Cooking with the MagicalButter
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2015)

So here comes a revolutionary product that finally has what we are looking for – a wow factor product that will set the community on fire, with people raving and wanting more! It is certainly a product that has influenced the community a lot! 

When the Smokazon Blog team first heard about the MagicalButter, we immediately knew that this product that will not disappoint anyone who’s looking for an efficient way to infuse herbs into their favorite cuisine!

At the onset, the Magical Butter was created with chefs and caterers in mind. But the folks at MB did not rest on their laurels, and finally have attracted the community that has been looking for an efficient way to create magical tasty recipes – the herb connoisseurs! With this, they have added the tincture and decarboxylation setting features to accommodate more. 

The MagicalButter 2 is the world’s first and only botanical extractor that helps you automate the cooking process of great tasting special treats. It is also capable of producing natural skin care products. 

The Problem with Producing Cannabutter and Other Butters

For herb fans out there, it can truly be frustrating to look for efficient and quick ways to extract herbs and produce a decent Cannabutter. Some may have resorted into looking at YouTube for some instructional videos, only to be really frustrated because it is time consuming and tiresome. Often times, there are a  gazillion steps and so many hours needed just to produce a small amount of decent Cannabutter. 

The Solution: Automated Cooking through the MagicalButter 2

This problem has been solved with the release of the MagicalButter 2 (MB2), an accessory that allows you to automate the production of cannabutter, oil, tinctures and much more. 

With the Magical Butter, you can produce botanical oil in as fast as 1 hour, botanical butter in as fast as 2 hours and magical butter tincture in just 4 hours! And did we forget to mention that is could not be easier!

While the process of cooking remains the same, you no longer have to stand in front of the pan, sweating up the production, as the Magical Butter machine already automates the entire process. All you need to do is dump all your ingredients and get started with a simple push of a button. You can now walk away and do other things and come back once your butter or oil is done. 

To make the process much easier, it is also self-cleaning – because there is also a button that will automate the cleaning process! What else can you ask for? 

Behind this automated cooking experience are the microprocessor-controlled program sequences, the exclusive Digital Fire Technology and the integrated digital thermostat and sensors for optimal temperature. Jargons aside; there are buttons for anything that you want to do – whether you want to start with cooking or you want to clean it. Nothing is amiss with the technology the MagicalButter brings! 

Unlimited Experience: Go As Far As Your Imagination Goes

If you think that you are limited with cooking or producing cannabutter, oils, or concentrates that you can use either as an added flavor to your food or for vaporizing, think again! The MagicalButter will let you explore so many possibilities that will make your imagination endless and your recipes so much better! 

Once you purchase the MagicalButter, you will see an included recipe kit that will let you explore many different cuisines that you can play around with: from Appetizers, Smoothies, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Desserts – the cooking experience is endless! 

Simply put, you no longer have to worry about what to bring to the table whenever you want to have a sumptuous dinner date with your other half or even potluck parties with your friends; the MagicalButter covers your culinary needs. 

More than the Experience, It is All About Your Well-being

Understand that the MagicalButter does not just gives you an unlimited experience in terms of infusing your favorite herbs into the menu; you are also providing an unlimited wealth of health into the people you are making the food for. 

As you can see, we now live in the era where healing is based not on prescription medication. We now approach wellness through holistic or organic methods with the use of the gifts of nature. Truly, herbs have taken the global stage when it comes to approaching wellness. 

Rating: As the MagicalButter is so unique and with no products that can compete with it at the moment, we give it a rating of 10/10. 

Price: $174.95? 

Pros: Automated cooking experience. While the timeframe for production of butter remains basically the same, you can easily do other things because the process is now automated. You also have an unlimited cooking experience with the MagicalButter as the recipes are endless! Other pluses are the fact that it is very easy to clean, and it contains any odors that would usually cover the entire house.

Cons: You may find the noise a little bit turn off, though we find it tolerable. 

Get It Here: MagicalButter 2 

Conclusion: You Are What You Eat

Given the many things that you can do with the MagicalButter, you have what it takes to take your cooking experience to the next level – that is eating more organic while making sure that the preparation and cooking do not take a lot of effort. 

While the MagicalButter caters to different groups of people, it cannot be denied that it has made a major impact to the cannabis community who are looking for more ways to create not just a great tasting cannabutter, but also anything that can make the edible cannabis experience better. Truly, a product that can prove itself as revolutionary.

Do you have any questions on how to use the Magical Butter? Please let us know in the comments below!

Written by Brian Martin