connoisseur's basic vaping etiquette
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2015)

These days, vaporizer sales have gone through the roof — thanks to the changing acceptance of people to cannabis, and the desire of smokers to quit their habit and clear their lungs. In 2014, vaporizer sales surpassed the previous year’s sale worth $1.7 billion. So it simply makes sense for more users to know just how to use the vaporizer, especially when going public with it (and with respect to your local laws).

One of the main reasons why you should know basic do’s and don’ts (vaping etiquette) is the fact that there are some rules that apply in different countries that ban smoking cigarettes, and given the size of an e-cigarette, you may be mistaken for smoking and find yourself in trouble.

Also, there’s a study conducted to see how people view the use of vaporizers. For instance, in the US, 2014 American E-Cigarette Etiquette Survey was undertaken and it presented interesting results. For instance, 58% of respondents believe that the use of vaporizer should be allowed in a sporting event. However, only 26% believe that vaporizers should also make its way on airplanes during flights. According to the same study, 63% of the respondents really don’t mind being beside a person who uses a vaporizer; however, they are less tolerant about the use of e-cigarettes in places such as workplace and public transportation.

Given these numbers, it is important to consider the basic etiquettes and do’s and don’ts when you are using the vaporizer. On top of the basic etiquettes, it is important to know what to do to increase the satisfaction with the vaporizer regardless of what you are placing in the device. Also, do’s and don’ts can ensure your safety and those around you when using your favorite vaping device.


Ask permission from people around you

Wherever you are as long as you have people around you, respect is part to getting that ultimate vaping experience. You wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression when using your device around your friends, would you? So it is always wise to ask people around you before lighting up your vaporizer and taking those hits in public. If someone is uncomfortable with what you do, it is a good idea to turn off the vaporizer to avoid arguments and confrontations.

Experiment with different flavors

Just because you own an herbal or an oil vaporizer doesn’t mean you’re just left with the option of using cannabis or any of its derivatives. Variety to what you vape can be quite interesting. Why not try other herbs such as clove, chamomile or lemongrass? These alternatives have become popular not only to those who want to quit smoking, but also those who make use of the vaporizer to consume cannabis both for conventional and recreational means. With different accessories and even flavors that you can experience vaping, you are missing a lot if you stick to one option out there.

Always clean the vaporizer after use

It is important to always clean your vaporizer after using. Cleaning the vaporizer is the simplest and the best thing that you can do to prolong its life and ensure healthy vaping experience. This also avoids corrosion and guarantees the infusion of clean vapor.

For the herbal pen vaporizer, simply unscrew the device. Then, you can remove the dirt by tapping the chamber upside down, loosening the residue from inside the container. You may also use cotton buds to remove stubborn dirt inside the chamber. Make sure you don’t poke or break the heating coil. When cleaning, you shouldn’t make use of water on the chamber because this could damage the wiring. However, you can clean the mouthpiece with water or rubbing alcohol.

While vape pens come in familiar parts such as the mouthpiece, heating chamber (or oil cartridge) and battery that can be easily screwed together, bigger portable and desktop models may come in different designs. So, always refer to the user manual to make sure you clean your aromatherapy or vaping device the right way.

Know the laws regarding vaporizer use

Does the place have some sort of regulation regarding smoking and the use of vaporizer? You may want to know these specific laws to stay away from trouble. Also, if you are using cannabis on your vaporizer, it is also a good idea to know the limitations of your rights to vape this substance.

Some states still ban the use of weed in public, whether for medical or recreational purposes. In other countries such as the Amsterdam, cannabis coffee shops abound for connoisseurs to take their vapes in “pub” like bars that once were associated with booz and coffee. And in London, the first marijuana bars have seen a steady influx of users from around the world.

Meanwhile, in Washington, it is even illegal to sell or distribute cannabis unless by a licensed retailer. So, know your local laws to avoid brushes with the authorities and make things even worse. Do your best to find a private place at your own time.

Practice stealth vaping

What is stealth vaping? If you are using the vaporizer to produce thick vapor, it is a good idea that you use something that does not give off strong odors. Usually, when there is combustion going on, the smell of burnt herbs will always follow. On the other hand, devices that do not go too hot to burn the materials just vaporize enough of the active ingredients needed for those pleasurable highs or medical benefits without too much of the burnt smell.

Then comes the vaporizer design you choose. Because most users prefer to access their vaping materials anytime and anywhere, pen-style devices have become the trendsetters in the vaping world. Their slender, lightweight and subtle form make them the bestseller vaporizer models of all time. And next in line in terms of discreetness are the rather larger portables, which as many of us expect, might be less discreet because of their size. But companies are clever enough to disguise these portable models to make them look like walkie-talkies such as the DaVinci Vaporizer, or an asthma inhaler such as the Puffit X vaporizer. So, for the portables, what they lack in discreetness in terms of size, they make up for their shape and form to look like everyday objects.

Then of course, even the color matters if the idea is to get that vaping experience without catching too much attention, especially in public. Dark colors such as black and blue sell more than the lighter or visually obtrusive ones such as red, pink or green. So unless you’d want everybody to know that you’re enjoying your herbs, go for black or other darker colors.

The bottom line? Always show respect to others by not grabbing too much attention while vaping. From the intensity of the odors that your device gives off to its color to its design, these factors are important if you want to enjoy vaporizing while keeping a low profile.

Ideally have both desk and pen vaporizer

If you want to continuously vape, then perhaps, you should have one pen vaporizer and one desktop vaporizer.

But why?

Well you might enjoy carrying with you your favorite pen vaporizer, admit it: Nothing beats the excellent vapor quality of a good tabletop or desktop vaporizer. The larger heating chamber that can fill more herbs, the precise temperature control settings and the efficiency of the heating element make the desktop vaporizer the first choice when it comes to getting the best hits from your vaping materials. But what discourages many enthusiasts is the non-portability of this device. Because tabletop models require much power, they need to be constantly plugged in to the power outlet. Plus, their larger size means that you can’t just easily carry them around even if they are powered by battery.

So, if you happen to be away from home and still want to get some pleasure from your favorite dry ground materials or concentrates, it is best to bring with you a handy vape pen or a portable aromatherapy device. The smaller versions may not give you that much as what the desktop models promise, but trust us, you’d still get a decent amount of effect with the powerful heating elements of these portable kinds.

Also, because vaporizers tend to be considered medical devices for some people, this is a good idea to avoid the missing your dose of medical cannabis.


Don’t use the vaporizer without reading the instructions manual

This should be basic. However, a lot of vaporizer users are still forgetting the fact that they should read the instructions first before they even make use of the gadget. And in most cases, damaging the sensitive parts of the device such as the heating element is always a sure thing especially when wrong tools are used to clean the vaporizer. Also, experimenting with alternative materials other than what the instruction specifies could also shorten the life of your device.

For example, filling your oil cartridges with waxes could just clog the wick inside or render the device useless with the residue left inside. So make sure to use only oils or loose liquids for oil cartridges, dry herbs for herb chambers and wax for chambers that are designed to support this material too. There are some devices, like the Atmos R2 Vaporizer (link to: ), that sports an anodized heating element that makes it possible for you to use both waxes and herbs (although not simultaneously in one chamber).

In addition properly following the manual would also help you get that perfect temperature and vapor quality each and every time. The Volcano, for example, works best with different herbs on different heat settings. So, check the instruction just in case you use herbs other than cannabis for your Volcano. This is important especially for those who are using the vaporizer for medical purpose. This maximizes the amount of active compounds that you vape, by making the vaporizer hit a target temperature.

Do not vape in your workplace

Do you drink when you are at work? Of course you don’t. So the same rule applies with vaping. Sure, studies suggest that THC and other cannabinoids are far safer than your favorite booze. But because you’re still giving off that “exhaust” from inhaling vapors, others in your work area might not like the idea of having some vapors around.

Then there’s the set of company policies by which you need to observe. Even in states where recreational cannabis is already legal, many companies still maintain a drug-free workplace to maximize productivity. It is because for some, the effects of THC may include diminished concentration.

So make sure that you also don’t vape when you are at work. Just to be safe, keep your vaping device out of the workplace.

Never mix the substances

While it is a good idea to vape with your herbs or concentrates — they’re safer than alcohol — we do not recommend mixing both substances because the effects could seriously impair your judgment and motor coordination. We couldn’t stress this importance more when you are currently engaged in activities such as driving or sports activities that require more physical exertion and precise coordination.

Also, when it comes to using a specific vaping material such as ground herbs, it would be best not to mix them with concentrates or other derivatives simultaneously. Vaporizers are designed to support just one type of material at a time. So, using just the right botanical will prolong the life of your heating chamber or oil cartridge.

Do not charge and use the pen vaporizers

For your safety, it is imperative that you only use the vaporizer after it has been charged. For some vaporizers, it is suggested that you don’t use of the vaporizer at all while it is being charged. This guarantees that the heat won’t ignite the battery. With other models such as new versions of the Arizer Solo, for example, you may use the device while it is charging. This gives you more convenience and continuous vaping without having to worry about interruptions.

Do not use third party battery brands

If you don’t want to have any injury, it is always a good idea that you stick with the battery suggested by the manufacturer. Since vaporizers produce heat, there may be some third party batteries that are not made for this particular purpose. So, if you encounter some problems with the power source within the vaporizer’s warranty period, talk to use we’d gladly replace the battery free of charge. That’s better than trying out alternative power sources that might just shorten the life of your vaping device.

Do not overcharge the battery

If you want to save some money and prolong the overall life of the vaporizer, it is a good idea that you only charge the battery until it is full. Once it is green, you want to pull the plug. This also prevents accidents from happening. Since overcharging can lead to generation of heat and could destroy parts or even ignite fire, you should stick with what is suggested in the user’s manual.

Don’t allow the batteries to dry out

If you are using the pen vaporizers, there is a chance that you are not going to get the maximized flavor if the battery runs out or runs low. For some users, they even invest on an extra battery in order to continuously use the vaporizer. IT would be best to keep your batteries with some juice to maximize their performance and battery life.

Do not use in the presence of children

The vaporizers in some areas are only sold for adults. Despite not creating smoke, electronic cigarettes were solely made for adults. This avoids conflict especially when parents are around. And also, you must be of legal age (above age 18) to use these devices.

If you find it very necessary to use your vaporizer at home especially for medical purposes, make sure to keep you device neatly tucked in a safe place when not in use. Or, better yet, an extra room would be very helpful so you could vape in your own space and time, away from your children’s presence. And a spacious room could also be a good place to keep you edibles just in case you love these treats too.

Vaporizers are becoming popular, and are still considered a gray area in terms of legislation. Despite this reality that you could basically use the vaporizer and not get arrested, there should always be ethics. Also, it is important that you know some basic functions that would guarantee maximized efficiency of the device.

The Bottom Line

We’ve gathered these do’s and don’ts for every connoisseur and beginner as a guideline for you to get that ultimate high without compromising your and other people’s safety. For us, it’s your overall experience that matters. So for each draw, make sure you get to play by the rules to the “Ultralife” way.

Written by James Rubio