vaporizer pen holiday gift guide
(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)

As the Holiday season draws near, our thoughts turn to finding the best presents for him, her or to your family and friends. And when vaping experience comes to mind, we’ve rounded up the best vape pens for you to keep an eye on the next time you fill your holiday shopping cart at

Here they are as categorized per price range:

Pens $100 and Under

G Pen Vaporizer

G pen


Best for: Oils Only

Starting off our list is the G Pen vaporizer from Grenco Science. This popular oil vaporizer weighs only two ounces and measures about six inches tall, making this pen one of the lightest and most discreet oil vaporizers. The tank, complete with a wick and coil atomizer, can support up to two grams of concentrates or oils. This amount can give you about 400 draws in one refill. We give the vapor quality a score of 9 out of 10 because of the thick cloud and also the pure vapor that really gives that instant vaping pleasure with every draw.

The lithium battery offers portable vaping anytime, anywhere. And the good thing about the G Pen vaporizer is the charging dock, which allows you to charge your device using any USB port or with the traditional power outlet.

To use the G pen vaporizer, just press the power button 5 times to unlock it and hold the power button again until it’s ready to vape. Heating time with the G Pen takes only about 2 to 4 seconds. And that’s a fairly quick for such a compact device.

Pros: The G pen vaporizer is a sure winner when it comes to discreet vaping and portability. The single power button to unlock and use the device provides easy and convenient vaping experience.

Cons:This device does not support dry herbs. Also vaporizing with this model could get a little messy especially when using loose oil concentrates.

Conclusion:Buy this as a gift for vaping enthusiasts who are more into using oils than anything else. You can’t resist the cheaper price too. But the build quality is something you can also count on, knowing the fact that it comes from Grenco Science, maker of vape pens known for quality and good design.

Buy it Here: G Pen Vaporizer 

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

G pro Set


Best for:Dry Herbs and Flowers Only

The G Pro herbal vaporizer has earned its popularity because of its one unique feature: It offers three temperature levels, and that’s something that we did not expect from vaporizer pens. You can set the temperature at 320°F (red light), 380°F (green light) or 420°F (Blue light).

Inside the G pro herbal vaporizer is a stainless steel heating chamber, which promises pure vapors from your botanicals. We’ve tested this device and indeed, there is no plastic or foreign smell coming from the chamber, only the vapors from the dry herbs. And just like the other pen-style vaporizers from Grenco science, the G Pro offers a safety feature that requires you to click the power button 5 times to unlock it. It is indeed something worth the buy for the Holidays given its price point.

Pros:The variable temperature settings make the G pro a good choice. Also, the mouthpiece can easily snap into place and can be switched with another. That means you can share the device with others except your own mouthpiece. Talk about hygienic vaping!

Cons:A heating time of about 60 to 90 seconds make the G pro one of the slowest pen style vaporizers to use. Also, the highest temperature setting can get really hot and creates more burnt flavors.

Conclusion:Buy the G Pro for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of vaporizers. It’s easy to use and lets them start with the lowest temperature first, gradually increasing over time.

Buy it Here: G Pro Herbal Vaporizer 

Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer



Best For:Dry Herbs and Flowers Only

The Snoop Dogg G Pen vaporizer is one of Grenco Science’s first herbal vaporizers to hit the market. The company, long known for its bestselling oil and concentrates vaporizers, teamed up with the master rapper himself to release this signature vape pen. This is evident in the outer engraving of the device, which features a map of Snoop Dogg’s hometown, the Long Beach.

Inside, the herb chamber has enough capacity to hold up to .5 grams of your ground herbal material. The heating element is also designed to create heat that results in thick vapors without the plastic smell that otherwise cheap vaporizers are known for. The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer also comes with a safety feature that requires the power button to be quickly pressed five times to unlock it.

Pros: The herbal tank allows neat and clean refilling of your dry herbs. Also, the Snoop Dogg G Pen herbal vaporizer has a fairly longer battery life as compared to other vaporizer pens.

Cons: Just like the other vaporizer pens that use the conduction method, there’s always a chance of slight combustion of your ground botanicals. Also, the Snoop Dogg G pen vaporizer supports only dry materials. And you need another device for concentrates.

Conclusion:The Snoop Dogg G Pen herbal vaporizer is best for individuals who exclusively use ground dry herbs.

Buy it Here:Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

Atmos Junior

Atmos Junior


Best for:Dry Herbs and Flowers

In all sense, the Atmos Junior has the same build, quality and design with its bigger counterpart, the Atmos Raw. However, this device comes more affordable, priced only at $79.99. And it comes in a shorter body too. But not to underestimate its performance because the Atmos Junior offers the same herb chamber, powerful heating coil and excellent vapor quality. The only difference lies on the battery as the Junior has lower capacity as compared to the Atmos Raw.

But if concern about vaping hours is not that important to you, go for this device for its very affordable price. The Atmos Junior comes in three major parts, the mouthpiece, the chamber and the battery. It also comes with the same heating coil that offers strong flavors.

Pros:The Atmos Junior performs just like the Atmos Raw, giving off dense flavors from dry herbs and in every bit a good performer as well.

Cons:The Atmos junior, just like the other pen-style herb vaporizers, has a tendency to burn the materials slightly. Also, if you find yourself outdoors most of the time, the shorter battery life might be a problem.

Conclusion:Buy the Junior for its low price tag without sacrificing the performance that you experience with it the Atmos Raw.

Buy it Here: Atmos Junior Vaporizer 

Vaporizer Pens $200 and Below

Atmos Boss Vaporizer



Best For:Dry Herbs and Flowers

For all the critics who raised their doubts on whether Atmos Nation could ever release a vaporizer pen that produces TRUE vapors (not smoke from combustion), the Atmos Boss vaporizer is perhaps the company’s saving grace.

Everything about the Atmos Boss is different: the heating coil is embedded and the enclosed chamber protects the dry materials inside to keep them from coming in direct contact with the heating element. The result? A convection-style vaporizing process that leaves the used-up herbs dry and brownish in color — not charred or reduced to ashes.

Obviously, the trade-off with this exciting feature is the slightly larger diameter of the device. But this is negligible given the slight difference. The Atmos Boss weighs only 2.7 ounces and measures 6.5 inches tall and slightly more than half an inch wide. At first glance, you just can’t go wrong with the Atmos Boss because of its flawless stainless steel cover.

Pros:While other Atmos vaporizers require you to press the power button 5 times to unlock, the Boss requires only three consecutive presses, and that offers easier and more convenient vaping each time you use the device. And of course, the biggest advantage is the true vapor the device produces, not the burnt smell from smoke.

Cons:The Atmos Boss is for dry herbs only. Also, it’s much more expensive than the other vaporizer pens. But that makes sense given its advanced features.

Conclusion:Choose the Atmos Boss, regardless of the price, if you wish to have a true vaporizer pen.

Buy it Here: Atmos Boss Vaporizer 

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

atmos orbit vaporizer


Best For:Dry Herbs and Flowers

After testing the Atmos Orbit vaporizer, we must say that the difference between this device and the Atmos Boss is just skin deep. That said, the Orbit sports the same features found in Boss. The heating element is embedded, and the capsule-like chamber encloses the herbs and keeps it from coming in direct contact with the heat source. This in turn produces only vapors from your materials without burning them inside.

When heated up, the Orbit maintains a temperature of about 374 degrees Fahrenheit. And the battery is powerful too to let you take those hits for hours in between power recharge. To unlock the Orbit, just press the power button 5 times. And the device takes about one minute to heat up the botanical inside — a tad longer than conduction-style pens because now, it relies more on convection to extract the flavors from the dry materials. But one big advantage of course is the absence of combustion.

Pros:the The Atmos Orbit vaporizer promises true vapor too because there is no direct contact with the dry herbs. Also, the dark color of the stainless steel cover makes this device a tad more discreet than the Atmos Boss, which features a shiny metallic finish.

Cons:The Atmos Orbit comes with a higher price tag because of its advanced features. Also the longer heating time could be quite a drawback for some who like to vape pot on the fly.

Conclusion:If you want a true vaporizer pen that comes in a more discreet design, go for the Atmos Orbit vaporizer.

Buy it Here: Atmos Orbit Vaporizer 

Atmos R2 Vaporizer

Atmos R2


Best For:Dry Herbs and Waxes

The Atmos R2, though a newcomer from Atmos Nation, is an all-around old-fashioned vape pen that features a powerful anodized heating core to give off dense flavors from your dry herbs or wax materials. This R2 allows vaping dry matter or waxy concentrates without the need for any attachments.

A first look at the Atmos R2 and you’ll notice its slightly longer body as compared with the Atmos Raw Rx. That obviously sends a statement that the R2 comes with a more powerful, longer lasting battery and the overall bigger size means more materials to vape in one go too.

The Atmos R2 proves perfect for those who don’t mind combusting the herbs inside. It performs just like the Raw, only with everything bigger, hotter and bolder.

Pros:The R2 sports a hotter anodized heating core that promises thicker vapors and stronger flavors than its smaller counterparts.

Cons:Combustion is definitely evident with the R2. But many users consider this an advantage especially for those used to smoking joints. Only this time, there is no mess involved with rolling paper and dry herbs around.

Conclusion:Buy the Atmos R2 as a cleaner alternative to smoking joint. The powerful heating element guarantees denser vapors with dry herbs or waxes.

Buy it Here: Atmos R2 Vaporizer

Atmos Raw Rx





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Price: $109.99 (45% off!)

Best For:Dry Herbs and Flowers

With the all-time soaring popularity of the Atmos Raw Rx, there’s really nothing much to say about this bestseller but an all thumbs up for a job well done in terms of the design, discreetness, performance and vapor strength.

The Atmos Raw owes part of its popularity to its simple form and style. When you unbox one, just screw the mouthpiece, herb chamber and battery together, charge the device, fill the chamber with your dry herbs and you’re ready to vape.

One more good reason why this is such a good buy is its ability to support an optional oil attachment just in case you want to switch to concentrates anytime. And we haven’t seen this unique feature with other pens thus far.

Pros:The Atmos Raw Rx comes with a strong build and is also known to exude dense vapors without palstic or foreign smell because of the stainless steel heating chamber.

Cons:Herbs slightly combust because there is direct contact with the coils when vaping.

Conclusion:Buy the Atmos Raw RX if combustion is not an issue, or, in many cases, a plus point for those who really want to get strong hits from their botanicals.

Buy it Here: Atmos Raw Rx Vaporizer 

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Written by James Rubio