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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
You’ve surely heard about desktop vaporizers being too pricey and way off your budget. But here’s the good news: Smokazon introduces Da Buddha Vaporizer, another desktop vape that comes way more affordable — yours for only $189.99.

Here at Smokazon, we show you what Da Buddha vaporizer offers, plus all its upsides straight to the point. So here they are:What Makes Da Buddha Vaporizer Stand Out From the Rest

Made by 7th Floor Company, the same manufacturer that brought you the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Da Buddha comes in a rather much simpler design, widely accepted for its no-fuss heating process and revered by many because its affordability, which makes it more accessible to many vaping enthusiasts. So by keeping its price really low, this vaporizer maintains its popularity at all time high.

Understanding the Basics of Da Buddha Vaporizer

This desktop vaporizer comes in a cylindrical shaped design. At first glance, it looks like the Silver Surfer vaporizer only that it stands upright and not diagonally as the Silver Surfer does. It also has the same ceramic heating element (7th floor vaporizers heating element) that the Silver Surfer uses for quick heating time. 

The Da Buddha vape only has one control knob that regulates the internal heating system. The body, however, does not have any LED indicator that would otherwise display the temperature. So, at some point, we could fairly compare its simplistic design with that of the Classic Volcano.

Da Buddha also gives you a more convenient vaping experience because the vaporizer whip comes with a ground glass wand, which means you need not hold the device with both your hands when vaping, hence the term “hands-free.” To keep the vapor cool enough in the mouth, a small hole is added to the heater cover to allow air to cool down the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece, giving a more comfortable vaping experience. And because the Da Buddha Vaporizer heating element is made of ceramic material, you get the purest flavors without any plastic or synthetic smell.

Da Buddha vaporizer must be plugged into a 220V or 120V wall outlet to heat it up.

Does Da Buddha Vaporizer Produce Enough Heat For Greater Vaping Satisfaction

Of course it does! Da Buddha Vaporizer quickly reaches a maximum temperature of 900°F in less than three minutes. In fact, proper care must be observed when using this vaporizer as it could overheat your whip when attached near the heating element for a very long time. The lowest heating temperature is at 200°F. Also, the single-knob configuration makes this vaporizer so easy to use.

How Does Da Buddha Vaporizer Compare with Other Vapes

Because Da Budhha Vaporizer belongs to a family of desktop vapes, many users feel compelled to compare it with the very famous Volcano vaporizer. So, here at Smokazon, we give in to your wishes to compare them both and see which one would best fit your vaping styles.

Da Buddha vs Volcano: For one, if you love to vape using a balloon, the Volcano vaporizer can offer you that option with ease. With Da Buddha, it is not possible to do that because it does not have a fan to push the vapor out into the balloon. With the volcano, you can also use liquids such as aromatic oils as an alternative to your ground herbs. On the other hand, you can only use dry ground herbs with Da Buddha.

Overall, the Volcano remains a top-notch product when it comes to producing the most potent vapors. However, it does not push Da Buddha Vaporizer way below its deserved glory because Da Buddha vape still does produce flavors that will still surely satisfy you.

The main difference between the two boils down to the price of course, with Da Buddha selling at about a third of the cost of the Classic Volcano.

Shall We Also Compare Da Buddha Vaporizer With Other Desktop Vapes

Perhaps the Da Buddha’s most formidable competition is the Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer. At the same price, you can take the added advantage of using aromatic liquids. Plus, it also has an LCD temperature indicator. So why buy Da Buddha when you can have the Arizer Extreme V-Tower?

Well, what Da Buddha lacks in features, it makes up for its fast heating speed. So, again we emphasize its no-fuss, fast heating design just in case you prefer these two major winning points.

What Is The Best Match With Da Buddha Vaporizer

What better ways to complete your vaping experience than to pair your vaporizer with the Kannastor Grinder? This piece of contraption, made from high-quality aluminum, can finely grind your herbs to help release much of its active compounds. It also comes with a very airtight lid to protect your herbs from outside moisture when storing them inside your grinder. 

But if you wish to store more of your favorite herbs, you can keep them in larger volumes using 420 Glass Jars. Each glass container comes with an airtight gasket to keep the inside materials fresh for a longer period. All these are available at Smokazon.

Word of Caution

Because Da Buddha Vaporizer comes in a very simple design, there are some safety features that are unfortunately missed out on this vape. When turned on, the ceramic heating element gets really hot. And because of the body’s wide cylindrical shape, the element lies bare near the top portion of the body. So be careful not to put your hand or finger nearest to the glowing ceramic element. Also, keep combustible materials like a papers or plastics away from the top part of the vaporizer. But overall, you should be safe enjoying your vape as long as you follow the safety instructions.


It is obviously undeniable that the major selling point of Da Buddha vaporizer is its very affordable price. But such affordability does not mean anyone could just underestimate its power to produce the most potent flavors for your ultimate vaping experience.

No, you cannot use oils or a balloon. But somehow, this is where the beauty of Da Buddha vaporizer sets in. It’s a no-fuss, no-bells-and-whistles and no-complications vape. All you need to do is to turn it on, fill the whip with your ground herbs, attach the whip to the heating element, and vape — a few easy steps that’ll get you high in just a few minutes.

How simpler can your vaping session get?

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