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Cannabis connoisseurs have different preferences. From the type of herb to use to the type of vaporizer they choose to have, these are only some of the things that they have to worry about.

Fortunately, we live in a time wherein you’ll never run out of options. Regardless if you are picking the right strain for your everyday use, or you are picking the right vaporizer for your habits.

Picking The Right Vaporizer According To Your Habits

In today’s time, one of the most confusing things that you’ll have to deal with as a cannabis enthusiast is picking the right vaporizer. Why is picking the right vaporizer difficult? Given the variety of options, it is a difficult task to narrow down your pick. How do you pick the right vaporizer according to your vaping habits?

Choosing Between The Right Vaporizer

Are you the type who loves to vape in between your lunchtime in the workplace? Or perhaps, you are the type of vaping enthusiast who privately vapes at home when no one is looking? If you are the type who loves to vape outside the house, then a portable vaporizer is the most highly recommended device that you could choose to have. On the other hand, for a private vaping enthusiast, a desk vaporizer will get the job done.

As rule of thumb, functionality and great overall satisfaction is expected from the desk vaporizers over the portable vaporizers. Though portable vaporizers can be used both inside the and outside of the house, if you’ll look at review sites and recommendations of the pros, the verdict still leans towards the favor of the desk vaporizers.

Vaping For Long Hours

A great number of individuals love to vape for long periods of time, regardless if they are outside the house or if they are inside the house. Desktop vaporizers will have no problem giving you hours of satisfaction. However, if you have a portable vaporizer to suit your needs outside the house, you’ll need to pick the device that has the best battery life.

Aside from having the best battery life, another consideration is the type of charging system that the vaporizer has. Can the device be attached to a USB port to recharge the batteries? If so, this is a great product given the proliferation of power bank gadgets that allow you to make use of portable battery operated products for an extended period of time.

And lastly, you’d also want to check the amount of cannabis that the vaporizer could load. Try checking the reviews for the expected number of draws that you could get for a full chamber.

Vaping For Medical Purpose

Vaping for medical purpose is another consideration to which type of device should you purchase. If you are vaping cannabis for this purpose, it is highly suggested to take on the Volcano by Storz and Bickel. Volcano has been tested in different health facilities. In Israel, Volcano is considered a health device. 

If you are somewhat planning to purchase the Volcano vaporizer, you’ll need to prepare a good amount of money on this device. Though there are a lot of average priced vaporizers in the market, nothing comes close to the quality vapor given by the Volcano.

Precise temperature and clean vapor are some of the things that you get from the Volcano. Considered the epitome of the best vaporizer in the market, this medical device can be yours for around $700. If you don’t have the resources to cover for this amount of money, there are some alternatives out there to choose from. It is even possible to get a decent vaporizer from your $300.

Fresh And Warm

Now, for someone who loves fresh vapor, it is also a good idea to ensure if the pathway of the vapor runs on glass. Running on glass, this gives superb fresh taste for every draw.

If you are the type who loves to vape solo, whip vaporizer makes the most sense. Not only do you get warm vapor, you could also get to inhale everything directly into your system. As for the downside of whip vaporizers, not all whips are made the same. There are those that are made of stiff material which makes vaping a less convenient. The best whip-style vaporizers are the Arizer V-Tower, DaBuddha and Silver Surfer.

Vaping Around The House

Are you the type who loves to vape in different places of the house? If so, might as well purchase a product that allows you to walk around the house. For desk vaporizers, this is possible by using balloon vaporizers. What makes balloon vaporizers special is the fact that you can fill it up and take it anywhere you want. Another great thing about having a balloon vaporizer is that you can even let the vapor cool down a bit.

So what are the best balloon vaporizer options that you could choose from in the market today? Extreme Q vaporizer is among the most popular options for a lot of users today, not only for its medical grade balloon, but also for its ability to function as a whip vaporizer at the same time. For around $240, you’ll be able to get not only a whip vaporizer, but a balloon vaporizer as well.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer is another great balloon vaporizer that could make the most sense to be part of any vaping enthusiast’s list. The Vapir Rise makes the most sense for a Volcano alternative given its $250 price tag.

Do You Experiment With Different Strains?

If you wish to experiment on different cannabis strains, testing which cannabis strains makes the most sense for you, it is imperative that you do your research. For instance, what type of cannabinoid are you really after? Different cannabinoids as well as terpenes are extracted on different temperatures.

Now, if you’ll stick to portable vaporizers in the market, it is possible that you’ll not be able to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes that you want to get form specific strains. It is due to the fact that these versions of the vaporizers may not have the temperature option that desk vaporizers have.

It is highly suggested that if you prefer to vape using different strains, choose the products with flexible options when it comes to temperatures. The only logical option is to narrow down your choice from high end desk vaporizers in the market.

It’s a cliché that the mother of all inventions is necessity. Since the changes made in state laws and public’s opinion on cannabis had its 180 degree turn, people have developed a taste for cannabis and its benefits. And with its popularity, users have developed different vaping habits.

The good news is that there are also different products that could cater to their different vaping habits. Regardless, if you are the type who loves to vape outside the house, or you are the type who explores different strains, there will always be the perfect product for you.

To get the best deal from vaporizers, it is a must that you know exactly what you want, and what you are looking for. Given the diverse products to choose from, reading the reviews and scrutinizing each detail could make a huge difference.

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