(Last Updated On: November 18, 2021)

“Just as the practice of medicine and other health professions has evolved to be based on evidence, Cannabis Science is fairly evaluating different treatment options using the most current scientific research available,” said President & CEO of Cannabis Science Raymond C. Dabney. “Dr. Rob Silver is a credible voice in this debate, providing a sensible technique for delivering safe relief without the adverse effects associated with some medications.”

Dr. Silver agrees that more clinical studies are needed before doctors can safely recommend cannabis-based therapies to their patients. “Many medical professionals have successfully used THC or CBD in their practices for many years,” he says, “but formal data is still being generated on their efficacy and safety.”

What do experts say? 

Dr. Silver points out that with roughly 100 million Americans living with chronic pain, 66% of those affected being women, there is a tremendous need to find safe relief options.”The public’s perception about medical cannabis is starting to change,” he says, “and I believe this study will help spur more research into how it can be used as an effective treatment.”

As for cancer patients like Linda LeGere (a resident of Long Island), she is encouraged by the promise offered by Cannabis Science and their expanded product line.  She now takes several medications per day, costing the family nearly $400 every month in out-of-pocket expenses.  

Prescribed Opioids

Despite using prescribed opioids for her pain management needs (having failed numerous other conventional therapies), she is hopeful that medical marijuana will soon be available to people who need it in New York.

“I wish I could live long enough to see the day when every state has a Medical Cannabis program,” said Legere, “so that nobody else has to suffer from this disease.”

To learn more about the new education initiative for medical professionals, The company will also hold a series of Webinars on May 19th and 20th with renowned physicians and researchers from the international scientific community who are critical voices in this emerging field.

These educational webinars can be attended by anyone interested in learning more about how new discoveries on cannabinoids may impact human health, especially as it relates to pain management and opiate drug addiction.

So did you read about the benefits of medical marijuana? Whether it is for pain relief or cancer patients, cannabis has health benefits without any serious side effects.  It’s no wonder that many people are excited about the new developments in Cannabis and research and product development initiatives due to their many benefits.  If you are interested in medical marijuana and buying weed online look for the best resources. 

You can discover what else Cannabis and science have in store for the industry. Keep a tab on new happenings and read regularly updated news, scientific efforts, product reviews, and how to get involved with this growing industry. If you are interested in knowing more about the innovations, be updated about the events and happenings. There are several resources to help you with this and give you the information necessary. 

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Written by Kathy Cooley