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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2015)

Vaping is quickly becoming a lifestyle for a great number of people. From a simple attempt to quit smoking, the use of e-cigarettes these days has transformed into more creative ways of vaping, even using large vaporizers for better hits. Then there are those who use the vaporizer for medical reasons, while others, for pure pleasure.

The bottom line is, vaping has turned into a lifestyle. People are spending a good amount of money on vaporizers just to have the right taste and vaping experience. We’ve come to a point where a single feature, say, the discreet design of a device is not enough to satisfy the most experienced connoisseurs. Today, it’s all about the overall combination of vapor quality, your ability, portability and some added features such as temperature controls and other features essential for that ultimate vaping experience.

Vaporizing Just Gets Better and Better

The vaporizer industry is now worth billions of dollars. By September of 2014, it was reported that the sales of open system vaporizers have already surpassed the sales of electronic cigarettes. Over $1.5 billion worth of sales came from the open system vaporizers. The entire industry is now worth $2.5 billion and it is still growing. Though sales are increasing through the years, and interest in vaping is catching up, there is also a change in the expectations of the market. Since start-up vaporizer brands are outsourcing production to China, not all customers are satisfied with the vapor that they get to taste. Mass produced versions of vaporizers sold in the market have the tendency to be poorly constructed.

The growth in vaporizer sales means more players coming into the market, in turn hyping up the competition. And to survive, vaporizer manufacturers focus more on the customer. Will users love the compact style of their product? Or does vapor quality matter more? Will customers prefer vape pens over portable ones? If so, are they willing to sacrifice some features like precise temperature settings?

These are just some of the questions manufacturers struggle to answer as people get armed with more information, never settling for anything less anymore. But once you take hold of your vaporizer, how do you then maximize your vaping experience?

If you are determined to get the best tasting vapor, you can still maximize your vaping sessions without any problems if you know the work around of the systems. So what are things that you can do to increase vaping satisfaction? Here are simplified tips that could maximize your vaping experience:

Read the Instruction Manual

One of the simplest things that you can do is to read the manual. Reading the manual, you’ll understand how the vaporizer has been made. Also, you’ll know the suggested procedure when you make use of the device. Though there are some devices that are pretty much self-explanatory, reading the instruction manual can help you avoid mistakes that could be considered crucial to the taste of your vaporizer.

For example, Herbal vape manufacturers recommend using dry, finely ground herbs. The finer the material, the more surface area exposed to the heating element, and the more even the vaporization of the active compounds while heat is applied. If you have fresh herbs instead, he effect would not be as satisfying as what the common instruction tells you to do so. In other words, these manufacturers simply know what’s best for you.

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Regularly

Another thing that you need to do is to always clean the vaporizer after use. This could guarantee that you consume clean vapor.

For those who are particular about the quality of vapor, this step is a must. It is because the during the vaporization process, some minute particles that go with the vapor sometimes stick to the wall of the heating chamber and vapor path. This holds true especially when using oils, waxes or other concentrates.

Some vaporizers come with a cleaning tool which could help you discard the used herbs and other elements that shouldn’t be in your vaporizer. Make sure to follow the manual again when it comes to cleaning your vaporizer, as some parts, especially the heating coil, g damaged when unnecessary pressure is applied. Use only the materials provided to make sure you do things right each and every time.

Set Your Expectations

Before you even start vaping your way to pleasure, set your expectations with the kind of vaporizer and vaping material you have. You have to make sure that you first know what to look for. For most occasions, you’ll be able to find the taste that suits you by exploring the different options out there. Mixing and matching the herbs, e-liquids and other factors at play, you’ll eventually develop your own preference.

Here’s one good example: While some individuals prefer stronger flavors coming out from their vaporizer pens, health conscious users or those that use marijuana for medical purposes are not okay with some pens combusting the herbs inside the chamber with the exposed heating coils. After all, what purpose does the cannabinoid serve therapeutically if there’s also some smoke that comes out as a result of combustion? So make sure to do a little research on the particular product you want to purchase to help you achieve your purpose of using a vaporizer in the first place.

When it comes to functionality, there are a lot of things that you can do with your device, especially if it is a desktop vaporizer. With different temperature settings, it is possible to play around with the right temperature depending on your preference. If you find yourself enjoying vaping more at the comfort of your own home, go ahead and plug that device for bigger draws and bolder flavors.

Another advantage of having a desk vaporizer is the ability to experiment whether you want to use a whip or a balloon vaporizer.  The Arizer Extreme Q is an example of this kind of device. Extreme Q offers two different vaping experiences for the price of one desk vaporizer.

There are different factors that could affect the taste of your vapor. For instance, do you have to fill up the entire chamber when you vape? Or maybe, you only have it half-way? Also, do you have to preheat the vaporizer before placing the herbs? This could play a major role especially for a continuous vaping experience. Another useful tip that you could experiment on is by using the priming puffs in order to warm up the heating coil. This will also give you a hint on when to puff.

One of the best ways to remember the tweaks that you do to your vaporizer is to write the particular taste on a notebook, along side the setting that you’ve used. Or do it whatever way you like. Setting expectations is more than just experiencing the best that your vaporizer can give. It’s like building a relationship with your vape too. It’s going to be your buddy for quite some time, so get to know your device more and get going with it.

Switch the Flavors Regularly

There are studies suggesting that vapor enthusiasts over time develop what is called as vaper’s tongue. If you ever heard of the law of diminishing returns, this is also applicable to your vaping experience. Eventually, you will lose the ability to taste the flavor, especially if you are vaping the same consistent vapor every now and then. What you have to do is to switch flavors. Here, your taste buds won’t be desensitized by the same taste. This helps in regaining the sensation on your taste buds.

There are, however, some vapers who prefer the same plain set of ground herbs over and over, and the only thing that changes is the dosage after some time.

Rehydrate Yourself

Another reason why you may not be able to find a particular vapor tasty is because of the fact that you are dehydrated. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water can make a big difference in your vaping experience. Using this strategy, you could re-introduce particular flavors without changing the device or the material that you are using. When you continuously vape, you will notice that you are having dry tongue. This is among the most common signs of vaper’s tongue, or sometimes referred to as vaper’s fatigue. Vapor has the ability to dry your tongue, minimizing your sensitivity to taste. Also, having enough fluids running in your system means more efficient circulation of the cannabinoids in your system. This maximizes the effect of these beneficial compounds.

There are also some things that could dehydrate your body. For instance, are you taking diet pills that make you sweat and hyper all the time? Or perhaps, you have drinks that are considered diuretics? Removing the soda on your diet, and even coffee could significantly boost your taste.

Got Colds? Minimize Vaping

Do you have colds? When you have clogged nose, both your senses for smell and tastes are affected. This could significantly decrease the flavor that you are going to appreciate. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a medicine that could cure the colds. There are medicines though that could alleviate the symptoms by decongesting the nose. However, you should also watch out since you could get drowsy.

Aside from colds, there are other reasons why you’ll have clogged nasal passages. If you are suffering from an allergic reaction, it is also possible that you are not going to enjoy the flavor of the vapor that much. Also, there are people who are suffering from a deviated septum. Both these anatomic and physiologic reasons could dampen your experience vaping.

If you happen to be allergic to pollens and anything component of the vaping materials directly harvested from the plant, maybe a switch to concentrates would do the trick. These derivatives have already been processed to the point that the larger percentage of the material, either in oil or wax form, are the cannabinoids.

Smell Some Coffee Ground

Another helpful tip that you could do is to smell some fresh coffee ground, or drink a cup of coffee. What fresh coffee grounds can do is to reset your olfactory senses, making it possible for you to enjoy the vapor as if it is your first time tasting a particular vapor. As you know, caffeine re-energizes your senses and sends your body into a heightened, alert state. All these momentary changes also affect your sense of smell, making you more sensitive to even the slightest difference in flavors or taste.

In other words, there is no better way to enjoy those hits than by pairing your vaporizer with a cup of coffee!

Research on the Different Herbs and Concentrates

So what are different flavors that you could use? In order to increase your overall satisfaction, you have to be knowledgeable of your options. For instance, cannabis strains differ from one another, depending on the strain that you are using on your vaporizer, you could either feel high or not. Cannabis has so many varieties (link to: https://blog.smokazon.comindica-sativa-whats-cannabis-strain-vaporize/ ) for you to try. Want that ultimate high? Use those under the Sativa variety. Sativas generally have higher THC content over other cannabinoids, which is a good thing if you use marijuana for recreational purposes. On the other hand, Indicas may have lesser THC and also offer different flavors, but such variety contains more of the health giving cannabinoids. So, from flavors to end results, you have a number of options to try.

Also, temperatures that can maximize particular cannabinoids differ from each other. For instance, CBD has a different temperature range than THC. This means that if you know exactly what you are vaping, you could use a particular temperature that would extract the cannabinoids. But of course, you have to understand that there are some instances when you will not be able to use a particular herb on your vaporizer, especially if the temperature needed to extract the cannabinoid components is far from the capability of the vaporizer. For instance, the portable vaporizers typically have a limited temperature setting, which could limit the way you use your vaporizer.

It is also important to note that, unlike dry herbs, oils and waxes offer stronger concentrations of THC and cannabinoids per gram. Of course, these oils and waxes are also the most expensive to purchase because it only takes a few drips or dabs for you to experience the same pleasure that repeated inhalation of dry herb vapors offer.

Know the Construction of the Vaporizer

The construction of your vaporizer plays a huge role how this could increase your palate’s satisfaction to vapor. For instance, if you will look at pen vaporizers, you’ll notice that the vaping experts do not favor it. Though it could produce a decent temperature, this may still not offer you the best quality vapor, since the electronics are near the heating element. This means that you could be vaping the corrosive materials found in the components of your vaporizer.

Most vaporizer pens combust your materials instead of merely vaporizing them. There are a few exceptions, such as the Atmos Boss Vaporizer. This device features and embedded heating element to keep the dry herbs from combusting while inside the enclosed heating chamber. The result is pure vapor, and the used-up materials come not in ashes but are dark brown in color, which is indicative that no burning took place during the heating process.

But if you want something that burns for that extra flavors, there are those vaporizers that make use of a double coil mechanism wherein the herb or the liquid that you are going to use will be in contact with the coil, making it possible to have a thick and consistent vapor.

Battery life

For the battery-operated vaporizers, it may not be possible to have solid hours of vaping, therefore, limiting your satisfaction. Battery life is an important factor to consider should you choose to buy a portable vaporizer. To solve this issue, some manufacturers feature vaporizers with removable batteries to give you the freedom to switch the used one for continuous vaping pleasure. The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer tops the list of vaporizers that make use of external batteries.

But if limited vaping time with portable vapes is still an issue, does this mean that you should only stick with the desk vaporizers? If you are staying at home, by all means you want to stick with the bulky vaporizers. On the other hand, if you are outside, and you felt the urge to vape, you may want to choose a portable vaporizer that can last until you finished your session. However, due to the size of the vaporizer, it may not be possible to provide the same satisfaction as the desk vaporizers in the market today.

Minimize the Air that Goes through the Device

For those who want a higher volume of vapor for their session, it is possible to achieve this by performing a small hack to your device. You can achieve this by performing the scotch tape method. The scotch tape method has been known to be an effective tool, as it prevents airflow to enter the atomizer, therefore having thick vapor as you draw.

Purchase a Decent Vaporizer

Another means of increasing your satisfaction is by purchasing a better vaporizer. If you are still using a small e-cigarette you are missing a lot. Vaporizers are now considered, not only as recreational devices but as a medical device. But of course, only the likes of the Volcano are the ones that could be used for medical facilities.

What if you don’t have enough money to purchase a Volcano, or anything that has that kind of price? To maximize your purchase, you could always do your own research. You could read reviews and see which products are worth investing in. Reviews can be the equivalent of a personal recommendation people with the most particular taste when it comes to vaporizers.

There are vaporizers that can produce a great quality vapor, despite the fact that it doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. There are also some brands that choose not to outsource the work somewhere in China, where products don’t undergo strict quality control. There are still some vaporizer brands that have invested time and money on good factories, in fact some are even made in the US.

Check if the Vaporizer Has a Fan

If the vaporizer contains a fan, most likely, this has the ability to provide you with high quality vapor. Fans are typically present in high end vaporizers that deliver the vapor in different thickness. There are those vaporizers that have different speeds for their fans. What is the advantage of this construction? For pen vaporizers, it is possible that you’ll notice a burnt taste on the vapor because portable vaporizers sometimes have a design where the herbs are placed near the heating element.

Know the Component of Your E-liquid

E-liquids are typically composed of two things. It is composed of both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The rise of PG in the component of the e-liquid helps in producing more vapor. If you want the vapor to be thick, then you want to stick with the high PG e-liquids. Though you could go straight to e-liquids containing 100% PG, most vaporizer experts would suggest that you mix 50% of both to the e-liquid to get better results.

Purists, however, prefer dry herbs to do away with PG and its possible health risks. While some studies suggest that subjecting PG to extremely high temperatures results in the formation of the carcinogen formaldehyde, no definitive long-term studies have confirmed the adverse effects of PG in human health.


The vaping lifestyle has opened up a number of opportunities for different businesses. Vaping community could thank the rising cannabis legalization movement in different parts of the world for the popularity of this industry. This kind of climate created opportunities where you could try different kinds of products ranging from small to large vaporizers. But of course, not every vaping experience can be the same. There are those vaping sessions that could be considered mediocre or even below average. With these simple tips, you could tweak the way you vape and maximize your vaping sessions.

Written by James Rubio