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You are looking for the best vaporizer on the market before buying your new vaporizer. However, finding the best vaporizer for your needs can be an overwhelming task and extremely frustrated.

This is crazy:

There are so many good choices, so many features to choose from, and so many vaporizer review websites with different lists.

So, at Smokazon we have decided to do all the legwork for you, and ask 30 experts and bloggers one simple question:

“If you could only use 3 vaporizers: Pen, Portable & Desktop, what 3 vapes would you choose?”

We wanted to know plain and simple which vaporizers are the best and you should consider them as your next vaporizer buddy and which one can stay out of your short list.

We feel you guys. We know many vape newbies are overwhelmed by all the vaporizer review websites out there. All the top 5, 10 and even 20 lists that have got you nowhere closer to choosing a new vaporizer or even shortlisted of 3.

Want to know the best part?

We decided the only way to get the best answer once and for all was to ask the experts within the industry and see if the best vaporizers in the market would reveal themselves.

Well, guess what…They have:

Best Vaporizers by Categories

(as voted by 23 experts!)

Best Desktop Vaporizer

#1: Volcano Vaporizer ($479) 7 Votes 

Here are some of the key features that make the volcano vaporizer the best desktop vaporizer and undefeated champion:

Easy to Clean – “I think one of the under appreciated aspects of the Volcano is the lack of cleaning, it needs considerably less cleaning/maintenance than any of my other portable or desktop vaporizers.”

Group Vaping – “If you want to have a legitimate, in home set up that’s good for multiple people in one sitting, there’s nothing that beats the classic volcano.”

Easy to Use – “It’s has a clean stainless steel finish, and the simple controls are easy for even the novice smoker to navigate.”

Design & Functionality – “The Volcano is by far the most powerful desktop option out there. It offers gut-busting hits, and it’s built insanely tough”.

Quality –  There is a reason this has been out for years, and people still use it today, even hospitals.

#2: VapeXhale Cloud EVO ($349) 5 Votes

Here are some of the key features why the VapeXhale came 2nd as the best desktop vaporizer:

Functionality & Design – With all the different attachments, the ability to vape through water, and the punch it packs, it’s a hard one to beat.

Flavor – The VapeXhale EVO can produce some of the strongest, smoothest, most potent vapor I’ve experienced.

Durability – It offers both concentrate and flower consumption and is incredibly efficient and allows for users’ flower and concentrate to last longer.

Best Portable Vaporizer

#1: Mighty Vaporizer ($399) – 6 vote 

Here are some of the key features that give the Mighty the crown as the best portable vaporizer:

Battery life – The Mighty has been proven to work the longest time without charging, and with the extra batteries, it for sure will give you enough time to enjoy it before charging it.

Easy to use – The Mighty will give you easy life in term of using it.

Design – The mighty featuring not only nice design rather you can hold it while vaping without to worry it will warm up in your hand. The Mighty stay cool and wouldn’t get hot while holding it like some of its competition even after long use.

#2: Pax Vaporizer ($199) – 4 Votes

Here are some of the key features that give the Pax the 2nd place as the best portable vaporizer:

Design – Pax Labs has done a great job in terms of the design. Comparing to his competitors the Pax look like a vaporizer from a different world.

Discreteness & Portability – The Pax named as the most discreet portable vaporizer on the market by countless reviewers. The sleek look and the size of it make it easy to carry around in your pocket.

Best Pen Vaporizer

#1: Source Orb 4 ($99)- 3 Votes  

Here are some of the key features that gave the Source Orb the No. 1 spot as the best vape pen:

Functionality – “The versatility is amazing, and it offers something for everyone, whether you like big hits or pure flavor (or both).”

Design – “The Source Orb 4 is built tough. The stainless steel 303 construction is incredibly durable for a wax pen. And I have a feeling based on the warranty that that heavy-duty construction translates into longevity.”

Versatility – “Variable voltage, adjustable airflow, and lots of atomizers for different strains!”

#2: Hypnos Zero ($77) – 2 Votes

Design – “The Hypnos Zero pen is very well-made and has an excellent look & feel.”

Efficiency – “it sets the bar in efficiency – your concentrate seems to last forever in it.”

Finding the best herb grinder could be extremely frustrated too. Luckily, we got you covered! Click here to learn more: Best Weed Grinder 

Read on to discover each expert’s favorite 3 vaporizers along with their explanation and tips why they choose them! You can either skip to your favorite expert using these quick links or grab a vape, some snacks, get comfy and keep scrolling!

Buzz Danklin - Best VaporizerBuzz Danklin – Vaporizer Wizard

Desktop: Volcano Vaporizer

While I really love the Cloud Evo and the Herbalizer desktop vaporizers, I find myself using the Volcano most often on a daily basis, not to mention I got my Volcano over 6 years ago and its still looks and performs like new. I think one of the under appreciated aspects of the Volcano is the lack of cleaning, it needs considerably less cleaning/maintenance than any of my other portable or desktop vaporizers.

Portable: Mighty Vaporizer 

Since all portables have strengths and weaknesses and thrive in their own situations, it is really tough for me to come up with a single one to choose.  In the end even despite its large size, I think I have to go with the Mighty vaporizer because I do use it more often than the rest of my portables, even though it’s mostly usage around the home.  It is the perfect vape to carry from the kitchen to the living room or take out on the deck while grilling. If I am hiking, biking or skiing with a backpack, you can be sure the Mighty is in there.

Pen: Grasshopper Vaporizer  

Since I use more dry herb than concentrates, I definitely have to go with the Grasshopper for my pen. This is my daily carry unit when I am out, and about in public, it is the easiest and quickest dry herb vaporizer to use while on the go, and its very stealthy both in appearance and smell making it ideal for a lot of public situations. Despite its small size, the hopper has a very powerful heater making it one of the best vapes for skiing where freezing temps and the wind are the norms.

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Master Bong – Masterbong420

Master bong - Best Vaporizer

Desktop: Herbalizer Vaporizer

Because it functions like a Volcano but better and allows you to easily integrate concentrates into your vaping experience

Portable: Crafty from Stortz & Bickel

This piece is super solid and well designed and is compact enough to travel with easily but still has a decent battery life of about 60-90 minutes. 

Pen: Galaxy By KandyPens  

Because I love the duel quartz coil

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Paint The Moon Team – Paint the Moon

paint-the-moonDesktop: VapeXhale Cloud EVO

With all the different attachments, the ability to vape through water, and the punch it packs, it’s a hard one to beat.

Portable:  Firefly 2 

Convection heating and amazing flavor, plus just an all-around well-built device.

Pen: SOURCE Orb 4

The versatility is amazing, and it offers something for everyone, whether you like big hits or pure flavor (or both).

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Rob Griffin – 420 Magazine 

Desktop: Volcano Vaporizer

Portable: Mighty Vaporizer

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Charlo Greene – CharloGreene.com


Desktop: Volcano Vaporizer

I like the old school function and feel of the Volcano when vaporizing herbs at home.

Portable: Pax 2

I think Pax has done a wonderful job with their portable vapes, and I really like the Pax 2. It’s so sleek and discreet, something that is important to me if I’m medicating on the go.

Pen: The Crystal Cult

The Crystal Cult is one of my favorite companies. The vape pens are SO beautiful, individually made and blinged out for pretty potheads such as myself.

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Bud – VapeCritic bud_vapecritic

Choosing my favorite vape from each category is a very tough decision, there are so many good ones and new models come out all the time. 

My specific list of favorite vaporizers changes over time, but the key factors I consider in my ratings remains mostly the same. Some of the areas I weight the heaviest include Ease of Use, Build Quality, Performance, and Vapor Quality. There are also areas that I feel each vape excels in or is significantly above-average. 

Desktop: VapeXhale EVO – The VapeXhale EVO can produce some of the strongest, smoothest, most potent vapor I’ve experienced. This one is also designed around working with a water tool which makes it even more unique.

Portable: DaVinci IQ -The DaVinci IQ is a very well-rounded unit, but I’d say its strengths are it’s ultra-compact and portable design, it’s ease of use, and it’s high vapor quality for conduction heating. 

Pen: Hypnos Zero -the Hypnos Zero pen is very well-made and has an excellent look & feel. It also produces some of the smoothest vapor from a pen that I’ve tried, and it sets the bar in efficiency – your concentrate seems to last forever in it.

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Matthew Price – Medicaljane.com

medical-jane-logoDesktop: VapeXhale Cloud EVO  

Portable: Firefly 2 

Pen: Hypnos Zero By Linx Vapors 

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David Bienenstock – High timeshigh-times-logo - best vaporizer

Portable: Mighty vaporizer 

My favorite portable vaporizer, without a doubt, is the Mighty from Storz and Bickle. 

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Serge Chistov –  Honest Marijuana

honestPortable: Pax Vaporizer

I’ve always been fond of the Pax when it comes to portable vaporizers, though I like using Randy’s Pilot for concentrates.

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Jeffrey Zucker – Green Lion Partners  

green-lion-logoDesktop: Vapexhale Cloud EVO

It is one of the best, smoothest hits available regardless of method. It offers both concentrate and flower consumption and is incredibly efficient and allows for users’ flower and concentrate to last longer. 

Portable: Pax Vaporizer 

Pax’s new concentrate vaporizer offers an incredibly sleek and easy to use pocket concentrate consumption option. It’s the best hit per oz of any device, no question. Their proprietary cartridges are available at partner dispensaries in CO and CA. 

Pen: Puffco+ Vaporizer 

The new ceramic heating chamber is a lot cleaner and easier to use than prior cool options, and this is also one of the most durable pens on the market. 

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Drew White – NisonCo nisonco - best vaporizer

Desktop: Volcano Vaporizer

I may be an old soul when it comes to this category, but the classic Volcano is still top for me. This unit has been time tested for ages and, to me, nothing comes close to filling up a big bag than using it how you please. Over the year’s people have found new and innovative ways to fill the chamber to suit herb and concentrate needs at the same time. If you want to have a legitimate, in home set up that’s good for multiple people in one sitting, there’s nothing that beats the classic volcano.

Portable: Vapium Summit Plus

The Vapium Summit Plus is by far my favorite portable vape for dry herbs. It is extremely dependable and durable with very simple yet effective settings. This portable herb vape has 8 different heating settings, smartphone Bluetooth connectivity, a water resistant housing, a built-in stirring tool, and a heavy-weight feel that’s great for repeated use outdoors. If I had to give one critique, it would be the size, but I don’t think the product would be as reliable as it is if it wasn’t built to its current specifications.

Pen: Baker Vaporizer

A small company called Hippy Trip makes the “Baker” which happens to be my favorite handheld concentrate pen. It’s really tiny but packs a serious punch as do all of Hippy Trip’s pens. This has a digital display, variable temperatures, perfect airflow, and accountable use in a wide variety of environments/temperatures. It is a bit dainty though and can be effected is jostled or jarred too much.

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Ethan Andersen NisonConisonco

Desktop: DaBuddha Vaporizer

The first time I ever consumed cannabis, I did so via my friend’s Da Buddha. That will always remain my favorite desktop vaporizer. 

Portable: Firefly Vaporizer  

Many of the reviewers I’ve worked with have spoken highly of the Firefly, and the few times I’ve tried it, it’s produced a great taste without much effort. 

Pen: O.pen Vaporizer

I always felt O.pen products worked well when I was consuming, though pens weren’t my cup of tea.

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Tyler – Smoking with Style smoking-with-style - best vaporizer

This is a tough one, if I could only use 3 vaporizers for the rest of my life, I would want as much variety as possible.

Desktop: Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer 

The first vaporizer would be one for around my house that wouldn’t get brought out much.  There are a bunch of desktop vaporizers, but then one that stands out the most to me is the “Arizer Extreme Q” because it’s an affordable, easy to use and solid desktop vaporizer. 

Portable: G PRO Vaporizer 

I’m the type of guy that’s always on the go, and I can’t carry around a massive desktop vaporizer everywhere I go so for my 2nd choice I’m defiantly going with the “G PRO Herbal Vaporizer.” Now the G PRO isn’t the most discreet or concealable option, but it’s much more portable than a massive desktop vaporizer like the Arizer. With 3 different heat settings, the G PRO is perfect for someone who is looking to for a wide range of different tastes while vaping their herb. 

Pen: Atmos RX Vaporizer

For on the go type smoking situations, I couldn’t think of a better vape for a better price than the “ATMOS RX.” At only $70 it makes it is sure to give you the best bang for your buck! It’s also a pen so it can easily be concealed and looks just like your regular, everyday vaporizer. Don’t be fooled by its size, though, this bad baby van heats up in 2-5 seconds and packs one mean hit!

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Sconsin Vaporizer-Review.com

When I was asked to choose my favorite vape pen, portable vaporizer, desktop vaporizer, and grinder, I decided to imagine a dire circumstance in which I actually would be stuck with the same vaporizer for the rest of my life, and then write down the first vaporizer that popped in my head. It’s like the “there’s a gun to your head and you have one call” meme.

Desktop: Herbalizer Vaporizer

If you asked every vaporizer user what the best desktop vaporizer ever is, the votes would probably be split between the Volcano and the Herbalizer. I chose the latter because to me the Herbalizer is an upgrade on the amazing, but decades-old Volcano. The Herbalizer vaporizer has a powerful microprocessor that gives you unprecedented control over your vaporization. It also boasts immaculate vapor production, as well as complete versatility in the way of inhalation methods, and a functional yet elegant design. The Herbalizer is on a level no other vaporizer had reached before its launch. And to this day it arguably remains the best desktop vaporizer.

Versatility makes for a better vaping experience. With the Herbalizer, nearly every vaping preference–whether it’s for large, intense draws or small, flavor-rich hits, clean-tasting steamroller pulls or long-lasting balloon bag sessions with friends–is met. The Herbalizer features two modes, aromatherapy and vapor therapy, and multiple ways to inhale.

I love how easy it is to switch to whichever mode or method of inhalation you prefer. Aromatherapy mode vaporizes essential oils and fills the room with calming vapor. Vaportherapy mode is geared more toward medication, with three ways to inhale: a medical grade whip tube, glass steamroller, or squeeze-valve balloon bag. Makers of the Herbalizer have made sure each method of inhalation is easy to use and efficient. For example, the steamroller is simple to attach, the squeeze valve that releases vapor from the balloon bags conserves hits. The glass steamroller attachment delivers very smooth hits by extending the vapor path, giving it more time to cool off. The versatility of the Herbalizer makes it a great vaporizer for recreational and medicinal users alike.

The Herbalizer is shaped like a futuristic space pod–a little daunting when you see it online–but when you actually take it out of the box for the first time, it’s not as intimidating as the glamor shots make it look. The oyster shell design opens up to reveal a simple control panel with a trench around it in which sits the coiled whip tubing. A mezzanine storage compartment is secreted away in the top level of the shell, opening up in Polly Pocket/Mighty Max fashion to reveal space for holding accessories and vaping materials. This comes in handy and gives the vaporizer a home-base quality that I haven’t found in other devices.

The only real problem with the Herbalizer is the price. At a steep $600 not everyone can afford it. A more affordable alternative is the Vapir Rise. This vaporizer is a triple function–whip-style, balloon bag, and glass bubbler attachment (not included). It takes some time to fill up the balloon bags, but besides that, there’s not much to criticize. I love the simplicity and feeling of the touch pad control, which lets you choose between forced-air or no fan modes, and gives you precision temperature control. And the vapor production is very pure thanks to the HEPA filtration system.

Portable: AirVape XS Vaporizer

UPDATE: The AirVape XS has been retired for the AirVape X Vaporizer, which features an innovative magnetic mouthpiece with the same slime build as it’s predecessor.

Few vaporizers offer as many essential features and as much build quality for under $200. The three pillars of vaping–design, performance, usability–stand strong in the AirVape XS. This vaporizer looks great, feels great, and vapes beautifully, at almost half the price of other high-performance portable vapes.

Design matters. We carry portable vaporizers wherever we go, constantly pulling them out of our pockets for quick hits, and toggling their controls on-the-go. A portable vaporizer needs to be easy to grip, conceal, and operate on-the-fly, which makers of the AirVape XS clearly understand. The form factor is flat, smooth, and compact, making it easy to hold (and hide) in your palm. The glass mouthpiece (great for leaving vapor tasting clean) pops off to reveal the herb chamber and reattached after loading is complete. The rubber connector piece on the glass mouthpiece keeps it from overheating and burning your lips (big plus). Assembling the mouthpiece of this vaporizer takes no time at all, and I’ve found it’s easier to clean than most other vape mouthpieces. Overall, the AirVape XS is easy to operate, looks sleek, and feels great in your hand.

Unlike desktop vaporizers, portable vapes give you vaping on-the-go. But sometimes advanced features are sacrificed in place of that compactness. One of these features is precision temperature control, which gives you major control over your vaping sessions by allowing you to pinpoint specific temps. For example, you can choose the ideal temperature for whatever vapor profile you love, or a specific strain you like. Precision temperature is fairly rare in portable vaporizers, but it’s found in the AirVape XS. You can pick between 317F to 428F, a temperature range that contains the ideal temperatures for the most popular strains.

As far as usability, the AirVape XS has a digital display with simple arrow buttons that make choosing a temperature very easy. Once you’ve picked your heat level, a rapid 20-second heat up time lets you vape on-demand in little windows of opportunity throughout the day. When the vaping temperature has been reached, the AirVape XS vibrates to notify you. This feature is convenient when you’re in public and don’t want to walk around with the vaporizer in your hand the whole time.

The best vaporizers do the essential things well. With precision temperature control, a clean vapor path with a ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece, straightforward controls, and an ergonomic design that feels solid, the AirVape XS leaves little to want and much to appreciate.

Pen: Source Orb 4 vaporizer 

As a fairly prolific vaporizer reviewer, I say that without much hesitation. This vape pen is the real deal, from its durable build to its unique (and absolutely effective) mouthpiece design, 6 advanced atomizers and a powerful vape battery, the Source Orb 4 Premium is the one right tool for anyone who loves vaping waxy oils on-the-go.

I’ll summarize the Source Orb 4 in one word: Interstellar.

The pod-like mouthpiece, made of gleaming stainless steel, looks aeronautical. The magnetic lock lid, which pops completely off and onto the mouthpiece with no screwing necessary, defies gravity by soaring back into place from inches away. As far as vapor production goes, the Source Orb 4 sends people into deep space and back with intensely flavored and potent vaporization. It’s that combination of minimal aesthetics, barebones functionality, and strength that make the Source Orb 4 Premium a vape pen among vape pens.

The Source Orb 4 is built tough. The stainless steel 303 construction is incredibly durable for a wax pen. And I have a feeling based on the warranty that that heavy-duty construction translates into longevity. I always use the length or absence of a wax pen’s warranty to gauge how much confidence the manufacturer has in their vaporizer, and the Source Orb 4 is protected by a lifetime warranty.

The final reason why I’d choose the Source Orb 4 Premium as the one vape pen for me is its versatility. My personal idea of a great wax pen is a unit that doesn’t leave you wanting for more. For one thing, you want a menu of atomizers to choose from. The Source Orb 4 Premium comes stocked with an arsenal of 6 atomizers that deliver a more complete wax vaping experience. A quartz single coil atomizer gives you small, flavor-rich hits, while a dual quartz rod atomizer gives you bigger, more intensely flavored draws.

Similar to the quartz double rod is a white ceramic double coil atomizer, and a unique black ceramic double coil atomizer is designed for low temperature vaping. The black ceramic absorbs waxy oils and vaporizes them “slow and low.” The resulting vapor is smooth and tasty. You also get a couple coil-less atomizers that vape wax very efficiently and make clean-tasting vapor. And swapping atomizers is simple (this is where the magically magnetic lock lid comes into play). You simply pop off the lid, remove the atomizer, and pop the next one in. Then you get to marvel at the magnetism pulling the lid back into place.

If the Source Orb 4 Premium is the vape pen in your pocket when you wash up on a tropical shore, you’d be set for life. Unless of course, you prefer dry herb over wax concentrates. In that case, you’d live the rest of your days in exasperating remorse.

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Max Simon – Green Flower Media

greenflower-logo-high-resDesktop: VapeExhale EVO

Portable: Mighty vaporizer 

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T. Bud – The Chill Budthe-chill-bud

Desktop: Epicvape E-Nano

I chose the Epicvape E-Nano as my favorite desktop vaporizer for a few reasons, the first being that I use it almost daily. It’s an extremely affordable vaporizer that performs as well or better than anything else I’ve used.

The E-Nano is a dead-simple design, a simple glass tube with a screen is loaded with herb and placed on top of the heating unit. Unlike most traditional “desktop vaporizers” the E-Nano fits comfortably in your hand. I’d only call it a desktop model because it needs to be plugged in. For the price, you won’t find a better vaporizer.

Portable: Davinci IQ

The vast majority of my vaporizer experience is with handheld models. While the Davinci IQ isn’t necessarily my daily driver, I believe it’s one of the most well-rounded and truly portable vaporizer on the market.

When most people look for a handheld vaporizer, they want something rugged that they can throw in their pocket and bring out during a hike or a walk. You don’t want to fiddle with loading the oven or be concerned with breaking off fragile bits. The IQ is straightforward, simple to use and the performance is top notch.

Pen: Dr. Dabber Aurora

While the majority of my experience is with handhelds, I have very little with pen vaporizers. I’ve tried a few, and for the most part, they seem very similar to one and other. The core components are often exactly the same, so a lot comes down to the quality and the price.

The vape pen I’d reach for would be the Dr.Dabber Aurora, a recent release that replaced their fan-favorite Ghost model. It comes with multiple atomizer options to ensure you have the perfect session each and every time.

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Lance Lambert – Weedmaps

wm-logoDesktop: Volcano Vaporizer 

As for desktop vaporizers, that’s not really me. I would have to say though that the tried-and-true Volcano is by far the most popular with my colleagues. It’s has a clean stainless steel finish, and the simple controls are easy for even the novice smoker to navigate.

Portable: Loki Touch

My new favorite for portable is the Loki Touch. Nothing against others in this category, but they addressed what I saw as a basic design flaw with many portables; They moved the chamber to the bottom! Moving the heating element as far as possible from the mouthpiece made perfect sense. I also love the LED touchscreen display. Not that I’m a huge tech geek, but everything else in life is a touchscreen, why stop with smoking technology?

Pen: KandyPen’s Mini

For pens, I would have to say my current go-to is KandyPen’s Mini. I recently got my hands on their latest lineup, and have enjoyed them all. The quality is there, both in form and function. Also, the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty is a major plus when compared to most in the marketplace today.

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Kevin Rasopo – Knowtechie

knowtechieDesktop: Volcano Vaporizer 

My go-to for desktop would most certainly be the Volcano. The Volcano is by far the most powerful desktop option out there. It offers gut-busting hits, and it’s built insanely tough. The only downside is its price.

Portable: Mighty vaporizer

My choice for a portable vape would be the Mighty, which is also made by Storz & Bickel. Just like the Volcano, this unit offers some really good results, especially when it comes to flavor.

Pen: QuickDraw 500

My choice for the pen style vape would be the QuickDraw 500. Not only does this sucker offer options for concentrates, but there’s even a cartridge for loose flour, which is unheard of in this sort of league of pen vapes. Heck, there’s even for e-juice if that’s in your ballpark.

In the end, if you notice, most of my picks are from Storz & Bickel. Their beasts when it comes to vaporizers, so anything from them is surely a safe bet.

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Old Hippie – Beyondchronic 

old-hippiDesktop: Arizer Extreme Q

For desktop vapes, you can’t go wrong with the Arizer Extreme Q, because it does both whip and bag, and you can set it with a remote (how cool is that?).

Portable: Haze V3

My most portable vape is a Haze V3 which lets you switch between two strains, or bud and oil, and keep them both loaded and ready to go. You can set the temperature you want, and it fits right into a small pocket.

Pen: Source orb 

Like many people, I’ve been using a lot more concentrates lately, not only for vaping but for making edibles without having to cook for hours. Vape pens are awesome because you’re vaping almost instantly. My new favorite is the Source Orb. Variable voltage, adjustable airflow, and lots of atomizers for different strains!

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James Zachodni – Dope Magazine 

Dope Magazine logo - Best vaporizer Desktop: Volcano Vaporizer 

 I’m still a fan of the OG “Volcano.” There is a reason this has been out for years and people still use it today, even hospitals. 

Portable: Firefly

The “Firefly 2” is very elegant and easily fits in a purse or pocket. It offers both flower and concentrates vaping in a very unique design with tons of color options.


“The DOPEN” is my choice based on the simple plug-and-play cartridge model. I have yet to see a good “pen” that offers the ability to load your own concentrate without making a huge mess. I think the DOPEN offers the no-brainer of cartridges, but also with great design and price point. 

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Adrian Farquharson – Mary


Desktop: None

I’ve only used a desktop once, and it’s okay but not my main choice of consumption. For me, the high was less faint and definitely much longer to prep and wait for it to get ready.

Portable: Pax

Portable vapes are great that you can alter your heat on average between 3 temperature settings so the user has more control of their experience and you also have the ability to use as much of variety of different extracts you desire versus pre-fills which are usually limited to a number of strain options.

Pen: Jetty Extracts

I personally enjoy a vaporizer pen for the simple convenience it provides. With a pre-fill cartridge, it eliminates several minutes of prepping and loading the pen with your extract which works great for someone who’s on the go much more frequently and may not have the discretion to load their device. A huge winning factor with pre-fills is it’s less messy – you’re hands don’t have to touch the extract and break it down to fit within your pen’s chamber. More and more pre-fills are using extraction processes to provide clear CO2 to their audience.

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Chelsea – VapeGossip


Desktop: Herbalizer 

The Herbalizer desktop Vaporizer would be my first choice as it is a well known sturdy unit that produces very much vapor – but for a more affordable desktop vape, I would go with the Arizer Extreme Q as you can also vape it using a whip or a bag.

Portable: Mighty

The Mighty Vaporizer is my top pick. In my opinion, it is one of the most powerful and satisfying portable vaporizers out there. When vaping with friends, the Mighty is easy to use and very efficient.

Pen: Grizzly Honey Dab

Pen: I always have my Grizzly Honey Dab Pen on me for 710 🙂

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Finding the best vaporizer for your needs got much easier.

After putting this list, we have notice most of the experts mentioned Desktop and Portable vaporizer but not Vape pens.

Even when they mentioned the best vape pen, we didn’t have a clear winner as we had with desktop and portable before.

 This is not surprising to us because the vaping industry changed lately and people are switching from Pen Vapes to Portable and Desktop vaporizers.

We think one of the reason is because the market has been flooded with Pen Vapes and many of them are cheap, low quality made.

When the pen vaporizers were introduced to the vape market, people have fallen in love because back them most of the portable vaporizers wasn’t portable enough to carry around not to mention the use of it. However, most of the companies as step up and release fantastic portable vaporizers. For example, Storz and Bickel have taken a great share of the portable market with The Mighty and the crafty vaporizers. Both Vaporizers has been chosen as the best portable vaporizers by many reviewer time after time.

And just to recap, here are the results again:

Best Desktop Vaporizer:

#1: Volcano Vaporizer ($479) 7 Votes 

#2: VapeXhale Cloud EVO ($349) 5 Votes

Best Portable Vaporizer:

#1: Mighty Vaporizer ($399) – 6 vote 

#2: Pax Vaporizer ($199) – 4 Votes

Best Pen Vaporizer:

#1: Source Orb 4 ($99)- 3 Votes  
#2: Hypnos Zero ($77) – 2 Votes

Final Note: 

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Written by The Smokazon Team
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