(Last Updated On: October 4, 2019)

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Yourself


There is no doubt that people are ditching traditional smoking and embracing E-cig. It is healthier as it has no smoke, only vapor. The E-liquid is the heart of an E-cig. There is a variety of e-liquid options in the market. The question is “how do you choose the right e-liquid for yourself?” Different individuals have different preferences. Only you know what you like and love. To aid you out here is essential information you might need to make a decision. 



What is the need for purchasing the e-liquid? Is it to get high or for pain relief? Is it for therapy or just a means of entertainment? For medical purposes, be sure to have the right information as in the prescription. If for recreational purposes, be sure to be in a state or country where using marijuana is legal. 



There are many devices (vaporizers) for vaping purposes. What will you be using? However, it is fundamental to invest in a quality vape pen on sale. Today, many come with temperature controls already installed in the vaporizer. It might be costly but efficient. 

PG and VG Ratio


E-liquids production requires a base solution. The base solution is either propylene (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or a combination of the two compounds. PG has a strong flavor, but it produces weak vapor. VG, on the other hand, is highly viscous, has a sweet taste and produces massive vapor clouds. In combination, VG is used to neutralize somehow the flavor produced by PG when used in conjunction. Different individuals prefer the mixing ratio to be changed to create different tastes. Many prefer a forty sixty ratio. 

Since vaping is not fully explored, individuals using the product have to be careful in case of allergic reactions. These include itching, hives, and difficulty in breathing. It indicates the presence of impurities in the e-liquid. You might need to seek pure forms of VG or PG for your vaping needs. 



When it comes to E-Liquid, the flavor is everything. Even with all the other variables being on point, still, the taste determines whether or not you will take it. Today, there are many types of flavors. These come as blends or single flavors. A combination means two or more characters mixed in the same e-liquid. Individual or one taste means only strawberry or vanilla flavor e-liquid. All are gaining popularity, and the simplicity in it is making these flavors peak at quite a high rate. Here are some of these flavors: 

  • The tobacco flavor is a highly popular e-liquid blend. It provides a chance for individuals to move from using traditional tobacco cigarettes while at the same time reducing addiction or cravings for tobacco.
  • Mint flavor offers you a cooling and icy sensation.
  • Food flavors are served with favorite toppings as desired. 
  • The fruity taste is quite popular due to their deliciousness even before they are inhaled. They can be melon, mango, strawberry, among others. 
  • Cocktails is a flavor that includes mixing fruit, tobacco and food flavors 
  • Alcohol-inspired characteristics which include wine, beer, and brandy

For maximum benefits, start with favorite characters as a stepping stone. It introduces you to the vaping world, and the taste is perfect. 

Nicotine Content


Nicotine can be addictive. It is essential to indicate the amount of nicotine in your preferred e-liquid flavor. The purpose of using it determines the amount of nicotine present in your liquid. Besides, it comes in different quantities that determine its strength levels. These are:

  • 18mg to 36mg has high nicotine strength and is for use by heavy smokers.
  • 9mg to 16 mg has medium levels of strength and is for use by average smokers. 
  • 6mg and below has low nicotine strength and is for use by light smokers 

Determining the chemical composition of your vape juice or e-liquid is essential. It helps determine your level of satisfaction and how much more or less you should use next time. 

With all these tips, it is essential to remember that vaping a right CBD oil is also a significant aspect. For this, frequent readings of CBD Product reviews are important.

Conduct Tests

Always taste the product before purchasing. It is not only to verify the flavor, but also to determine the product is of high quality or not. Besides, you can also take the product for lab testing for assurance. Through testing, you buy the right quality and gain the desired outcome. 

If you are buying from a physical store, it is better since most of them offer testers to their customers to test before they buy. However, for online stores like the budsgrowguide.com, you can buy special tester packs. They will deliver the same results once you are done. 


It takes time to understand what your body needs correctly. However, you can be adventurous and try out the different flavors some of the high-quality budget buds deliver to your tongue. Ensure that you buy high-quality liquids from well-established manufacturers. 

Written by Kathy Cooley