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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

<Vaporizers over the past years became popular to the point where a lot of people are looking for portability. Vaping has become popular to the point where people want to do this frequently. What this means is that they want to bring the vaporizers anywhere they go. The thing with portable vaporizers, is that a lot of people claim that they haven’t experienced the same vaping pleasure as that of the heavy duty vaporizers. 

For instance, the Volcano and the Extreme Q are two of the most flexible products. However, the fact that they are bulky means that you just can’t take it outside. Despite the fact that it can vape your favorite oil and herbs, it has a drawback that you can’t use it whenever. 

For those who are not really particular about getting herbs, but focused on oils and wax, then portable vaporizers will already get the job done. There are a number of perks to these types of vaporizers. They can be discreet and carried everywhere. If you are the type who loves to have a vaping session outside of your home, then the portable ones can be a good thing to have. 

One of the pen vaporizers that caught the attention of many vaping aficionados is the Cloud Pen vaporizer. This is a small vaporizer that is convenient and designed to be carried anywhere. This becomes a great fix for those craving for their vaping session. Allowing users to use essential oil in a matter of 15 seconds, we’d have to say that this is a powerful portable vaporizer that is exceptional given its 4 inch frame and 3/8 of an inch diameter. This can easily be kept anywhere you go in your pants. 

It basically comes with the USB charger cable, and a Cloup Pen power adaptor. When you see the little package, the Cloud Pen vape will remind you of Apple product. However, it is not just a good packaging that makes the vaporizer are really good purchase. With the superb and clean vaping session, that you can get, this is just one of those products that you may have to experience first hand to believe what the hype is all about. 

Cloud pen price: How much is  your investment 

For a price range of $64-$70, this is a really good price for a high quality device. However, if you are on a budget, you may want to visit different trade shows where you can have it for almost half the price at $40. This is a great alternative for you. But of course, you may be asking if it is worth it? There are a lot of considerations that you may want to look into before we can answer that. The price, the quality of vapor, the batteries, the Cloud Pen warranty and the overall experience that you are going to get; these are some of the few things you need to recognize in order to know if the product is really worth the $40-$70 price range. 

 The fact that it has placed 3rd for Best Product of the Year in the LA Cannabis Cup for 2013, this shuts down the critics and those skeptics. But of course, is it just hype? Looking into the construction of the product, it is a high quality vaporizer that can easily compete with some of the best ones out there. 

Cloud pen: Better than Micro G (Cloud Pen vs Micro G Pen)

A lot of people need to find a good point of comparison in order to determine if one product is good or bad. But of course, a lot of people are already discarding the Cloud Pen portable vaporizer as another Micro G Pen. Is this the case? Definitely, this is not the case. You can expect the Micro G to be inferior in quality to the Cloud Pen vape. There are a lot of things that can come in handy with the features of the Cloud Pen portable vaporizer better than the Micro G. One of the things that people never liked about the Micro G Pen is the fact that it is very vulnerable to spillage. This is not happening with the Cloud Pen vaporizer. 

The design of the Micro G has a screen that separates the oil and the heating element. This means that the left over will not dry up and compromise the other vaping sessions. However, Cloud Pen vaporizer made use of a design that removes the screen, thus, making the oil nearer the heating element. The only reason that you may find residue with the Cloud cartridge, is when you have oils that have some residue that contaminated the oil. 

Cloud Pen: Superb Vapor

When you purchase the product you can only expect high quality vapor from the Cloud Pen vaporizer. For starters, it can quickly heat the oil and wax in just 10 seconds. It reaches to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in that short period of time. This provides the superb vaping experience.

In terms of construction, the presence of metal and ceramics made it possible for the Cloud Pen vaporizer to provide nothing but flavorful vapor. Also, the fact that you don’t see any plastic parts anywhere near the heated parts, this makes the product a really good buy. 

One of the things that you have to deal with when you use the Cloud pen vaporizer though is the hot dab tool. This hot dab tool will provide better vapor for you as it melts the concentrate down. In order to fix the dilemma of having stuck particles, it is suggested that you take in the oil in a liquid form and free from any type of contaminant. This maintains the cleanliness and the best vapor. So what if you tried using dry herbs? This will not be a good idea because the vaporizer is not designed for such. This will only melt portion that is in contact with the coil and mess up the cartridge. 

Cloud Pen: Replaceable Cartridges

 If you have overused the vaporizer, this will eventually make you replace the Cloud Pen vaporizer cartridge. There are many reasons why you may eventually be replacing the cartridge. It could be from the concentrates that are not fully melted or it could be from the contaminants in the oils. However, you don’t have to replace the whole vaporizer just because of a cartridge. You can purchase the individual Cloud Pen cartridges for $12. The problem with the cartridges is that they are sold individually. 

How do you take care of the cartridge? There are ways how to not buy new cartridges every once in a while. According to the representatives of Cloud, you can do simple things in order to not replace the cartridges. All that you need to do is to not pack the oil and the wax that much. Also, you need to choose the type of elements that you use. If it is too dry, then probably you may damage the cartridge potentially. The makers of the Cloud Pen Vaporizer advised that you only need to avoid these things to prolong the cartridges.  

Cloud pen: Battery Life

Battery life has been an issue for so many types of portable vaporizers. For this product, this is a different case. In fact, it can last at least a day and tolerate a great amount of vaping. Also, as a testament to the durability and the high quality type of battery, you can have the battery replaced at any given time without any problem because you have it covered with a lifetime Cloud Pen warranty. As for charging, you only have to charge the product for around 45 minutes in order to get it ready to use for the whole day. This means that you can spend less time charging the batteries and more time enjoying the product. 

Be Careful With Companies With Similar Names

There are some brands out there that are of similar name to Cloud. What you need to realize is to be vigilant to not confuse them with the company that produced the Cloud Pen Vaporizer. Because of the award that the Cloud received, and the recognition it had from the market, there are already some players that are capitalizing from this. Cloud Vapez, made the Cloudpenz. 

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When it comes to vaping experience, a handy vaporizer can be a good call. The portable vaporizers gained popularity with its compact and powerful design. This is exactly what you can expect from the Cloud pen vaporizer. The Cloud Pen Vaporizer is a high quality device that you can use for both oil and wax. The main problem though that you may be facing is the fact that you may end up buying new cartridges when you do not have an idea just how to use the device. As rule of the thumb, it is imperative that you make use of oil without any contamination to maximize this vaporizer. In terms of the price, the Cloud Pen vaporizer is a good buy. In contrast with some of the best vaporizers out there like the Micro G Pen vaporizer, you may have the sense that it is so much better than this well established product.

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