(Last Updated On: July 24, 2020)

In recent years, the social and political debate on the use of marijuana has intensified markedly. It seems that a particular social tolerance or acceptance is emerging that smoking cannabis may bring more benefits than contraindications even though, in a legal framework, it is still referred to as a drug. However, the debate has generated that in some areas of the world, such as the state of Colorado (United States), the consumption of cannabis seeds for recreational purposes has been legalized, that is, smoking for the simple fact of hanging out and laughing.

Therefore online dispensary shipping worldwide PayPal, many doctors are in favor of people with specific diseases (cancer, fibromyalgia …) consuming this drug. The same argument is used by some high-performance athletes who admit to using cannabis before or after their workouts. Some studies have affirmed that cannabis can even help improve performance in some sports. From these investigations, it can be deduced that the consumption of cannabis helps in relaxing muscles, reducing anxiety, eliminating fears or memories of failure, motivating athletes, and obtain better results.

The relationship between cannabis and sport has always brought a lot of controversies. A stereotype that has been disappearing periodically in recent years is causing the World Anti-Doping Agency to open the door to the legality of its consumption among athletes. One of the best-known effects of marijuana is that it mitigates pain.

Cannabis helps Physical relaxation

While physical relaxation and happiness are some of the most widespread effects, it is also known that this drug (like any other substance) does not affect everyone equally or to the same degree. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for these effects as it is the main compound found in cannabis. When consumed, it is transported through the bloodstream directly to the brain and kratom headache. It is absorbed by receptors that are also activated when our body secretes a natural cannabinoid (or better expressed, endocannabinoid) such as anandamide. In this way, the substance becomes part of the neural communication system, directly affecting the effects listed above.

Some studies have also found that there is a close relationship between physical activity and endocannabinoid secretion to the point where researchers claim that the stable condition of some people may be because their bodies do not manufacture enough endocannabinoids. Starting from our ancestors, who ran long distances to hunt animals and feed, we conclude that the reward system has integrated and used endocannabinoids to “reward us” when we perform high physical activity.

However, this does not mean that it is possible to smoke marijuana before or during a sports competition, since THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive principle of cannabis, remains among the AMA prohibitions. CBD does not act as a physical performance enhancer, does not pose a health risk, or violate sportsmanship.

Final Thoughts:

CBD is not psychoactive and is obtained through the extraction of the marijuana flower. This compound has a long list of beneficial effects for humans. Simply put, CBD is the ‘good’ part of cannabis, and the one without the result makes you feel high. It is common among multiple sclerosis patients to combat spasticity (contracted muscles) and is also used as a cancer treatment. Several world-renowned athletes use it as a treatment for pain or inflammation and in the recovery process. Besides, studies have shown that it allows you to inhale more air into the lungs and increase resistance.

Written by Kathy Cooley