tolerable. The main reason for this is because of the forced air feature where it operates a fan. At the same time, the sound of the fan can be a little bit disturbing. You have the option to turn it off, but it defeats the purpose of having a forced air vaporizer.  

Buy It Here: Puffit X Vaporizer 



Based on our internal research, we found out that there are a lot of portable vaporizers being released almost monthly – with a very few making a big mark at least every quarter. While we certainly find the top 5 portable brands above to be the most appealing to us (base on our own criteria), it all depends on you what kind of vaporizer you should choose to go with. 

What is more important is that it meets not just your lifestyle needs, but also helps you achieve your goals for well-being. 

Do you own a favorite portable vaporizer that we missed out here? Or is there anything in this review that you would like to comment on? Let your voice be heard and drop by at the comments below. 

Written by The Smokazon Team
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