(Last Updated On: November 24, 2020)

CBD, the latest health supplement to be available all over the world is gaining in popularity for the many health and wellness benefits it offers. So impressed are people with the benefits of CBD that they have started consuming it in different forms such as oils, tinctures, capsules, and also gummies which usually have a fruit flavor. 

Some people even add CBD oil to their favorite foods, beverages, and even latte’s to enjoy its benefits. 

CBD and Anxiety

This growing popularity of CBD has however attracted a fair number of dissenters, who feel that the hype around CBD is unjustified and that it does not offer any real benefits in treating various ailments, though there is substantial scientific proof around the same. 

Some people also link the usage of CBD with anxiety and panic attacks, due to which some people may have one question foremost in their minds i.e. can too much CBD cause panic attacks? 

The answer to this query lies in knowing more about CBD and why some people who use it may face anxiety. But before we go into all this, let’s look at how the consumption of CBD is beneficial for people. 

How is CBD beneficial

One of the first recorded instances of the usage of CBD for treatment, has been found in the case of Charlotte Figi, for the treatment of epilepsy, due to which she could not live a normal life. The strain produced by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado helped reduce her seizures from more than 300 a week to just 4-5 times a month. 

This prompted many medical experts and state governments to look closely at the benefits of CBD in working with various ailments and helped legalize it all over the United States and other countries in the world.

Today CBD is promoted as a health supplement for people who suffer from different health problems such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart problems, and even for reducing the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant, under strict hygiene and quality conditions to ensure that it does not have any contamination. CBD is a white powder that is odorless and flavorless, due to which it may not appeal to some people. 

To make it easy to digest and use, CBD is sometimes infused with coconut oil, which acts as a carrier for the CBD. High-quality CBD products, as a rule, do not have more than 0.3% THC, which can cause psychoactive high effects in some people. 

To ensure the purity, quality of CBD and check that it contains only the permissible levels of THC, all CBD products are subject to rigorous tests by third-party labs. 

All CBD manufacturers and brands are bound by law to present these tests reports by both consumers and government authorities when asked to do so so that they can verify their purity and quality. People often search CBD near me to get the CBD exposures of the nearest CBD stores.

How CBD may cause panic attacks?

While the consumption of CBD is harmless, it may cause panic attacks in the following circumstances.

  1. Excessive dosage

CBD is a pure, natural compound that has no side effects, when taken in the dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Some people may however exceed their daily dosage either accidentally or intentionally, due to which they may suffer from a panic attack, as a side effect. 

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a small dosage of CBD until your body gets accustomed to it.

  1. High content of THC

While the prescribed levels of THC are less than 0.3%, some spurious manufacturers, brands and even counterfeit products may offer higher levels of THC, which could induce a “high feeling” and even psychoactive effects which could build up the anxiety levels in some people and even cause a panic attack. 

It is advisable to always buy your CBD from a reputed store and brand to avoid such instances. Do make sure you check the ingredients list and even the third party lab reports to determine the percentage of THC the product contains, to avoid panic attacks.

  1. Your body’s tolerance to CBD

Since everybody’s lifestyle and metabolism are not the same, how the CBD supplement interacts with some people could be different as compared to how it interacts with others. While some may barely notice its effects, others may not be tolerant of CBD and start experiencing anxiety and panic attacks with even a small dosage.

The same may also be true if you are a first time user of CBD and your body is not used to it. Given some time, your body will get used to the CBD, post which any symptoms associated with it will disappear, while you start experiencing its many health benefits.

  1. How you administer it

While capsules are the lowest acting form of CBD, tinctures are the fastest with you experiencing the effects of CBD within minutes of consuming it. Depending on your body’s metabolism you could experience a faster reaction to CBD, which could trigger an anxiety attack in some cases.

To have a safe CBD experience, it is advisable to start with oil and capsules and then gradually move on to other forms of CBD as your body starts reacting and working with it. Because the content of cannabidiol may vary in different CBD skin products, it is better to stick to the dosage that the products have as instructions.

Conclusion: CBD can Cause Panic Attacks?

The advantages offered by CBD health supplements in the treatment of various ailments far outweigh its disadvantages if any. Even as we speak, there is in-depth research being conducted on the benefits and side effects of CBD across the world by doctors and researchers, so that people can use it safely and healthily, without the worries of any side effects or panic attacks. 

Just as too much of anything is not good, so is the case with CBD. That’s why people who consume CBD regularly must ensure that they take their daily dosage of CBD only within their prescribed limits and not exceed the same unless advised to do so by their doctor. 

Written by Kathy Cooley