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CBD has gained popularity in the last few decades for its therapeutic effects. Dr. Roger Adams was the first scientist to isolate CBD as an independent cannabinoid in 1940. However, CBD is not a new drug. CBD is found in both hemp and cannabis plants.Cannabis and hemp plants were used by traditional societies to treat different ailments. Researchers later discovered that these plants contain over 600 compounds with CBD being one of the most studied and understood cannabinoids.

CBD gives cannabis and hemp most of their medicinal properties. CBD can now be isolated and packaged as an individual compound and sold as edibles like gummies or CBD oil. You must be wondering which is better, CBD gummies or oil?.Both choices are okay depending on why you are taking CBD and the available options. You can add probably the best CBD oil in the UK in your drinks or food or use it as a topical application. When used as a topical, its benefits are limited to the area of application. CBD tincture oil is also considered very beneficial for the positive effects that it has on health.

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Some people still doubt the benefits of CBD, arguing that it is not beneficial in any way. But is this true? Is CBD really therapeutic if it is just a placebo effect? 

What Is A Placebo?

A placebo is something that does not offer any treatment but is given just for someone to believe that they have received treatment. Sometimes, people may feel sick, but it is all in their minds. When they take a placebo, they feel healed. 

In research, placebo helps researchers study the effects of drugs. The researchers place one group of subjects on placebo, but they believe it is the real drug, and to the other, they give the actual drug. This way, the researchers can compare the outcomes.

In some studies, individuals placed on placebo may show positive effects relatable to the real drug. This is because, psychologically, they believe they are taking medicine. Hence, their mind responds in a way the drug would. 

Endocannabinoid System and Placebo Effect

The body produces its own cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) similar to CBD and other cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system controls the release of endocannabinoids in the body. Scientists have found that the endocannabinoid system also controls the placebo effect. 

When a person takes a placebo, the brain releases anandamide, an endocannabinoid known for its blissful effect. Anandamide affects many symptoms also affected by medication or treatment, including pain, anti-inflammation, and mood elevation. 

While the placebo effect is a psychological effect triggered by expectations, the physical results are real. When you are having a placebo effect, your body is actually responding physiologically the way it would react to the drug.

The placebo effect is associated with positive expectations. Similarly, expectations of negative effects can also lead to physical symptoms opposite to placebo effect. This is called a nocebo effect. For example, when people are aware of the potential side effects of a drug, they are likely to experience those effects.

CBD and Placebo Effect

The same endogenous opioid and dopaminergic pathways that affect CBD also affect placebo and nocebo effects. This means that expectations can also influence the outcomes of CBD in users. 

Because both CBD and placebo effects use the same receptors, placebo effect affects CBD outcomes. People who have negative or no expectations may find unpleasant or no effects from CBD use. Similarly, people with positive expectations may experience an increased positive outcome. 

Does this mean that CBD is just a placebo effect? Well, no. This can best be understood by looking at the results of people who are given CBD without knowing that it is CBD. Do they get the same effects as CBD users?

CBD alleviates the symptoms of many diseases and disorders such as migraine and fibromyalgia. These illnesses result from the deficiencies of the endocannabinoid system. CBD is currently being used to treat inflammation, anxiety and depression, epilepsy, pain, and neurodegenerative disorders such as muscle spasm and Parkinson’s disease. Also, you must take a Sleep Relief to tackle your disorders. CBD also shows positive signs in the treatment of tumors and cancer, Crohn’s disease and other bowel diseases. You can get CBD for sale at the best prices in many online stores.

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While some people might dismiss CBD as merely a placebo effect, there is overwhelming evidence on the positive effects of CBD on animal studies. Animals do not respond to the placebo effect. Based on animal studies, it is sufficient to conclude that CBD actually works! 

Why Do People Think CBD is a Placebo?

The belief that CBD is a placebo comes from findings of inconsistencies in the amount of CBD in commercial CBD oil. Tests on some samples have shown that some products contain very little CBD or relatively more THC.Based on what has been discussed above about the placebo effect, it could be true that some CBD users may have a placebo effect at times. However, these findings cannot be generalized.

Some scientists simply doubt the effectiveness of CBD because of the range of symptoms and diseases it can treat. Studies are continually revealing that CBD is a panacea.It is not surprising that CBD treats all these diseases because they are all affected by the endocannabinoid system. There is no other drug with a wide range of applications as CBD, and this itself is a cause for people to doubt that it works.


Humans have used CBD in its plant form for centuries to treat various illnesses. Recently, however, some quotas have questioned the effectiveness of this drug, claiming that it is a placebo effect.Both animal studies and clinical applications refute this notion of CBD being a placebo. CBD oil treats a variety of symptoms. However, people may also have a placebo effect when they use CBD depending on their expectations. 

It is important to understand that just like any other drug, CBD oil may not work for all. However, the fact that everyday people are turning to gorilla glue strain is an indication that they are getting positive benefits.

Written by Kathy Cooley