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(Last Updated On: May 2, 2015)

So you’re probably all thinking…”confessions of a pen vaporizer user”? What the hell does that mean! I used to be a hater! I used to hate the pen vaporizers when they first came out! I thought it would be gimmicky, cheap, and work like crap! I tried one, and back then when they first came out, they actually did suck! So I went on my merry way bashing pen vaporizers all day long! I’m usually a very positive person, but I had people coming up to me all the time and all they wanted to ask me about was the portable vaporizers that were coming out! But the popularity grew, and I have to say the manufacturers have truly stepped up their game and have now created and designed some great pens out there! Now seeing almost every pen vaporizer on the market today and having been able to try them, I have to confess; this is a game changer! Period.

Why is the pen vaporizer such an important product to focus on?

I guess it is as important to our industry and culture as was the introduction of the smartphone vs the regular cell phone. It is all about limits people, no one today wants to feel limited! The phones pre-smartphone era, were so limited in what they can do! Call, text, maybe send a crappy smiley face….oooo..fancy! Not! Today we have everything we can possibly need in our hands! Maybe too much sometimes! Before the pen vaporizer was introduced to the market, vaping wasn’t as popular because it was limited! Our key worked here, limited! You can only vape inside and had to be close to a power outlet. Most people that enjoy herbs like to enjoy them everywhere, and therefore usually tend to smoke due to the convenience of its portability. Not any more! There is no excuse anymore for us to continue damaging our lungs with unnecessary smoke and toxins. As good as rolling paper is today, at the end of the day we are lighting paper on fire and smoking in the ash! Yummy!

So many pen vaporizers on the market today!! Which one should I buy?

Fortunately, there are so many pen vaporizers available today to choose from! Come on, we all like having a great variety of smartphones to choose from to be our new lover..haha.. Unfortunately however, there are a crap load of pen vaporizers on the market today that are cheap knockoff products with different names on them. I don’t want to be negative and to turn this article into a rant, so you can read my article here on “The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Vaporizer”  

If you want to know how to choose from this growing list of pen vapes today, I think it is important to know what you want to use the pen for. You see, this is one of the reasons why I am now a pen vaporizer supporter and believe in its value proposition to every owner. Not only can you enjoy your herbal blend as a flower based material, it also comes in the form of an oil based concentrate blend and wax based concentrate blend. Both have their pros and cons but knowing which one you enjoy more is important in your decision making process. I personally prefer the wax-based blend as I find it much easier to deal with vs the oil which can get messy and difficult to clean. However, there are many people out there and lots of friends of mine love oil vaporizer pens.  Once you decide on the type of blend you need a pen for, check out a great article here on “The Ultimate 6 Pen vaporizers on the market today” which breaks down the best in each category.

My personal experience with the pen vaporizers

So, I’ll start out with the Atmos as it is at the forefront of our market. Why? Simply because it can be used with traditional flower blends. People love to enjoy their herbs as natural flowers and therefore the Atmos is a great option. It is very easy to initially set up and charge. Once it was ready, I loaded it with my herbal blend and turned it on and it produced an incredibly thick and rich vapor! It was really amazing! I later tried the G-pen vaporizer which is used with oil based blends. The setup was just as quick and easy as the Atmos raw pen vaporizer, but it was a bit trickier to insert the oil. It was definitely not rocket science but I can see it getting messy after a while. However, the experience vaping oil is far different than flower. The oil is a concentrate-based blend which makes it much stronger than a flower based blend.  I then tried the G-Pen micro which is used for wax based blends. This was a keeper! Works great, very easy to load the chamber and very discreet. I would have to say the most discreet pen available today. This pen was my favorite experience, however it is limited to wax use only. Otherwise, I tried almost all of the other portable vaporizer alternatives, and I just feel like once you are going portable, go with a pen vaporizer! 

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Written by Smokazon CEO