(Last Updated On: January 8, 2020)

Owning dab rigs and kits has become one of the things receiving so much hype in today’s world. Even though there are new ways of enjoying waxes that people are coming up with every day, dabbing seems to be the best among all of them.

So, what is dabbing?

Dabbing is one of the methods used to consume marijuana that’s efficient in delivering THC to the body and requires you to have specific accessories to do it. This popular method is quite similar to vaporizing compared to smoking.

This method is one of the safest ways of using wax material and helps you to avoid combustion of your stuff. The entire process mostly involves inhalation and heating of concentrates by taking some dabs of the wax material.

When using Dab rigs, you only take small amounts of the concentrate. Reason? Taking small amounts of the concentrate enables you to get stronger psychoactive effects of using the material. Dabbing is easier when you get used to it; which happens after you have done it for a few more times. There are many materials you can use these today to get significant psychoactive effects, but the best materials so far are the indica and sativa strains.

Dab Rigs and How They Work

What’s a dab rig?

It is a unique smoking pipe or bong for smoking concentrates and oils. You can also refer dab rigs to as oil rigs. Standard dab rigs have these three unique parts:

  • A heating element. You can also call it a nail.
  • A glass piece and
  • A torch lighter.

A dab rig works quite differently compared to other rigs depending on the particular style of your concentrate rig. However, dab rigs function in a homogenous manner since they all have a recycler, glass vapour slide, nail, and a 90-degree joint. The nail is the most crucial part of these components.

Different materials like glass, titanium, and quartz make up the nails. It is therefore up to you to pick the material that’s more favourable to you and your needs in particular.

The glass material is solid and is a great choice to use in dab rigs. Even though glass made nails are strong, they can also be ambiguous to some extent. Why? Despite these nails working correctly initially in dab rigs, they are not long lasting as they are very fragile. If you use glass nails, you might have to replace them often, which can be very expensive. However, if you decide to stick to using glass nails, you can reduce your expenses in the long run by buying CBD wholesale items. You also have to be careful about the CBD dosage you intake and consult your marijuana doctor about the same.

Just like glass nails, ceramic nails are also fragile. One thing though that makes them entirely different compared to glass nails is that they can hold heat better. When it comes to quality, ceramic nails are inferior.

Quartz nails, on the other hand, are a better option compared to both ceramic and glass nails. However, quartz nails have one downside. Quartz nails hold heat for long, but they also cool quickly. Therefore, you can use quartz nails to heat your concentrates, but they won’t keep them long enough to help you produce thick vapour.

The best material and one that’s most preferred so far by almost every dabber is Titanium. This material is better than the others as it’s more durable, and it can retain heat for more time. Titanium, however, has a minor downside in that it can heat your concentrates until it burns them. This explains why most dabbers pair titanium nails with water diffusers. Pairing your titanium nail with a water diffuser can help you to prevent the nail from burning your concentrate.

Benefits of Using Dab Rigs

Using a dab rigs has some advantages. They include:

  1. Helps You Get the Best Flavor

Using dab rigs helps you to get the best and high-quality flavour from your concentrates. Dab rigs do that by enabling you to use lower temperatures which allows you to get a smoother flavour. So, dab rigs help you to maintain good taste throughout the entire vaping session and as a result giving you a better dabbing experience.

  1. Dab Rigs Help You to Vape with More Style

When you use a dab rig to enjoy your concentrates, you do that with a more classy and stylish experience. Dab rigs are also available in different and unique styles which gives you a variety of options to choose from.

  1. They Help You Avoid Harshness

Another significant advantage of using dab rigs when intaking your concentrates is that they don’t produce harsh smoke. However, for you to get the best vapour, you have to keep the temperatures controlled.

Dab rigs are works of art, and they’re beneficial when well maintained. So, make sure you consider the above factors when choosing a dab rig as you now know everything about dab rigs, the different nail types, and how they all work. It should, therefore, be easy for you to choose the best one depending on your preferences. To get an even better experience, you can also alternate vaping with using edibles like the CBD gummy bears, various cannabis sativa strains which are among the best edibles in the market. 

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Written by Kathy Cooley