(Last Updated On: August 2, 2016)

Other than recreational purpose, vaporizers should be taken seriously for its dynamic functions. Vaporizers in the modern day have been used for medical purpose. Countries like Israel and Canada have utilized these devices in order to deliver the proper healthcare to people dealing with pain and even cancer.

But of course, not all vaporizers are the same. There are vaporizers that don’t really fit the medical vaporizer category. In order to give you the best bang for your buck, here are five common mistakes consumers make in buying their ideal medical vaporizer.

1. Buying a vaporizer solely based on price

Budget, more than ever, is a big deal for many individuals today. However, this should never be the only thing you need to consider. In reality, if you spend on something not at par with your expectations, this could be a waste especially if you aim for a medical vaporizer.

If you will compare the vapor quality of cheap e-cigarettes or even portable vaporizers to high end vaporizers, the difference is quite obvious. You don’t want to stick to a device simply because of the price.

So how exactly are you going to at least save some money? You have to compare the price range from different online stores. Take advantage of discounted prices to get the best item with the money that you have. But of course, you have to be realistic about it.  Try to save up enough cash to have a few options.

2. Not reading or watching the reviews

Could you imagine how frustrating it is to find out for yourself that the device won’t live up to your expectations? Not only is it frustrating, it can also be considered a waste of money. The last thing you want is to purchase an item compulsively.

One of the best ways to determine the best medical vaporizer is to do a bit of research. Though you can read all about its specifications from the official website, it is a good idea to find out a thing or two about the item straight from seasoned vaping enthusiasts and reviewers. You can get an honest insight from some of the best blogs in the World Wide Web.

Here, you will be able to assess the vapor quality based on the palate of some of the most experienced vaping experts. It gives a medical cannabis user perspective on what makes a good device to purchase. Try to look into the item’s vapor quality, design, durability and how it compares with other products.

3. Not knowing the type of medical cannabis you are going to use

Another common mistake by users of medical vaporizers is to think that all strains of medical cannabis are the same. Do a bit of research regarding the strains and its contents. What type of cannabinoid and terpenes can be found in your medical cannabis?

THC, CBD and other types of cannabinoids have different optimal temperature for vaping. Make sure that the device could reach those temperatures. For smaller devices, it is a common problem to reach the desired temperature. In some instances, the devices burn the herbs because of the proximity of the herbs to the heat source.

To give you an idea, here are some of the most commonly found cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for their boiling points.

  • THC- 347°F to 352°F
  • CBD- 314.6°F
  • CBN- 320°F to 356°F
  • CBN- 365°F
  • Cannflavin A- 359.6°F
  • D-limonene- 350.6°F

To get the complete list of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoid boiling points, you can check the list here!

4. Getting only a desktop vaporizer

One of the most common mistakes of individuals using medical cannabis is to invest only on desk vaporizers. Desk vaporizers provide users with the best quality vapor, and yes it does have some accurate temperature controls. On the other hand, there will be times when you will need your dose of medical cannabis outside the comforts of your home.

In these instances, you will need to have a smaller vaporizer that you can bring anywhere. A small vaporizer should look discreet in order for you to avoid weird looks. But just the same as picking your desk vaporizer, always check the temperature control, durability and performance before deciding to purchase a handy vaporizer.

5. Investing on a low-end vaporizer temporarily

It is a common mistake among individuals using vaporizers to stick to a cheaper vaporizer for the mean time while they are saving up for their preferred vaporizer. This can be a bad and a good move. It is a good thing because you have something to use for the meantime. In contrast, it can be a bad idea because you have wasted your resources on something that you really do not want to use.

What you could do is to have a list of preferred vaporizers to use. Next, make sure to spend only once on one of these items. You can maximize opportunities during times when there’s a sale online. Next, it is also a good idea to rent vaporizers if possible.

A company in San Francisco has been offering the Volcano for rent. For those who can’t spend $700 on the vaporizer could now rent the device. Rental costs $35 on the first day and $15 on the succeeding days up to 3 days. For those who are going to rent for a week, they could spend $95 to get a taste of the Volcano for a week. It isn’t a bad deal after all especially for those who simply want to try using medical cannabis for their conditions.


Vaporizers are considered medical devices these days. Other than recreational use, these devices have the potential to help individuals with different conditions and ailments. But of course, not all vaporizers are the same. If you will just do your research, you’ll find out that there are vaporizers that actually cause combustion, defeating the purpose of its design.

Don’t think that these mistakes are only isolated cases for newbies. In fact, even long time cannabis users have committed these mistakes as well.

Have you had your share of blunders when buying vaporizers for medical purpose? Feel free to comment below.

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