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(Last Updated On: January 2, 2017)

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Boost Vaporizer by Dabber is a great device that you could invest in, especially if you are into wax concentrates. It is the perfect device especially for people who are using the medical marijuana for different conditions.

The Good/ Dr. Dabber known in the industry for providing some of the finest portable vaporizers for wax concentrates. Recognized for its award-winning products such as the Ghost vaporizer pen. This time around, Dr. Dabber is back with the Boost Vaporizer. Boost is a portable vaporizer that has been getting the attention of many vape enthusiasts.

Unlike other vaporizers that have taken different odd shapes, Dr. Dabber designed the Boost loyal to what a dab rig looks like. The vaporizer includes glass components that make vaping waxy concentrates fun and appealing.

Unlike other vaporizers, this device can also give users a decent amount of time vaping.  It also utilizes a temperature control that has zero risks of combustion. In terms of warranty, the device is covered by Dr. Dabber for a year. It is also known for its huge cloud vapor. It also has a decent startup time to operate fully.

The Bad/ There are some bad things about the product that users should also take notice. For instance, Boost manufacture in China and over the years, Chinese manufacturers known for substandard work in the vaping industry. Also, it contains Teflon which could be potentially toxic to humans.

Next, you also have the shape and design of the vaporizer. It is not exactly discreet considering its appearance as a smaller version of a dab rig.

If you are looking for a device that requires minimal cleaning, this is not the device that you want to have. It is imperative that you clean the device regularly to ensure the best quality vapor. However, it is worth mentioning that Dr. Boost already changed the glass component to lessen clogging and minimize cleaning. 

The Bottomline/ Boost Vaporizer by Dabber is a great device that you could invest in, especially if you are into wax concentrates. It has been known in the industry for its high-quality vapor, not to mention a decent number of draws once fully charged. The Boost is the perfect device especially for people who are using the medical marijuana for different conditions.  Though it is portable, you just can’t hide it in your wallet. The Boost vaporizer is a bit bigger than most pen vaporizers out there. Also, it has a bit of contraption that doesn’t make the device discreet.

What’s New

One of the things that you would love about Boost is its water filtration system. It has been integrated by Dr. Boost to mimic the dabbing experience exactly how it should be. It is one of those rare vaporizers that also don’t utilize multiple temperature options. However, despite the one heat setting of the device, it guarantees no combustion on your sessions. The updated version of Boost has two heat settings, not to mention an improved glass design.

It is also guaranteed to dab high-quality full melts. Unlike most portable devices that may have limited functionality, Boost gives end users a decent performance for different concentrates.

Design and Performance

In terms of design, it is a portable dab rig. For someone who is into concentrate, this is considered a must have. In addition to its one of a kind design, the device does not have that many parts which make it simple to understand and assemble.

The vaporizer comes with a ceramic nail that you can place at the bottom. The nail covers the heating element on the device which heats up when it is turned on. 

In terms of performance, it produces tasty and flavorful vapor. It is also efficient considering its simplified design and operations. It produces thick clouds with just minimal concentrates. In terms of dabbing, it is considered a low-temperature device.

To get the best results, you may try to pre-heat the device especially if you have not used it in a while. 

You con attach the glass component which designed to hold water. Dr. Dabber has updated the glass design with no clogging issues whatsoever. They have also included a loading tool and a cap which all comes in handy when using the device.

Portability and Discreetness

Boost is not exactly the device that you want to use in public. Unlike pen vaporizers that you can simply use and could even mimic the look of other gadgets, this is not the case with the Boost. Dr. Dabber’s designed the Boost as a miniaturized dab rig. Therefore, it is something that you will still most likely use in the comfort of your home.

However, of course, you can always take it outdoors as well. You can use it in places without an energy supply. With a decent battery to power the device for 50 and even 60 draws.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality for the Boost is superb. According to its user manual, the temperature runs around 500°F to 600°F max. Aside from the tasty vapor that you get from the device, it can also handle different types of concentrates. For $200, it can compete with some of the best devices out there. It produces quality dabbing solution especially to individuals who are using the device for medical purpose. Boost is an efficient device that maximizes what your wax can offer.

How to use the Boost vaporizer

#1: Charge the Boost Vaporizer battery.

#2: Once you have charged the battery, assemble the glass into the device. You want to be gentle when attaching the glass since there is a risk of breaking this piece of the vaporizer.

The glass could hold water.

#3: Once you have it set up, you can load the concentrates into the device and place the cap to get the best vapor.

#4: You have the option to pre-heat the device especially if you prefer the warmer vapor.

#5: Using the loading tool, you can place your concentrates and put the cap.

#6: It only needs three clicks, and you are ready to go.

#7: Enjoy Vaping!

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