(Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

The demand for vaporizers has driven brands to innovate. Vaporizer devices now come in all shapes and sizes. There are both small and large vaporizers available in the market today. But one of the things that vaping connoisseurs invest on are high end vaporizers.

High end vaporizers have a place in today’s cannabis niche. With the popularity of cannabis, and changing laws regarding the substance, vaporizers have been developed to meet these new demands by the public.

For someone new to this lifestyle, how exactly are you supposed to find the right high end vaporizer? Here is a guide to help you make your decision.

Used for medical purpose?

There are many reasons why people invest on a high end vaporizer. Some make use of a vaporizer for recreational purpose. On the other hand, there are those who plan to use it medically. If you are the type who plans on using the vaporizer for health reasons, it is a good idea that you turn to superior brands trusted by experts in the industry.

Volcano is considered the market leader in the vaping world today. It provides accurate temperature and superb vapor. It is even considered by other countries as a medical device. Israel has considered Volcano as a medical device.

On the downside, not a lot of vaping enthusiasts are willing to pay $700 for this particular device. Good news, you have companies in San Francisco that are now allowing you to rent the Volcano. You can try the device for only $95 for an entire week. Now, this may not sound a good deal if you plan on using the device every day. However, this can be a good option for someone who is still not sold to purchasing a Volcano vaporizer.


Though this is a high end vaporizer guide, it is still important to compare the price range of each product. Are you getting the best bang for your buck? Perhaps, there’s a slightly cheaper alternative that you can get within the category of high end vaporizers? For instance, if you can’t afford the digital version of the Volcano, might as well settle on the Analog Volcano, which is just as good as the more expensive version.


What exactly do you plan to use in your vaporizer? Do you only plan to use oils? Or perhaps, you also want to use e-liquids and herbs. Not all high end vaporizers could handle all of these things. You have to scrutinize closely which one fits your needs well.

If you plan on using cannabis, don’t forget to check the temperature range of the device. The temperature range of the device dictates not only the taste of the vapor, but also guarantees the extraction of specific cannabinoids and terpenes.


There are individuals who use high end vaporizers in order to cut their smoking habit. For smokers who developed the habit for years, it is difficult to get rid of their vice in an instant. Vaporizers are used in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. These devices provide the necessary dose of nicotine without the toxins from combustion.

Of course, desk vaporizers are rendered useless in most scenarios especially when you are outside the house. Unfortunately, triggers for you to smoke happen when you see someone smoking, or when you feel stressed at work. This is why portable high end vaporizer should also be considered. Among the best vaporizers to choose from include Pax 2, Arizer Air, and Firefly 2.

Once you consider a portable vaporizer, you also want to consider the battery life. Around how many sessions can you get from a fully charged battery?


If you plan on carrying a device for vaping cannabis, you’d more likely prefer a device which doesn’t give you weird stares. There are many portable vaporizers out there in the market that are not exactly discreet in appearance.

You want a high end vaporizer that can be mistaken for something else. The Haze v.3, Mighty and Crafty are some of those devices that can be mistaken as a radio or a phone from afar. For someone who wants to avoid attention, these vaporizers make a good option.


If you plan on taking a desk vaporizer, it is also ideal to decide if it has a multifunctional design. Can it be a whip and a balloon vaporizer? Or can it be used for aroma therapy in your room? If you are planning to invest a great amount of money, why not get a vaporizer that can perform all of these multiple functions?

Whip vaporizers are made for those who love warm draws during their vaping sessions. On the other hand, if you plan on sharing your material with friends, or if you want it a bit cooler, then balloon works well for you.

User friendliness

Not everyone is an experienced vaping enthusiast. There are times when manufacturers need to take the extra effort to simplify the overall operations of their device for the sake of those who just tried vaping.

One of the things that you want to check is the herb chamber. Is it easy to load herbs into your vaporizer? Perhaps, you need a few tries to get used to loading the device. Next, you also want to evaluate if it can be cleaned easily.

Vapor Quality

And last, you want to check the quality of the vaporizer. Does it have a burnt taste? Burnt taste signifies combustion. Any time that you experience a burnt taste on your vaporizer, this has already defeated the purpose of the vaporizer which is supposed to extract components without burning the material.


Investing on a vaporizer is a wise move these days. Cannabis is now being used as medical alternative to pharmaceutical products. It is also becoming a trend that people wish to maximize the components of cannabis. One of the most efficient ways to extract cannabinoids and terpenes is via vaporizers. But since not all vaporizers are the same and quality products cost a lot, this guide will give you an idea how to pick the right one.   

What do you think of our guide? What are the other things you look for in a high end vaporizer? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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