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Let’s face it: Ending up with the wrong vaporizer could put some of your hard-earned money to waste. And choosing a device just because it’s affordable doesn’t always mean it’s a steal.

So, what’s the best way to get closer to what you really want?

Our experts put together an amazingly comprehensive guide to buying a new vaporizer you’ll love!

Here’s the first step:

Take a little time to arm yourself with the most important information in choosing the best vaporizer. Let our complete guide give you everything you need to know so you’d help yourself really lay out your needs.

Looking the best vape for medical cannabis? Or how about a vape pen that offers more intense flavors for your recreational pleasure?

At Smokazon.com, we offer you the ultimate one-stop shop of all the most popular vaporizers in the vaping world. All of our vaporizer reviews are made by our vapor experts. We ensure fair analysis of each device by sharing with you, our readers both the pros and cons, plus our overall opinion on the product. We would not want to see you regret purchasing a product just because of false positive reviews, although we acknowledge that each user experience is unique. Our end goal is to see you happy with whatever product you purchase. 

Top vaporizer for 2017

Click on each category to obtain more information and some helpful tips for choosing the one that fits your lifestyle. Are you the outdoor type? Or does vaping with friends indoors define your social routine? Get to know which one is best for you by scrolling down.

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desktop-vaporizer - buying new vaporizer

The Best Vaporizer for 2017 

Check out the best vaporizers for each essential category!

Best Vaporizer
Where To Buy
Overall Best Vaporizer
DaVInci IQ Vaporize
Best For Dry Herbs
Mighty Vaporizer
Shop Mighty Vaporizer
Best Vaporizer Pen
Atmos Boss Vaporizer
Best For Waxy Oil
SToK This Thing Rips R2 Series
Shop SToK R2 Series
Best Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer
Best For Groups
Vapir Rise 2.0
Best For Travellers
Vapium Summit Plus
Best For Beginners
Atmos RX

Overall Best Vaporizer


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci IQ - Buying new vaporizer

From the makers of the original DaVinci and Ascent vaporizers comes the new IQ. After years of hard work and research, the designers came up with what they believe answers the issues vaping connoisseurs have with older designs. First on the drawing table is the ceramic zirconia air path that helps keep your vapor clean and pure. We’ve never seen many vapes using this feature, so we predict excellent results mean excellent sales for this newcomer.

Another notable feature of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer are the four temperature settings. This lets you customize the IQ according to your temperature preference. And because smartphones have never been so common everywhere, the DaVinci IQ lets you download its app for that Bluetooth integration. This gives you full control of your device, including powering it on or off. How cool is that? Perhaps this cool feature makes the older portable vapes look outdated, and perhaps this cool new vape lives true to our expectation as the number one vape for 2017.

Best For Beginners


Atmos RX Vaporizer

Atmos Rx - Buying new vaporizer As always, the Atmos RX carries on its legacy as one of the top vaporizers for years. It has been our bestselling vape since its first release. It’s easy-to-use parts, and no-fuss performance was one of the sought-after qualities the time it was released. All you need was to screw the battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece together after filling the herbs to start vaping.

The Atmos RX does have exposed heating coils. This may have been an issue with some users concerned about smoke, but if you love the denser flavor from your herbs make your vaping experience more intense and savored all the way. But if your primary concern is getting just pure vapors, there are always rightful alternatives such as the Atmos Boss vaporizer.

With all these simple features, we have every reason to keep the Atmos RX in our list of top vaporizers, and this goes on for 2017!

Best Desktop Vaporizer


Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer - buying new vaporizer When it comes to desktop vaporizers, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer remains at the top spot. Yes, it is one of the most expensive aromatherapy devices out there, but for excellent reasons. For one, the excellent vapor quality is something that simply stands out from the competition. Thanks to the Aluminum heater core that ensures even heating of your herbs or concentrates. For the digital model, the precise temperature control allows you to choose your desired temp at the most precise setting.

The quality German engineering of the Volcano vaporizer does even more than just let you vape those excellent flavors. The presence of an internal fan inside the Volcano means effortless draws when you turn this feature on. But the biggest use of the internal fan is to store vapors inside a plastic bag called the “balloon.” So why use this contraption? If you prefer moving around your home, you can easily inhale those precious vapors away from your desktop Volcano vaporizer. Also, the balloon proves useful when you prefer cooler vapor for the more comfortable vaping experience.

If the price is not an issue, the Volcano is a must-have for all connoisseurs. Any vapor expert would highly recommend the Volcano vaporizer because of its excellent vapor quality, durability, and functionality.

Best Pen Vaporizer


Atmos Boss

The Atmos Boss dry herb vaporizer features an embedded heating element to keep your ground vaping material from combusting. The result? Zero smoke. Pure flavors. Pure pleasure.


What’s Your Budget?


$50 and Below

You can start off with the most affordable concentrates vaporizers yet be surprised with how good the vapor quality!

The SToK R Series Vaporizer comes first on the list, with an irresistibly low price of $49.99. We applaud this vaping device for waxy oils for its powerful ceramic heating element that consistently performs well to give you excellent vapor quality from your thick concentrates. The polycarbonate tank is as durable as glass but is lighter and doesn’t break easily. This gives the SToK added durability and reduced weight.

If you’re into oils and e-juice, here’s another option. The Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer ($49.95) is another budget vaporizer under the $50 category.  This all-black vape comes with a glass chamber that sports gradations to help you measure what’s left inside the tank with ease. The Optimus works best for lose concentrates such as oils and e-juice. And the battery life? Yes, you can vape for hours with the Optimus 510.

From $51 to $100

The Atmos RX ($69.99) tops our list for this price range. For the last two years, the Raw has been our best selling vaporizer pen because of its simple, easy-to-use body and discreet design. Just screw the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and battery together, and this unit is ready to use. The single button does all the job of locking/unlocking the device, as well as activating the heating element. The Atmos Raw is so easily to clean and maintain too. Also, using oils with the Raw is also possible. Simply purchase the oil attachment, and you can switch the herb chamber with this contraption. Then you can start vaping oils.

If you want a more compact version of the Atmos Rx, we have it here too. The Atmos Junior Vaporizer ($49.99) promises the same vapor quality but comes in a smaller, more lightweight body. On the outside, there isn’t really anything much difference between the two models in terms of design. The scaled-down physical size has more to do with the shorter battery. This means shorter vaping sessions too in between recharge periods. But if you’re on a budget, this is the way to enjoy your herbs or concentrates without too much commitment.

Still, a fan of compact concentrates vaporizers? The Micro G-Pen Vaporizer by Grenco Science does come in a small package. But be surprised with its performance with its pleasant vapor quality from your thick concentrates. The matte black exterior keeps it super discreet. Yet inside is a powerful heating coil to give off that clean vapor from your oily waxes.

Check out our other vaporizer pens that fit this price range at Smokazon.

From $101 to $200

Higher prices usually mean better vaping experience. And when it comes to experiencing premium flavors from top-notch vape pens, the Atmos Boss Vaporizer ($99) comes first on the list. It’ the unique design of the Boss that makes it well-known for giving off true vapors. Inside, an embedded heating element does not come in direct contact with dry herbs. This way, no combustion takes place. And that’s important if you wish to use marijuana for medical reasons.

If you prefer something more powerful with bolder flavors, the Atmos R2 vaporizer ($118.95) might be the perfect fit. The anodized heating element always results in hotter temperatures, vaporizing your herbs or waxes most effectively. The larger battery means longer vaping sessions too.

Portable Vaporizers

Our blog at Smokazon has just recently featured the top 10 portable vaporizers for 2017. We’ve come up with the rankings based on performance, vapor quality, and design. But of course, if the budget remains your defining factor to help you choose your vape, here are our top picks:

From $50 to $100

Generally, portable vaporizers come with better features. But with this comes the higher price. The most affordable: the K-Vape ($99.95) and the G-Pro Herbal ($89.95) Vaporizers, which come with identical designs and functionality. Both units sport three preset temperature settings, promising convection vaping process. This means zero combustion and healthier vapors. For beginners, you can start off with the lowest setting for milder flavors and subtle effects. Then you can gradually move up to levels 2 and 3 for stronger flavors later on.

From $101 to $200

For this price range, the first vaporizer that goes right at the top of our list is the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer ($119.95). No, it doesn’t have the advanced features such as temperature controls. But this vaporizer has become very popular because of its very simple design. Made of some special wood, the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer doesn’t even have a single switch. To use it, just insert the battery after loading up the herbs, and you’re ready to go. How simpler could it get than this?

On the more high-end side is the Vapir NO2 V2  ($149.99) portable vaporizer. This powerhouse features a very efficient heating chamber that vaporizes herbs using the principle of convection. With this, you can choose temperatures you like an accuracy of about 2 to 3 degrees. The battery’s removable. So you could always replace it with a new one by the time the old one wears out.

The next recommended vaporizer we highly recommend is the Wispr Vaporizer by Iolite ($199.99). Because this device is fueled by butane, you’ll never have to look for the nearest power outlet to charge the battery. As long as you have a butane tank handy, you can go on and on with the Wispr 2. It’s indeed a unique way to vape your dry herbs.

From $200 and Above

That ultimate vaping experience always comes with the ultimate vaporizer. Here, we’re talking about serious performance in terms of achieving premium vapor quality and product durability.

The first on our list is the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer ($189). With seven preset temperature settings, a glass stem for cleaner vapor path, and a ceramic heating chamber for pure vapors from your dry herbs, the Arizer Solo comes as the most practical choice if vapor quality and durability matter most to you. You can choose from two colors of silver or the most discreet black.

For really serious vaping, the Mighty vaporizer ($399.99) by German-based Storz and Bickel just goes outright with its excellent vapor quality. You can choose your sweet spot anywhere from 40 degrees Celsius to 210 degrees Celsius with just a touch of a button. This portable vaporizer, coated in durable plastic, comes a very discreet design too. Once the desired temperature is reached, it automatically vibrates to let you know you’re good to vape. So you won’t have to pay attention to the LED light especially when you want to vape discreetly in public.

If you find a Mighty vaporizer too expensive, you can go with a more affordable Crafty vaporizer ($339), still made by Storz and Bickel. There are no physical buttons to adjust the temperature. So you need a smartphone app to do so, and the device automatically connects to your mobile phone for heat adjustments. Without the app, the Crafty goes to a default temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

Desktop Vaporizer

If you don’t plan on taking your vaping sessions outside your home, go for desktop vapes. With these models, you’ll never have to worry about having not enough flavors or effects from your recreational or medical marijuana. Flavors just come in stronger.

From $50 to $100

Despite their larger size, you can still find desktop vape models under $100. The Easy Vape V5 Digital Vaporizer ($98.95) makes use of the ground glass technology for that hands-free vaping. You won’t have to cumbersomely hold your whip ever again because of hoe cleverly designed this vaporizer is. The Easy Vape V5 comes with a digital screen for accurate temperature reading. Plus, the device allows you to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of more or less 3 degrees.

From $100 to $200

In this price range, you’ll find high-quality desktop vaporizers that are designed to work as simple as possible. Now that’s hassle free vaping.

For this price range, the Arizer V-Tower ($189.99) vaporizer offers good vapor quality with just the simplest features a desktop vaporizer could provide. This compact desktop vaporizer features a ceramic heating element for pure flavors from your ground herbs. In terms of the end-user features, the V-Tower has buttons to set the temperature to your desired level, and the LCD conveniently offers accurate temperature readings. This device also comes with a glass bowl just in case you wish to use it for diffusing the scent from your potpourri.

Another vaporizer that closely competes with the V-Tower is Da Buddha vaporizer ($189.99). This simple vape also features a powerful heating element. But unlike the V-Tower, the DaBuddha desktop vape comes with an analog dial for temperature control. So there’s no need for any LED display. The biggest selling point of the DaBuddha is the ground glass technology it uses for that hands-free vaping experience.

$201 to $250

As we go higher with our budget, we see more vaporizers with advanced features and really great craftsmanship.

The Arizer Extreme Q ($199) Vaporizer comes first on our list. If you’re looking for a desktop model that could do what the Volcano vaporizer does, this is the best option for you. Not only does it support a whip (plastic or silicon tube through which you inhale the vapor), but it also comes with an internal fan system to force vapor out. This proves useful when using to inflate the balloon ( the plastic bag that can hold vapor) for cooler vapors and semi-portability while inside your home.

The next best thing is the Herbalaire H2.2 vaporizer ($249.99). This Canadian-made device does the same wonders of inflating a balloon and being a great device for easy vaping with a whip. Unlike the Extreme Q, the H2.2 sports a dial for temperature adjustment. You can choose from the lowest temperature setting of 121°C (250°F) to the maximum, at 205°C (400°F).

For better versatility and functionality, the Vapir Rise 2.0 ($249.99) is simply one of a kind. Yes, it’s a forced-air vaporizer too. But it also comes with a multi-user adapter. This contraption makes it possible to attach up to four whips. How’s that for vaping with friends at home?

$251 and Above

Then comes the “best vaporizer in the world.” The Volcano desktop vaporizer ($479) may be one of the most expensive vaping devices, but it’s a sure winner with its superb vapor quality. The aluminum heating element means faster and more even heat distribution. Plus, the digital version allows you to choose the specific temperature of your choice. Yes, your sweet spot.

Ever wonder what could possibly outshine the Volcano? It’s the Herbalizer Vaporizer ($599). This device can be your vaping unit, and at the same time, be used for aromatherapy with its internal fan system. The clamshell shape so cleverly designs that it even has “secret” compartments where you can hide your vaping materials. From concentrates to herbs, any material will do for this device. This is made possible because of the halogen heating element. And already, many of our customers say that the vapor quality you experience with the Herbalizer is even better than the Volcano. The only drawback is the very high price tag. But if the price isn’t an issue, the Herbalizer is truly worth it all.

If you want to know more about our desktop vaporizers, here’s our complete list.


Here are some pros and cons of each vaping material: Traditionalists and purists seeking recreational or medical marijuana always choose dry herbs over concentrates. But since the legalization of recreational marijuana in many states, we’ve seen more of these concentrates and other cannabis derivatives in circulation already. So which one works best for you?

Dry Herb Cannabis

Vaping dry herbs are the most popular way of using marijuana. Others may still prefer smoking, but if you’re into clean and pure vapors mostly for medical reasons, there’s no better and faster way to reap the benefits of cannabis than by using a vaporizer. And vaping dry herbs is still the fastest, most convenient choice.

Active compounds from dry herbs vaporize much faster when the material is very dry and finely ground. Moisture could result in uneven distribution of heat. Also, larger pieces of herbs have the uneven surface area, leaving other parts partially vaporized; hence, the waste of part of your botanicals.

For beginners, dry herb vaping is the usual way to go. The lower amount of THC dosage per gram of cannabis means you can work your way to discovering your personal dosage.

To date, the most popular dry herb vaporizers have been the Atmos RX for the pen category and the K-Vape Vaporizer ($99.95) for the portables.

Wax and Waxy Oils

These types of concentrates are the reasons why you can have cheaper pen-style vaporizers and still experience the same effects as the herbs. It is because concentrates — hence the term — hold a higher amount of THC per gram. So you don’t need a powerful heating coil and bigger heating chamber (as for dry herbs) to vaporize waxes.

The nature of waxes means you can get big effects from small quantities. And the biggest advantage you’d perhaps enjoy is cheaper vapes. After all, the heating element doesn’t have to be that powerful to vaporize the material. But one disadvantage though is that it would be easier for you to miscalculate the dosage. This could lead you to inadvertently vaporize more THC than what you actually need.

The cheapest vape you could get for your wax or waxy oil is the SToK R Series Vaporizer. Imagine this: For just less than $50, you get a vaporizer that offers good vapor quality and can easily compete those that cost more than $100.


If you happen to have an e-cigarette and wish to try concentrates, oils are the best way to go. You can replace e-juice with this type of loose concentrate and enjoy the effects of THC and other of your oil. As we’ve mentioned regarding waxes, oils also contain a concentrated amount of THC. Thus a few drops are enough to experience those effects, whether recreational or medical.

For starters, try the Atmos Optimus 510. This vaporizer sports a wick chamber made of glass. For easy handling, the glass cartridge features gradation marks. This makes it easy for you to know how much oil concentrate you still have for vaping.


Are you the sporty type or just the kind that loves the outdoors? Are you downright busy at work and just lack time to sit down and have a quality vaping session with friends? You might want to try vaporizer pens to help you get those cannabis benefits on the fly. Vaporizer pens such as the Atmos RX and G-Pen Herbal heats up quickly — about 3-5 seconds — and gives you good quality vapors in an instant. The Rush-Hour, Outdoor Vaping Type

Vape pens come with rechargeable lithium battery. In fact, some even sport USB chargers to make it easier for you to find a plug to which you can charge the battery. The Atmos RX, for example, can last for about 15 minutes of continuous vaping (assuming that you press the power button continuously). In reality, you’d be intermittently vaping. That means the RX can last for hours before the next recharge time.

The Outdoor, Vaping-With-Friends Type

You might not find yourself at home most of the time. But you often visit your friends and have some quality vaping time with them in private. That means you still need a portable vaporizer with you. But this time, go for the larger portable vapes with larger heating chamber and battery. This gives you the confidence of having a really excellent portable device that you can use for both medical or recreational reasons.

Sure, vapor pens still serve their purpose well, but portable models come with advanced features such as temperature control settings. This results in better quality vapor and flavors you can adjust — your sweet spot.

The most popular portable vaporizers are the Arizer Solo and the DaVinci Vaporizers. While the Arizer offers seven pre-set temperature settings, the DaVinci allows you to choose specific heat level with increments of one degree.

The Comfy-At-Home Vaping Type

If you’re into easy vaping right at home and are into superb quality vapors, we always recommend desktop vaporizers. The smaller heating chambers of pens and portables may give you limited puffs and a few constrained flavors, but desktops are always the winning choice. These devices have large is heating chambers and are equipped with heating elements that allow convection type heating mechanism. As always, convection always results in better vapor quality over conduction.

Almost all desktop vaporizers do not require a battery, that means they only work when charging to the power outlet. This means unlimited vaping sessions for as long as the device is connected to the power supply.

Most desktop vaporizers come with higher price tags. But you can get one below $100. The Easy Vape Digital desktop vaporizer ($98.95) comes with a dial control for temperature adjustment, plus a digital screen to give you the temp reading. The basic design already gives you satisfactory experience.

But if you want advanced features such as an internal forced-air system to support balloon inflating or really accurate temperature adjustments, you can choose the Volcano digital vaporizer ($599) or the Arizer Extreme Q ($199).


Have you decided which vaporizer might just work best for you? Here’s an infographic article regarding everything you need to know about vaporizers. It always pays to be well informed before you even shell out your hard-earned cash for a device that costs a few dollars to hundreds. After all, you deserve to have the best and nothing else.

Written by The Smokazon Team
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