Cheapest Vapes With the Best Quality Vapor
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2017)

Given the growing popularity and acceptance of cannabis, not to mention the desire of so many individuals to stay away from tobacco, vaporizers have gained leverage in the market these days.  Over the last few years, different variants of the vaporizers flooded the market in so many sizes and shapes. Whether you are using vaporizers for recreational or for medical purpose, vaporizers now come with so many benefits that are worth looking into.

Thanks to improved technology, vaporizers now come in different shapes, sizes, and even fancy features. But ask any vaping enthusiast, and he or she would most likely want to have the best vapor quality. Other considerations like the design, discreet finish and ease of use may just come next.

Regardless if it is a $100 or a $500 desk vaporizer, consumers would want to have the best vapor. Given their exposure to different types of vaporizers, what people want from manufacturers is the clean and flavorful draw.

But of course, you have to understand that improved technologies implemented by companies also require research and development, not to mention countless hours of testing. Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money for some companies. Consequently, some players are forced to increase their price in order to stay afloat in the industry.

There is a challenge in the industry to stay competitive with their price range, and vapor. Apart from outsourcing their production to China, some companies mass-produce their vaporizers in order to ensure the company’s survival.

Does Quality Vapor Go with an Expensive Price?

expensive price

Do you really need to spend a great amount of money if you wish to experience quality vapor? That is the most common question that each vape enthusiast needs to answer. Let’s look closely if this is a possibility.

Everyone wants to have the best vapor. But of course, the very first thing that you should consider is the kind of vaporizer that you are going to invest in. There are many vaporizers on the market that promise the best vapor. However, let’s agree that there is more fly by night vaporizer companies these days given the growth of the industry.

To clear the most common misconception even by long time vape enthusiasts, you don’t have to pay a hefty price tag in order to enjoy quality vapor. If you don’t have any plan of buying a new high-end vaporizer, there are products worth investing despite your tight budget.

Affordable Alternative Vaporizers

So what are the best vaporizers on the market today that you could purchase, minus the absurd price? These are some products that could change the way you look at your vaping experience.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha desktop vaporizer makes it to our list for its above-average vapor quality and a relatively low price for its kind. Compare that with other tabletop vaporizers like the Volcano or the Arizer Extreme Q, and you’ll see a huge difference in the price. But vapor quality-wise, you’d get similarly decent draws with Da Buddha.

The Da Buddha vaporizer sports a ceramic heating element, which is why vapors are clean, without any plastic or strange smell. Because of the absence of any internal fan or forced-air system (which is why its cheaper), this device belongs to the whip only category of desktop vapes. The ground-glass Da Buddha wand allows hands-free vaping, meaning that you won’t have to remove the glass connector from the heating element after each draw. The only setback we’ve noticed is the tendency of the connector to get a little hot after several minutes of continuous vaping. So, we recommend taking a few minutes off after every good session to bring the temperature back to comfortable levels. Or, you may lower the temperature setting while the glass wand is removed from the device.

Da Buddha vape follows a simplistic design, which makes the particular vaporizer stand out despite the tough competition in the niche. As we’ve mentioned earlier, its ceramic heating element makes this particular vaporizer well known for one of the purest vapor in the market today. If you are the type who is very particular about impurities that could get to your lungs, the signature ceramic heating elements and the glass pathway make Da Buddha a worth it investment. So how much is Da Buddha? For a $189 vaporizer, it is a budget desk vaporizer for the starting and long time vape enthusiasts alike.

Pros: The Da Buddha vaporizer is probably one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers you could buy without compromises on the vapor quality and durability. Plus, it offers hands-free vaping with the ground glass wand that connects to the whip.

Cons: The device gets a little too hot after connecting the whip to the heating element for too long. You might want to pause for a few minutes to cool the wand down to a more comfortable temperature.

Nancy Roberts

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DaVinci Vaporizer

Davinci quality vapor

How about a $135 portable vaporizer that supports precise vaping temperatures and can handle dry herbs and concentrates? Yes. That’s made possible with the DaVinci Vaporizer.

Measuring about 4 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide, this vaping device was built for discreet vaping with its walkie-talkie design. And you guessed it right: the antenna serves as the mouthpiece, while the body serves as the powerhouse where all the goodness exudes.

Handling the DaVinci portable vaporizer, you suddenly sense that solid feel with your grip. And the rubberized paint not only gives the outer body a matte look, but it also easily makes any scratches and stains invisible because of the non-glossy finish. But all the goodness, of course, runs deep inside this portable vape. The most recent releases of the DaVinci model now sport a magnetic compartment hinge to offer more convenience. The cap also opens about 25 percent wider for easy access to the bowls inside.

What makes the DaVinci worth the buy is the precise temperature control, which you can freely play with to get to your sweet spot. Talk about personalized vaping experience. And what we love about this feature is that you can freely choose lower heat levels if you find the flavors too strong. After all, judging the vapor quality of your vape can be a very subjective experience. But to make sure your vaping materials won’t reach or exceed the burning point, make sure you choose temperatures below 390°F. For beginners or for those who prefer just moderate flavors, an ideal temperature ranging from 320°F to 360°F would already offer decent vapors. In other words, take advantage of this great feature without having to spend for a more expensive vaporizer.

The DaVinci vaporizer takes about 45 seconds to heat up, and that’s about average among others in the same category of portable vaporizers.

Pros: The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer is the winning choice if you do not see yourself spending a fortune for a single vape. Yet at a price of only $134.99, you get a bigger vape with a bigger chamber, temperature controls, true vapors and a discreet design for excellent outdoor vaping experience. Of course, vapor quality suits well according to your temperature preference, hence making the DaVinci vape part of our list.

Cons: During prolonged vaping, the device gets a little too hot to the touch especially the area near the ventilation section. Also, a longer battery life would seem a necessary improvement for the DaVinci, falling just a tad below average when it comes to battery life.

Nancy Roberts

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Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q quality vapor

At $239, you might wonder why we included the Extreme Q in this list of cheap vaporizers with great vapor quality. It’s because with the existence of the relatively expensive vaporizers with the same features, such as the Volcano vaporizer — and now, the Herbalizer with a whopping $729 price tag — buying the Extreme Q would definitely look like a walk in the park.

There is already a couple of Extreme Q versions that came out in the market over the last few years. This is due to the success of Arizer in making a good starter vaporizer. The price ranges from $230 to $299 depending on where you look.

In contrast to the high-end vaporizers in the market, the Extreme Q is relatively cheaper. A desk vaporizer known for its multitasking ability, the Extreme Q allows you to shift between a whip and a balloon. This is made possible by the forced-air system inside — much like what the Volcano and Herbalizer offers. Known for producing thick and dense vapor, this device serves as an alternative by those vaping connoisseurs who can’t afford to buy both the balloon and the whip vaporizers.

But what sets this vaporizer apart from the other desktop models, it’s the remote control that allows you to operate the device from a distance. Yes, at this low price, the Extreme Q still manages to pull off something that even the most expensive vape doesn’t have! This may seem too fancy but proves useful still especially when using the vaporizer as an aromatherapy device. The Extreme Q comes with a glass bowl too, which you can attach on top of the device and serve as a handy container for your favorite potpourri for that wonderful scent inside your home.

To get the best experience from the get go, it is highly suggested that you heat up the vaporizer initially for 15 to 30 minutes once you unboxed your brand new Extreme Q. According to those who did this practice, the vapor was definitely different compared to other recently unboxed Extreme Q units immediately for vaping. When you use the whip, you could even get more vapor when you turn on the fan of the Extreme Q. Using the remote control, everything is automated during your session.

Pros: The Arizer Extreme Q can support both the whip and the balloon, much like what the Volcano and Herbalizer offer — at a much lower price!

Cons: Although the Extreme Q does give off great flavors, perhaps Arizer could still improve the quality just a bit. And when this happens, there’s almost no reason why you’d still choose the more expensive desktop vapes available.

Nancy Roberts

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Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic flight with quality vapor

Another vaporizer that caught our attention as a great alternative to other expensive portable vaporizers is the Magic Flight Launch Box. This device is one of the few vaporizers that are still being made in the United States.  At just $119.95, and with a rather simplistic wooden-box look, this device may seem a little too basic. But not to underestimate the MFLB as many enthusiasts attest to its great vapor quality, despite the little inconvenience of inserting the battery before every draw.

Available in walnut, maple, and cherry, this battery-operated vaporizer is a simplistic design for a high-quality product. As long as the user grinds the herbs finely, and only engage the battery of the Magic Flight Launch Box within 5-10 seconds, expect the highest quality vapor.

What makes this piece of vaporizer a great tool for those who are on a budget? To operate the Magic Flight Launch Box, you only need .01 grams of your dry herbs. Though you don’t rely on this vaporizer for long-term use, this provides a quick and affordable fix. Based on the feedback from most vape enthusiasts, Magic Flight Launch Box is a product that surpasses expectations.

Pros: The Magic Flight Launch Box is perhaps the simplest portable vaporizer you can find with great performance despite its basic features. Because of the removable battery, you can switch the used one with a recharged one in no time, allowing continuous vaping anytime, anywhere.

Cons: Working with dry herbs can be quite a bit of a mess with the MFLB. Also, the absence of a switch button means you need to insert the battery to power the device then remove the battery again when not vaping.

Nancy Roberts

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How to maximize the quality of vapor within your budget?

In case you don’t have the budget for a $500 vaporizer, you could always be a wise consumer instead. For instance, you want to check the quality of the vapor produced by the vaporizer. Checking the testimonials, for instance, is a good way to have an idea whether or not the vaporizer is going to meet your expectations or not.

Also, try to see how the vaporizer heats up the herbs.  Why is this a crucial consideration in order to find the right vaporizer? The manner which the vaporizer heats the herbs will somehow affect its taste. For instance, does it have a glass pathway? If so, this can influence the quality of the vaporizer that you draw.

Of course, you have to understand that quality vapor can also come from the right temperature. Aside from the temperature, it is also important to read the instruction coming from the company to have an idea how to properly operate the vaporizer. Though there are a bunch of tips online on how they used the particular vaporizer, you still have to consider the instruction to be the most ideal option of using the vaporizer.

Of course, pay attention to the manual to know how exactly the vape works, or just how the way your herbs are prepared could slightly alter your vaping experience. For example, using roughly or unevenly grounded herbs or those with too much moisture could produce lesser flavors because moisture or the uneven surface area of the vaping material results in underexposure in some parts of the herb and overexposure to heat in other parts.

Also, cleaning the vaporizer regularly could significantly improve your overall experience. In this particular practice, this guarantees that you are getting pure vapor instead of residues from your previous vaping session. Residues could change the overall taste of vapor. Also, it is a good idea to try to use the vaporizer according to the suggestion of the company.

Other than cleaning the vaporizer, there are some creative hacks that you could do based on your vaping habit. You could try to make sure that you are hydrated when using the vaporizer. Vaping can make your tongue dry, and therefore could reduce your sense of taste and smell.

Last but not the least, you should also look at the inferior designs that have proliferated in the vaporizer market. What is an example of an inferior design? For instance, if you have a small vaporizer that makes the herbs almost in contact with the heating element, this could burn the herbs, not to mention could even include burnt electronics and other parts that shouldn’t be consumed.


Being a knowledgeable vaping enthusiast puts you in an advantageous situation towards maximizing your vaping experience. From choosing the right type of vaporizer despite a limited budget to maximizing the longevity of your vaporizer by being a wise vape enthusiast, these small things could add up and make a huge difference in the long run.

Could you imagine having another choice but to purchase a Volcano? Though the Volcano is the gold standard in the vaping world, not everyone has the ability to buy this piece vaporizer. With the help of the Internet reviews and experience in using other products in the past, it is possible to get the right type of product out there.

In fact, not only expect the best vaping experience, but you could even save a lot of money. Because of the presence of underrated vaporizers, not to mention those with questionable authenticity, it would certainly pay to trust only legitimate manufacturers and resellers of these vaporizers.

At, we offer only authentic products from the original manufacturers to ensure that we don’t compromise the quality of vaporizers and accessories we offer. It is important to note that the one important characteristic that to could likely be compromised when choosing fake or very cheap vaporizers is vapor quality. When it comes to protecting your heart, never mind the other fancy features like the design, color or how cool the device looks. It’s always what gets into your system that’s critical.

With the vaporizers we’ve mentioned, you’re sure to enjoy good quality vapors without the hefty price tags. Happy vaping!

Written by Nancy Roberts