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Aside from coffee and donut, there’s no better pair than good vape and a good weed grinder.

Weed grinders have grown popular over the years thanks to the booming cannabis industry in different parts of the world.

For you, the cannabis connoisseur, there’s no better way to start 2017 than buying a new weed grinder that can be paired with your vaporizer to enhance your vaping experience.  

However, New weed grinders seem to hit the market regularly, while this can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming having so many options and price points to choose from.

If you are new to the vaping world you might be wondering:

What the hell is a weed grinder?

Weed grinder is a small device that grinds different kinds of plant material ranging from cannabis to herb to tobacco. Depending on the design of the weed grinder, it has 1 or more compartments and materials typically made of acrylic, metal or wood.

Best Weed Grinders

At Smokazon, we offer some of the best weed grinders that you’ll see on the market today. Since we know that different users have different needs, we’ve come up with a list of the best weed grinders for 2017. 

For this list, we divide them into categories, and we grade each grinder by multiple different factors:

Performance, Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, and Price.

The categories listed below for the best weed grinder are as follows: 

Best Overall Grinder, Best Value Grinder, Best Quality Grinder, Best Fine Grinder, Best Travel Grinder, and Best Stealth Grinder. You can read an explanation for each category here.

We’ve also included a full review for each herb grinder under the table made by our in-house grinder experts.

Read on to discover our best weed grinder pick for each category! You can either skip to your favorite grinder using these table or grab a vape, get comfy and keep scrolling!

Best Weed Grinder
Where To Shop
Best Overall Grinder
Kannstor Grinder
$17 to $98
Best Value Grinder
Space Case Grinder
$25 to $199
Best Quality Grinder
Mama P's Grinder
$150 to $250
Best Travel Grinder
Aerospaced grinder
Best Fine Grinder

Santa Cruz Grinder
$23 to $87
Best Stealth Grinder
Grinder Card
$6 to $12

Best Overall Weed Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Cleaning/maintenance, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

Kannastor Grinder 

Best weed GrindersThe Kannastor Grinder is your type of herb grinder engineered to make grinding weed easy and efficient. In terms of material used, the manufacturer invested in aerospace technology in making this particular product. Therefore, if you are considering a grinder with a highly durable design, this is the way to go.

A bit cheaper than most grinders within its class, this makes the Kannastor grinder our top pick among consumers.

It has an efficient design that lets you avoid problems such as pollen and resin that stick to the grinding teeth. And because of this, it also makes maintenance quite a breeze. It also has a replaceable screen which helps prevent hard maintenance concerns. The 4-piece version measures 2.5 inches, while there is also the full 8-piece grinder under its GR8TR line.

Upon unboxing the Kannastor Grinder, you’ll notice its sleek and minimalist design. It also allows you to peek how much herb you have since it has been actually as a clear jar unlike other herb grinders in the market.

It has a screw in the mechanism that gives you the option whether to produce a coarse grind or a finer grind depending on what you actually prefer on your vaporizer. In terms of performance, the Kannastor Grinders can ground the herb just enough that the herbs don’t also burn too quickly once you started vaping.

What stands out the most on the Kannastor grinder is its grinding compartment’s aluminum teeth found in the lid and the bottom. It efficiently takes your material into smaller pieces. It is also worth mentioning that the screen has the right sized holes that allow the crystals to pass. 

If you’ve felt frustrated about cleaning your grinder, then this isn’t an issue when using the Kannastor grinder. All you need to do is to replace the screen, and you are all set. You’ll just need screen pliers to remove or replace the screen.

So what are the things that you might not like about this grinder? Though it serves the great use for the pickiest vaping enthusiasts, it can be a quite complicated especially for someone who is quite new to vaping. The more compartments you prefer on Kannastor Grinders, the more complicated it could get. 

Full Kannastor Review             Shop Kannastor Grinders

Best Grinder For Money

Based on: Performance, Probability, Easy of use, Price.

Space case grinder

6-space-case-best weed grinders Considered by some critics as the Bentley of grinders, Space Grinders is one of the oldest names in the business. Made of aerospace aluminum and titanium coated, this device is considered as a standout in the market. Since made of high-quality material, this device can also withstand fall and will not get scratched or get damaged easily.

One notable feature of the Space Case grinder is its Strong Magnetic Lids. This means that the lid stays on and for a good reason. It allows the buds to stay in place, and avoid wastes. And though there’s a magnet, it still allows free spinning thanks to its thread design.

Space Case grinder also has sharp teeth that grind the whole herbs finely. It is because of its sharp diamond teeth that allow users to slice through the thickest herbs that you can find. Unlike other products that no longer perform well after a few years, you can guarantee that the Space Case grinder’s teeth remain sharp even if it is frequently used.

The Space Case Grinder can also give you the best value for your money because it leaves no material left on the device.

Also, if you like carrying around your weed grinder, the Space Case grinder is actually lightweight. It also has Teflon-grade O-rings that make the device ergonomic even to those people with arthritis. It helps the device to not cause friction when you are grinding it. This results in a much smoother overall performance.

The Space Case is grinder has three different sizes which give you the chance to choose which item fits your vaping needs. It is available in both 2-piece and the more expensive 4-piece version. The four-piece Space Case grinder has kief screens made for pollen collection in its special chamber.

There are only a few things that you might not like about this particular vaporizer. For instance, in terms of performance, you’ll notice material can also get stuck if you load Some materials leave amounts at one time. Though a simple concern that can be fixed, it can still be considered a design flaw nonetheless. However, it can be fixed just by shaking the grinder.

Best Quality Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Easy of use

Mama P’s Grinder

5-mama-ps -best weed grinders Mama P’s Grinder is an award-winning grinder made from the top recycled aircraft quality aluminum material. Though there is already some aluminum made grinders on the market, not a lot can say that they’ve entered the industry with a bang.

Among the awards, this product received included First Place for Best New Product during the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Denver.

For a lot of people who used Mama P’s grinder, it is already considered a classic weed grinder. It features what a classic American made product is all about. If you are looking for precision, durability, and grinding herbs into small pieces, then this device is considered the best product.

It is a 4-part herb grinder that has an included lifetime warranty upon its purchase as evidence of its superior quality. Included in this grinder is also a magnetic lighter, which matches everything that you will ever need to get satisfaction on your weed. It also features one of the deepest grinder trays in the market.

According to the manufacturer, this weed grinder has been crafted in the US and has been inspected 10 times before it was approved. Included is a replaceable 60-micron titanium screen that has been hand wedged in each grinder, allowing you to replace the screen if it ever gets damaged. 

The bottom component of Mama P’s Grinder also functions as a kief catcher that collects pollen dust that goes through the replaceable screen.

It is also best known for its ergonomic design which has even been praised by people who have arthritis. And lastly, Mama P’s Grinder has 57 diamond cut teeth that allow its output to a favorite among weed connoisseurs.

One thing that you may not like about this product though is that it can be quite expensive. The cheapest is already at the same price as the Space Case and Kannastor which can be a turn-off for some. But what do you expect? You really get what you pay for.

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Best Travel Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Easy of use, Price

Aerospaced Grinder

Ever wonder how the Aerospaced Grinder got its name?

The grinder is no ordinary contraption.

Its body is made of anodized aerospace-grade aluminum that’s CNC milled from a solid block. So that explains its name. And it’s just glorious to see one in action with your dry herbs.

Just like food, our weed needs that extra care and handling from only the best utensils.

Unfortunately, most grinders feel more like a toy rather than a serious tool.

Aerospaced Grinder changes all that with its high-quality build and reliability.

But the makers also went beyond just the basic functionality and added helpful features too.

The cover, which also serves as the grind plate, magnetically attaches to the lower grind plate.

The extremely sharp teeth easily grind away even your densest botanicals, leaving fine results each and every time.

Overall, we were totally impressed by the Aerospaced Grinder. It’s tough, yet easy to use and maintain.

You just can’t go wrong with it.

Shop Areospcaed Grinder

Best Fine Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Grinding, Price

Santa Cruz Grinder

best weed grindersIf you’ve been using acrylic herb grinders over the years, you are definitely missing a lot. The Santa Cruz Grinder is more than just your typical weed grinder. What makes the Santa Cruz grinder special is how fine it delivers the herbs. It has a unique tooth design that grinds without mashing your materials.

On the outside, the Santa Cruz Grinder is made of an aluminum material that makes the item resilient to getting dropped or from scratches. This particular herb grinder is available in four different sizes that can be considered a reliable partner for vaping your favorite herbs.

The four-piece grinder has three different chambers. The top and the center are connected to each other that allows the already grounded herbs to fall. The center is then connected to the bottom connected by a stainless steel mesh that further screens smallest particles.

The Santa Cruz grinder has also been designed to keep your herb in place with both a magnet and a unique thread pattern that connects the different pieces. The magnet allows everything in place while you grind in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The thread, on the other hand, prevents the material of the weed grinder from grinding against each other.

Details also make this particular grinder standout from the rest. It has added grip by the side. It also comes in different composition either you want a 2-piece or a 4-piece weed grinder.

Best Stealth Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Size, Price

Grinder Card 

best weed grinders If you are looking for the simplest construction that can get the job done, the Grinder Card is a great option for you. This type of vaporizer is an unconventional approach to the typical round-shaped grinder design that has become popular in the market recently. This credit card sized grinder fits in your wallet and is considered a discreet weed solution by a lot of weed users today.

Made of medical grade stainless steel, it allows you to grind your material without the threat of having any after taste due to the material used on the grinder. It is also easy to clean because of this. You can clean this grinder using alcohol.

It also isn’t rocket science to operate this herb grinder. This grinder works exactly like a cheese grater. By simply placing the material on the surface of the grinder, you can already get your herbs in its finer version ready for vaporization or even for your roll.

This herb grinder features dual grind surface. It allows the sure to have either fine or medium grind depending on what you really prefer.

Unfortunately, its design can also have its drawbacks. For one, it doesn’t save your kief. For serious vaping connoisseurs, that’s a deal breaker. In addition to this, it takes more effort to grind the herbs on the Grinder Card than other conventional options out there in the market.

Unlike other brands that have a collecting basin, you will have to improvise on this particular product. It is important that you have a clean surface or paper that collects the material underneath. And lastly, though you can keep it in your wallet, this device can be a bit messy.

For a lot of users, the Grinder Card isn’t their primary grinder. Instead, they only make use of this product as an alternative when they are not at home. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Grinder

As the market for vaporizers grew, it follows that the number of herb grinders in the market also increased in number. It’s no secret that vaping is best enjoyed when the material is cut and grounded into small pieces. Grinders allow the vaporizers to evenly heat the material when grounded to smaller bits.

But it can be quite confusing to choose the right grinder. Given the number of weed grinders in the market today, anyone can easily get overwhelmed by all the jargons and technical terms that you’ll encounter when reading the review.

In reality, buying decision towards the right grinder can be simplified even for the beginners. Here are some things that you want to consider.

How Many Compartments Do You Need

In my opinion, this is the most important question when buying a grinder. 

Try to answer this 2 questions to find out how if you need single chamber or perhaps multi chambers:

What kind of vape enthusiast are you?

Do you also collect the kief? According to Wikipedia: Kief refers to the resinous trichomes of Cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. In other words: Kief is the THC-rich resin that falls off the herb when grounded into small pieces.

There are 3 types of grinders:

2 Piece Grinder2 piece grinder - Best weed grinder

Also known as a 1 chamber, have only one designated area where your weed is being grounded.

Because of the 1 compartment, the ground herb might be in different sizes which can make the grinding process longer.

Once your first round of grinding, you should open and see if any big bud sizes need to be re-grind.

3 Piece Grinder 3 piece grinder - best weed grinders

Also known as 2 chamber grinder, has an additional compartment that sits right below the grinding surface.

This compartment collects all the fine herbs that fall through when the weed doesn’t break down enough.

4 Piece Grinder

Also known as 3 chamber grinder, has a third area: the kief catcher.
4 piece best weed grindersAs mentioned before the kief is the THC-rich resin(small crystals) that falls off while grinding. With other grinders, you simply don’t have the option to collect those THC crystals, and as a result, they do not get smoked. With the 4 piece grinder, you are able to collect all these goodies that fall to the bottom.

To quickly summarize it: If kief is one of your priorities, it’s a good idea to choose a 4-piece grinder that has a mesh screen on its lowest compartment. This screen helps to collect the resin that falls off the bud.

On the other hand, if Kief isn’t your priority, then you can always stick to the 2-piece weed grinder set up.


The number one consideration that you have to make is to choose a high performing grinder that meets your needs. Though there’s no general rule on how to define performance.

Though there’s no general rule on how to define performance.

If you are serious about vaping, it is imperative that the herbs don’t end up too small to get easily burned, as well.


You can always view grinders as a long term investment whether you like rolling your herbs or you plan on using the most expensive vaporizers. It is crucial that you check the overall durability of the item whenever you decide to get one. Is it going to last for a good number of years? Is it made of a durable material or just some crappy plastic?

Do the teeth in time become blunt? Highest quality products don’t have this kind of problem. In fact, you won’t have problems grinding the huge amount of herbs at the very same time.


A lot of people forget about ergonomics. Does it have extra grips? Does it slip in your hands when you use it? Keep in mind that not everyone has strong hands that can handle the most complicated designs. This is especially important especially for people with arthritis taking medical cannabis for their condition.

The good news is that manufacturers today are very particular how they design their products. It is just as important to take into consideration any difficulty users are going to have when using the product.


Vaping attitude has changed over the years. Nowadays, portable vaporizers have become popular. Gone are the days when vaping can only be enjoyed in someone’s basement.

Because of this trend, the demand for portable vaping also increased and so is the need for portable grinders. Unfortunately, not all grinders are convenient to use outside.

There are those that are somewhat bulky and can even grab the attention of other people. Fortunately, some versions can be kept in your wallet and can be used just the same as a cheese grater. Unfortunately, this setup usually doesn’t have the ability to collect the kief.


Always remember that price isn’t the only consideration that you need to look into.  However, also keep in mind that it remains as an important factor that you should check if you decide to ever invest on herb grinders.

But of course, always remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option. The same goes for the most expensive option. To get the best value for your money, always consider other features of the product. Does it have a warranty? Does it fit your needs? Is it really durable?


It is always a good idea to have a clean grinder.

But the reality is entirely different. A lot of herb grinders in the market can get messy especially after it has grounded your herb. Herb enthusiasts encounter problems such as materials getting stuck in between the teeth of the grinder.

For this scenario, make sure to use materials that can minimize all the mess. Some materials leave less mess especially when you consider the removable screens that can be cleaned. It is a good idea to check if the screens can be replaceable. 


Some products have a lifetime warranty. For others, it only has a warranty up to a certain time.

Regardless, warannty gives you peace of mind and is guaranteed to work by the manufacturer. It is also a good measure up to when can the herb grinder keep up and perform as expected.

As a consumer, you should always be smart on how you judge an item you plan to buy. Remember pricing can be determined by several factors including marketing. Some brands will be more expensive than others because of branding or because of the hype built around it.

Categories Info:

Best Overall Weed Grinder – This category featuring the best grinder available in the market in terms of Performance, Cleaning/Maintenance Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

This is the creme da la creme of the weed grinders on the market today. With the easy screen change, smooth and fine grinding that’s the one, we will recommend to whether you are a beginner or master grinding! This is the one we are using around the office, and we love it!

Best Value Grinder – This category featuring the best value for money grinder in terms of Performance, Probability, and Easy of use and most important Price. The grinder rated in this category will  give you the best performance, and it comes with affordable price tag and ease of use. The grinder will satisfy your daily grinding without breaking and delivering great results!

Best Quality Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of Performance, Easy of use and most important Quality. This grinder rated in this category made of the best materials and could handle tough work with ease.

Best Travel Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of Performance, Portability, Easy of use and Price. This is the grinder to take with you when you travel whether it’s outdoor activity like hiking, skiing, or indoor like hotel or just visiting friends. This grinder’s price tag makes it affordable to buy the second grinder to take around.

Best Fine Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of grinding your herb fine and getting the most out of it. The grinder will give you fine grinding bud every time with smooth and easy use.

Best Stealth Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of  Performance, Portability, Size, and price. The grinder will be a grinder you can carry around with no one knowing you actually carry one. It’s a grinder you can simply stick in your wallet and go.

Still confuse with all options?

If you still can’t quite figure out what weed grinder is best for you, ask yourself these questions and shoot me an email or comment below with your replies:

1. Where will you be using your weed grinder?
2. Will be using it daily or once in a while?
3. Will you be using it outdoor or indoor?

5. How important are the size and discreteness?
6. How important price is for you? 

Written by The Smokazon Team
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