(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

We’re all set to welcome the year with a bang.

2018 is the year when we all take our vaping experience to the next level.

As the world is starting to embrace vaping, fresh portable vaporizer brands are coming in.

The winners, the tried-and-tested ones, remain popular as ever.

Then there are the losers: low-quality vapes that didn’t fit and are finally out.


We’ve searched far and wide to look for portable vaporizers that stand out from the crowd.

Yet, we also fully understand that your choice may also depend on your budget, priority, and the kind of vaping material you like.

Putting these all together, there is no such thing as one silver bullet that’s generally the answer to everyone’s needs.

So we identified the best portable vapes according to categories you may find useful.

And from this point, we tried and tested each vaporizer to give you the most honest and trustworthy review. Straight to the point, no fuss.

We considered vapor quality, durability, price tag, ergonomics and overall vaping experience. As of this article, these are the best vaporizers we believe will make it through 2018 and beyond.


We’ve been in the vaping industry for more than five years already. We’ve experienced the highs and lows of every vape we’ve featured, and shared them all with our readers to be informed.

Because of our honest reviews, many of our readers are very thankful for not having to shell out more than what’s needed, just to test different vaporizers out there.

Because we also sell vaporizers, we’ve collected our customers’ feedback for years. So we are familiar with which of the vaporizers in our list experience the most problems, and we also know which parts of these vaporizers often have issues.

With this amount of knowledge in hand, we’ve phased out the portable vaporizers that do not make it in terms of quality to preserve our trustworthiness.

Those that remain, we continue to promote, and we also welcome new and promising vaporizers.

Whenever something good comes, we feature them in hopes that these might answer the growing needs of our customers, regardless what their preferences may be.

But the bottom line is this:

We want everyone to have the best vaping experience, nothing less.

So, here’s a roundup of the best portable vaporizers, and some new, promising ones coming in this year.


Best Portable Vaporizer 

For this list, we divide them into a few different categories, and we grade each vaporizer by multiple different factors such as:

Performance, Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Vapor Quality, Value for money, and Price.

The categories listed below for the best portable vaporizers are as follows: 

Best Overall Vaporizer, Best Discreet Vaporizer, Best vapor quality vaporizer, Best pocket-sized vaporizer, Best vaporizer in the price range, Best all in one vaporizer, best cheap vaporizer, most user-friendly vaporizer.

You can read an explanation for each category here.

We’ve also included a full review for each vaporizer under the table made by our in-house Vapor experts.

Read on to discover our best portable vaporizer pick for each category! You can either skip to your favorite vape using these table or grab a vape, get comfy and keep scrolling!

Best Portable Vaporizer
Where To Shop
Best Overall Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer
Best Discreet Vaporizer
Pax 3 Vaporizer
Best Vapor Quality

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
Best Pocket-Sized Vaporizer
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
Best Vaporizer under $150
G Pen Elite Vaporizer
Best Entry-Level Vaporizer
KandyPens K-vape Vaporizer
Best Vaporizer under $130
CF Vaporizer
Best Cheap Vaporizer
Magic Flight Box Vaporizer
Best All-in-one Vaporizer
Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer
Best Battery Life Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer
Best Friendly Vaporizer
Alfa Vaporizer
Best Design Vaporizer
Arizer Air Vaporizer

Best Overall Portable Vaporizer: Mighty Vaporizer

Best Features: Above average battery life, Ease of Use, Temperature Settings, Vapor Quality

Mighty Vaporizer – Was $399 Now $349

Mighty Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

With all the features considered, there is no doubt the Mighty Vaporizer is the winner.

Of course, such great vaping pleasure doesn’t come cheap. But price tag aside, this portable vaporizer is go-to for users who take vaping matters seriously.

The Mighty Vaporizer is made by Storz and Bickel, the same German company who created the most popular desktop vaporizer, the Volcano.


The Mighty Vaporizer is Storz and Bickel’s answer to the growing demand for portable vaporizers.

If you love the Volcano’s excellent vapor quality but hate being grounded in one place, the Mighty portable vape is the best choice.

The Mighty is a heavier device compared to most of its counterparts.

It weighs 230 grams and measures 5.5 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide.

You might fret over how huge it is compared with other portables, but there is a good reason why:

Excellent battery life.

Yes. The Mighty comes with two batteries that make your vaporizer last for 90 minutes of continuous vaping.

That’s about twice as long as other devices. 

So, when it comes to discreet vaping, the design is an easy giveaway. This is one drawback for some, but others can put up with it.

Designed for dry herb, the Mighty’s heating chamber has a capacity of 0.2 grams.

You can grind your botanicals even more finely if you want to go higher to 0.3 grams. Each full load can give you up to five to six draws.

Overall, the design of the Mighty isn’t contoured to keep your vaping sessions low key.

Instead, Storz and Bickel focused more on power, vapor quality and ease of use.

For us, that’s a tad more important at this point, when vaping is slowly becoming a common routine.

Vaping Experience

Everything about the Mighty revolves around your vaping pleasure. It was built mainly for that purpose.

First is the vapor quality.

If you loved the volcano or would like to know what Volcano is like, the Mighty is the closest you can get.

The heating chamber comes free of any cheap materials that would otherwise contaminate the flavors and vapor purity.

When it comes to heat up time, the Mighty is average in performance.

It takes about 90-120 seconds for the device to reach its desired heat level.

But the precise temperature adjustment with just a few clicks of the button means you’re sure to find your sweet spot.

What we truly appreciate is the consistency of vapor quality. Thanks to the consistent temperature all throughout your vaping session.

The body is easy to handle. The contours allow secure grips with one hand. And it controls the device is done by just a few clicks of the buttons.

Also, the 60-second auto shut-off feature ensures safety and extended battery life.

To override it, just press the button before the 60-second period.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Mighty Vaporizer is the clear winner when it comes to battery life.

The Mighty Vaporizer have the longest battery life we’ve seen in portable vaporizers: 90 minutes of vaping!

That’s essential if you don’t have the time to recharge your unit or if you just want to stay outdoors longer.

So hats off to the Mighty not only for its impressive battery life, but also for its superb vapor quality, performance, consistency, and durability.

It deserves the top spot 2nd year in a row!

Full Mighty Review             Shop Mighty Vaporizer

Best Discreet Portable Vaporizer: Pax 3 

Best Features: Incredibly Discreet Design, Ease of Use, Temperature Settings, Vapor Quality

Pax 3 Vaporizer – $274

Pax 3 Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizerThe PAX 3: It’s arguably the most popular portable vaporizer in the world.

If you loved the PAX 2 vaporizer with its incredible performance, vapor quality and style, the PAX 3 will surely make you one happy vaper.

 It’s one of the first to streamline its design into something minimalist yet modern.

Though simple and straightforward looking, the PAX 3 vaporizer packs some of the best features inside.

Here’s a rundown of why we just love this vape:


As we’ve mentioned, the PAX 3 portable vaporizer comes in a modern, sleek design that’s comparable to the iPhone in the mobile world.

There is no obvious attachments or any other extra parts.

So handling and operating the PAX 3 is so easy and simple.

All you have to do to activate it is to press a single button at the top of the device, right in the center of the mouthpiece.

Why such a peculiar location? They say placing the button on the sides would disrupt the seamless design, and frequent external contact could mean accidental activation.

To choose among the four preset temperature, just press and hold the button for two seconds to go to the temperature control mode.

Click the power button to get to your desired setting.

Compared with the PAX 2, there is nothing really significant in terms of the external design.

It’s already perfect in terms of stealth, ergonomics, and ease of use.

Perhaps the only noticeable difference is the presence of the LED lights that show vital reading such as the amount of juice still present while vaping.

Vaping Experience

The PAX 3 portable vape may be relatively small, but the internal design ensures you get only the best quality vapors from your favorite dry herbs and concentrates.

The flavor is true to what you place inside the chamber – no impurities, foreign materials that could affect your vaping experience.

The PAX 3 also boasts true vaporization.

You’ll notice that the used herbs come as dark brown to orange, and not the usual black or charred appearance commonly occurring in vape pens with exposed heating coils.

Of course, you can’t help but notice another huge improvement in the PAX 3: concentrates!

Yes, PAX heeded your call and finally allowed the latest version to support any of your favorite concentrates.

Just use the specially designed canister that comes along with the kit to start.

Place a small amount of your, say, wax into the bottom of the cannister (between the air holes) and place the canniester into the device.

What’s really pleasantly surprising is the fabulous vapor quality!

Yes, whatever you place inside the PAX, everything results in magic!



The PAX 3 Vaporizer now comes with a powerful 2500mAh rechargeable battery.

Compare that with the PAX 2, with kist 300mAH of juice. You get to experience more vaping time between recharging cycles.

Now, with a more powerful battery, plus a more efficient heating chamber, the PAX 3 now comes with a faster heat up time of just 10 to 15 seconds.

No more waiting for long periods.

So, in many categories, the PAX 3 vaporizer is really a sure winner.

Despite its higher price point, we guarantee it’s all worth it for evey penny you spend on the PAX 3, no less.

Full Pax Review             Shop PAX 3 Vaporizer

Best Vaporizer for Vapor Quality: Firefly 2  

Best Features: Vapor Quality, Ease of Use, Efficiency

Firefly 2 Vaporizer  $329

Firefly 2 Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizerWe’re impressed with how the Flyfly 2 pulled off something remarkable when it comes to vapor quality.

This is the go-to device if you’re most particular with flavors and nothing but the purest of vapors.

After all, it’s the main reason we buy vaporizers in the first place: to transform those dry herbs into heavenly clouds.


Compared to its predecessor, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is lighter by 55% and smaller by 33%.

Yet it packs improved performance and superb vapor quality.

The user interface has you, the user, in mind.

It sports a touch-sensitive feature (just like the iPod) for the controls. No buttons, of course.

To turn the device on, just touch the contact points, and you’re good to go.

What we really love about the Firefly 2 vaporizer is the superfast heat up time.

While others let you wait for a full minute or even more the Firefly 2 reaches your desired temp in just about five seconds.

The moment the Firefly lights up, you see its full power as the transparent lid shows the glowing heating element inside the chamber.

So everything about the Firefly 2 speaks technology, ergonomics and superb vaping experience.

Vaping Experience

With the Firefly 2 Vaporizer, you get the best of both dry-herb and concentrates worlds.

The device can now support both types of vaping materials, though not simultaneously.

But what makes this portable device stand out is the excellent vapor quality.

Thanks to the glass-sided chamber and glass vapor path, which work to keep the essences of your botanicals pure.

The Firely 2 comes with a preset temperature but can be adjusted with a smartphone app.


Surprisingly, the smaller size of the Firefly 2 and its lighter body did not sacrifice battery life.

In fact, the Firefly 2’s battery lasts almost twice longer than the original Firefly.

But what’s even better is the fast charging time of only 45 minutes.

Can’t get enough of the vape? The kit comes with two batteries.

So you get to replace the other one when it runs out of juice.

That’s continuous vaping anytime, anywhere.


The improved battery life, plus the added compatibility with herbs, added more value to the Firefly 2.

No doubt, this product has made it to our list for 2018!

Best Pocket-Sized Portable Vaporizer: DaVinci IQ

Best Features: Vapor Quality, Discreet Design, Ease of Use

Davinci IQ Vaporizer – $274

Davinci IQ Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

From the makers of the original DaVinci and the Ascent comes the new DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer.

If you enjoyed the classic DaVinci and the Ascent, there’s no reason not to love the new IQ portable vaporizer.

This time, they have yet again raised the bar in terms of producing high-quality vaporizers based on customers’ demands.

DaVinci IQ Design

The streamlined design of the DaVinci IQ makes it the iPhone of the portable vaporizers.

There is no visible mouthpiece or any attachment. And the contours of the IQ is as simple as a vape can get.

The matte black finish makes it even more stealthy.

It’s the anodized aluminum casing that gives the IQ a minimalist, modern look that just hits the mark in terms of design.

It can even rival the PAX and Firefly vaporizers in this regard.

Doing away with the digital display, the IQ sports 51 tiny LED lights that shows your device’s readings.

Vaping Experience

Unexpectedly to some vaping enthusiasts, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is a conduction-type potable vape.

While many of its kind boast convection vaping for better vapor quality, the DaVinci stays on the traditional side.

But what it guarantees is better-controlled temperatures that range from 250°F to 430°F.

And as we know, conduction vaping devices always have fast heat up times.

So the IQ is no different, heating up to as fast as 20 seconds, a tad longer for higher temps.

Can’t get satisfied with what you’re vaping?

Use the IQ’s Boost feature for that extra kick.

The device shoots up to its maximum temperature for as long as you hold and press the top button. A

t the moment of release, the temperature goes back to your desired heat level.

Levelling up your vaping experience to an even higher level, the DaVinci IQ sports the Smart Paths.

The . Smart Paths is a pre-programmed setting that gradually increases the vaping temp by 20 degrees over ten minutes.

It may come with default settings, but you can adjust it too using a smartphone app.



Here’s what we love about the DaVinci IQ: a replaceable rechargeable battery.

This is everything if you plan to go vaping long before you get the chance to find the nearest socket for charging your device.

The IQ’s battery is a powerful 18650 3500mAh battery.

You can purchase extra batteries for that extra juice. Hence continuous vaping on demand.

Each full charge can last about 40 minutes of vaping. And charging takes about two hours.

Best Portable Vaporizer Under $150: G Pen Elite

Best Features: Vapor Quality, Ease of Use, Efficiency, Temperature Settings

G Pen Elite – $149

G Pen Elite - Best Portable vaporizer

For the time being, Grenco Science was known for creating just the basic, no-bells-and-whistles portable vaporizers.

But the problem with simple vape pens with coils is the combustion, especially when vaping dry herbs.

Despite that setback, G Pens still became popular.

And this time, everything got much better with the introduction of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer.

This ingenious device raises the bar within Grenco Science’s line of portable vapes.

No more combustion.

Superb vapor quality and purity. And ergonomic, user-friendly design.


The G Pen Elite vaporizer comes in a unique, ergonomic design.

The shapes are lined to perfectly match the contours of your hand and your thumb (for the controls area).

The slim and lightweight body goes hand in hand with the Elite’s superb performance and quality.

The bottom line: it doesn’t look cheap at all.

What keeps the vapor quality high in the Elite is the 360-degree ceramic heating element.

This design allows rapid heat up and even distribution of heat.

The larger surface area of the element means your favorite botanicals are vaporized uniformly.

So there will be fewer mixing and interruptions involved.

The temperature ranges from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can accurately choose the heat setting. 

The chamber can carry up to 0.5 grams of dry herbs.

Vaping Experience

Because of the 350-degree heating chamber, expect excellent vaping experience with the Elite portable vape.

The even vaping of your materials means you get consistent flavors.

One drawback of the Elite though is the shorter mouthpiece, which sometimes renders the vapor a little too warm for some. But it just takes getting used to.

Everything else is just impressive.


The battery life of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is as impressive as the device’s performance.

Depending on your set temperature, you can have at least three to five sessions in between charging cycles.

Charging the device takes around two to three hours. And

And because it uses micro-USB cable, you can conveniently use any micro USB cable for your electronic devices.

But the only setback we see for now is the non-removable battery, which is kind of a bummer if we’d want to have continuous vaping with a rather few set of spare batteries.

Overall, the G Pen is a great leap by Grenco Science.

Full G-Pen Elite Review             Shop G-Pen Elite Vaporizer

Best Entry Level Portable Vaporizer: G Pro Vaporizer

Best Features: Moderately Discreet Design, Ease of Use, Temperature Settings, Affordable Price

G Pen Pro Vaporizer – $99

The all new G Pen Pro Herbal vaporizer is Grenco Science’s game changer.

It comes with features that every customer wishes for.

And true to its promise, it doesn’t disappoint!

Here are the highlights of the new G Pen Pro Vape.


Let’s get straight to the point:

The new G Pen Pro vaporizer comes with a heating chamber that delivers convection heating.

For a vape pen this size, this type of mechanism is arguably not common.

But this device delivers as was promised.

So expect clean, pure vapor that’s smooth.

No irritants and impurities will ever come with your vapor because the G Pen Pro uses only the highest quality materials for the heating element and the chamber inside.

Another notable design of the G Pen Pro vaporizer is the powerful battery that results in faster heat up time.

It also features three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High, with their own color as shown by the LED light.

With its more streamlined design, the G Pen Pro vaporizer comes with a click-based single-button control.

Plus, it features three preset heat levels, which are optimized for the most popular dry ground materials.

Toggle the temperature using the single-button interface and a new color-coded LED display shows which preset is currently active.

Vapor Quality

With true convection heating mechanism, the G Pen Pro vaporizer is definitely a winner in terms of vapor quality.

This is good news for those who vape for medical reasons.

The absence of smoke means you get only the best flavors from your dry herbs.

The large heating chamber that supports 0.5 grams of your ground material means you can achieve bolder, denser flavors.

Vaping Experience

When it comes to vaping experience, the G Pen Pro vaporizer delivers its promise of providing excelleny vapor quality sans the high price tag.

With faster heat up time, you’re sure to get those wonderful draws anytime you like at the least amount of time.

The ergonomic contours also make it easier for the user to operate the device.

A wallet grinder and a USB charger (included in the package) makes it so easy for you to prepare new sets of dry ground herbs for vaping.

In all, the G Pen Pro Vaporizer is a wholly improved device built to satisfy only your vaping needs.


Best Portable Vaporizer Under $130: Boundless CF

Best Features: Good value for it’s price range, above-average vapor quality, quick charging time

Boundless CF Vaporizer – $129

Boundless CF Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is a scaled-down version of the CFX.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t catch our attention, as it easily fits on our list as 2018’s best portable vaporizer under $130.

Let’s take a look at why:


The Boundless CF Vaporizer is about what a vaporizer could give from the inside rather than from its outside appearance.

Granted, the CF outer body is made of plastic, but a sturdy built means it is packed with a powerhouse that offers great functionality and consistency.

The CF still sports the same heating chamber design you can find in the CFX.

So vapor quality isn’t sacrificed in this scaled-down version.

What is absent though is the digital display.

Instead, a series of LEDs near the button indicates the current temperature.

The device has five preset temperatures you can choose from 355°F / 370°F / 385°F / 400°F / 415°F.

And an interesting combination of conduction and convection in the chamber offers quicker heat up time (20 seconds) and superb vapor quality.

The Boundless CF offers a tad more discreet vaping experience with its matte black finish, although it’s shaped could have been improved to resemble everyday mundane objects.

But with its small size, it does help you vape low key while on the go.

Vaping Experience

Because the CF shares the same heating chamber design with its higher-end sister, the CFX, you get to experience the same superb vapor quality and reliable performance.

The vapor density is just enough, but higher temperatures could render a slightly more burnt taste.

This is something Boundless can improve on.

But overall, it’s hands down to the Boundless CF.


Battery life with the CF is roughly the same with the CFX, giving you several minutes of vaping pleasure.

Charging takes only about 30-45 minutes.

That’s pretty fast compared with other portable vapes of this price range.

Best Cheap Portable Vaporizer: The MFLB

Best Features: Ease of Use, Simplicity,Price

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer – $119

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

When it comes to no-fuss, no bells-and-whistles vaping, the Magic Flight Launch Box is the way to go.

It’s a simple wooden box, with not even a single button for any controls.

But surprisingly, the MFLB offers unexpectedly good results with whatever dry herb you choose.


Etched on the body of the MFLB is the message:

“Love is that which enables choice. Always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love.

It’s a mantra which the creators have inspired many MFLB fans to this day.

Beyond that is a simple powerhouse.

With no temperature controls or a power button, the Magic Flight Launch Box relies on the insertion of a battery to turn the heating element on.

The chamber is covered by an acrylic glass lid that easily slides across the top portion of the device.

This is where you place your ground dry herbs.

The MFLB measures just 2.5×1.25×0.9 inches.

With the wooden material used, the entire device feels very light.

The glass stem, which functions as the mouthpiece, is long enough as a cooling pathway for the vapor before it reaches your mouth.

That means comfortable draws even for longer vaping periods.

Vaping Experience

As simple and as basic as the MFLB seems, the high vapor quality we experience with this device is just unexpectedly good.

No doubt, we’re pleased to recommend it to you, our followers, if what you want is something downright simple and reliable.

Because there are no electronic circuits inside, the Magic Flight Launch Box is sure to last a very long time with the minimal amount of maintenance needed.

Battery Life

While the MFLB supports an external battery, consumption is a tad faster, hence shorter vaping sessions per battery.

But the good thing about the MFLB is that you can take plenty of extras with you and having not to worry about running out of juice again.

Overall, the MFLB is one of our favoirte vapoirizers of all times and we are definitely recoomned it!

Full MFLB Review             Shop MFLB Vaporizer

Best All-in-One Portable Vaporizer: Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Best Features: Unique functionality, ease of use, vapor quality, All in one (Wax, oil dry herb)

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer – $249

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

For vaping enthusiasts and beginners, having a versatile vape lets you explore the endless possibilities of vaping.

So, we proudly include the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer.

This device is an all-in-one portable.

It is a tad priced higher than other similar vaporizers, but its wide range of functionality makes it worth the buy.


The Haze Dual V3 has a unique design: sporting two heating chambers placed side by side.

But one is built for dry herbs, and the other, for concentrates.

Yet both chambers are made from stainless steel for superb vapor quality and purity.

You can also switch between conduction and convection screens and see which option does the best job for you.

The Haze V3 comes with LED indicators that show exact temperature settings.

Yes, the V3 can let you adjust to find your sweet spot with its four heat settings.

When it comes to reaching the desired vaping temp the Haze V3 comes at an average, taking at least 90 seconds before you could start taking draws at the preferred temp.

Vaping Experience

The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer is just one superb portable vaporizer for your ultimate vaping experience.

The stainless steel heating chamber means you are guaranteed pure vapors from your botanicals.

It can support up to 0.4 grams of your material, and the glass stem ensures that the pathway keeps your vapor pure and clean.

As per our experience, we prefer using the Haze Dual V3 anywhere at level four and three.

Yes, we love bolder, denser flavors to go without concentrates or dry herbs.

We love the minimal draw resistance of the V3, so taking those hits is easy breezy.


When it comes to portability, continuous vaping is really one big concern we’d love to address.

And the Haze Dual V3 exactly does that.

Thanks to its removable 18650 2600mAh battery.

That means you can buy as many spare batteries you want and won’t have to worry about running out of juice ever again.

One full charge can last 10-15 minutes of continuous vaping time.

Is the Haze worth it for its price range?

The functionality alone screams yes, especially if you want to keep on vaping while outdoors.

Most User Friendly Portable Vaporizer: Alfa Vaporizer

Best Features: Ease of use, vapor quality, performance

Alfa Vaporizer – was $199 now $99

Alfa Vaporizer - Best Portable vaporizer

The Alfa portable vaporizer is a relatively new portable vaporizer launched by Goboof, a company not even popular before it launched the Alfa.

But we have just blown away the moment we experienced the Alfa first hand.

So it deserves a spot in one of our bests for 2018.

Here’s why we love it:


The Alfa portable vaporizer has no power buttons and no bells and whistles.

It’s all about simplicity. It has for the controls is the dial that allows you change the temperature as you like.

The Alfa is also one of the smallest vaporizers we’ve seen.

The parts are much simpler to identify.

The top section has the removable silicone mouthpiece, and the bottom part has an attached lid that opens for you to access the herb chamber.

The Alfa has a sturdy build outside. And it too doesn’t feel cheap to the touch.

The slightly matte black finish, with its simple contours, makes the device one of the most discreet vaporizers to use.

The herb chamber houses a heating pin in the middle of the oven.

This results in even distribution of heat, including the middle portion of your dry ground materials are exposed to heat.

The result?

Impressive flavor.

Vapor Quality

No doubt, the vapor quality of the Alfa is something to brag about.

Nevermind the device being a newcomer.

For its price range, the Alfa is an excellent choice.

The flavors are dense but clean enough, and not strong. T

he excellent vapor quality may be attributed to the rod at the center, which helps evenly distribute the heat inside.


You enjoy 30 minutes of vaping sessions with the Alpha vaporizer.

This is impressive given the compact size of the device.

Perhaps the only negative is the charging time of up to 3.5 hours.

But pass-through charging allows vaping your dry herbs even while the device is plugged in.

Best Portable Design Vaporizer: Arizer Air

Best Features:  Design, ease of use, vapor quality, performance

Arizer Air Vaporizer – was $229 now $164

The Arizer Air is the latest portable vaporizer released by Canadian based company Arizer.

Made to comfortably sit alongside its larger counterpart, the solo, the Arizer Air comes with more simplified features and designs without sacrificing vapor quality and performance.


 The Air is designed as the more compact counterpart of the Solo.

It addresses some of the issues users encountered with the Solo.

For one, the Air, when fitted with the glass mouthpiece, comes significantly smaller and more lightweight.

So, the device fits perfectly in your pocket, which means enhanced portability.

 The Air sports a ceramic heating element to produce pure vapors from your dry herbs.

Pair that with the glass vapor path and those flavors are guaranteed pure all throughout its journey from the chamber to the mouthpiece.

Inside the chamber, you can pack up to 0.25 grams of dry materials.

Although the Arizer Air comes with preset temperatures, it now offers just five, down from the seven setting the Solo has.

But the range still gives you enough choices:

  • 180C/356F (Blue)
  • 190C/374F (White)
  • 200C/392F (Green)
  • 205C/401F (Orange)
  • 210C/410F (Red)

When it comes to discreet vaping, the Air isn’t really the best contender.

The glass stem (albeit shorter than the Solo), is already a giveaway.

Portable vapes like the PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ are the clear winners in this department.

If you are after performance and more serious vaping sessions, the Arizer Air is still an excellent choice.

Vaping Experience

The Arizer Air is designed for serious vapers who prefer denser and more pronounced flavors from dry herbs.

We’ve noticed that the AIR’s minimum temperature is a tad higher than the Solo’s.

So don’t expect to start off with much more gentle vapors. But in fairness, the lowest setting is still comfortable enough.

Only when you extend your vaping session for several minutes will you notice a bit of a harshness when choosing higher settings.

Overall, vapor quality with the Arizer Air is above average.

Given its price tag, it should be performing well in this aspect.


If there’s one significant improvement from the Solo placed in the Arizer Air, it’s how the rechargeable battery is designed to be removable and replaceable.

This means you can always purchase extra batteries for continuous vaping sessions.

One major setback though is that the Air still uses a proprietary charger instead of the more widely compatible micro USB chargers.

To counter this, Pass-through charging is possible with the Air, in that you can still enjoy vaping even if the device is still in charge.

So, at $164, does the Arizer live up to its promises and slightly hefty price tag?

In terms of durability, it does stand out, as we’ve had users having them for more than a year now without having any issues.

As far as reliability, the Arizer Air is a big winner.

In terms of vapor purity, it comes at above average.

And lastly, battery life can be a non-issue if you purchase extra batteries to keep your sessions going.

Is it worth the price?

You bet it is.

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Here’s how we picked the best portable vaporizer for each category:

Best Overall Portable Vaporizer  –While portable vaporizers have their best features and some drawbacks, we’re looking for one that has that perfect balance of all the qualities in a single device. That means no feature is sacrificed to make way for other qualities to shine.

Best Vapor Quality Vaporizer – A vaporizer with the best vapor quality would likely use heating chambers, heating elements and vapor pathways that do not give off particles that might contaminate the vapor or alter its flavor. We’ll know which ones are the best as we’ve tested each one in our lab.

Best Vaporizer According to Price RangeThe best vaping experience does not necessarily come with a huge price tag. For example, some portable vaporizers below $150 can still pack a punch without hurting your pocket too much. An efficient heating element and battery system can be a good combination to give off the best vapor quality and performance.

Best Pocket-Sized Portable Vaporizer – A pocket-sized portable vaporizer is obviously one of the smallest. But size should not sacrifice much of the prized vapor quality, durability and battery life.

Best All-in-One Portable Vaporizer – While most portable vaporizers are designed for dry herbs and flowers, others go the extra mile by supporting all kinds of materials, including thick concentrates. These versatile designs usually call for separate chambers for each type of material. So can be interchanged, while others are fixed such as the Haze V3 Vaporizer.

Best Discreet Portable Vaporizer – Vaporizers that have the most discreet designs usually come in simple shapes, colors, and parts. The presence of an elongated mouthpiece can be a dead giveaway. Or too bright LED displays can be a distraction too. Vaporizers that resemble everyday mundane objects are the most discreet ones, and size does matter too.

Best Cheap Portable Vaporizer – Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. There is always a good choice even for the budget vaper. There are portable vaporizers below $100 that still do a good job in terms of vapor quality and reliability.

Best Entry Level Portable Vaporizer – This category is similar to the best cheap portable vaporizer in that entry level means getting the best one for beginners without the need for investing too much from your pocket. Entry levels need to be user-friendly and easy to maintain for beginners.

Most User-Friendly Portable Vaporizer – Why complicate things when all we want are really good hits? Yes, vaporizers need to be user-friendly as possible. When not needed, a feature must not interfere with the major function of a vaporizer. Ergonomics is also one factor we’re looking at as this affects the way you vape especially in the long run.

Besides individually recognizing the top vaporizers according to their best qualities, we’ve also rounded up the best choices according to their price range. That means more options for you. Here are our top picks.


K-Vape Vaporizer – $99

While vaporizer pens of the same price range still come with exposed coils and often burn your herbs, the K-Vape might just be the answer if you’re in for true vapors and better vaping experience.

The K-Vape vaporizer by Kandypens does not only offer true combustion of your dry herbs, but it also features three preset temperature settings.

The K-Vape is ideal for beginners and budget connoisseurs who like to keep things as affordable as possible without sacrificing performance and quality.

Puffco Vaporizer $99

The Puffco+ Vaporizer boasts impressive vapor quality because it makes use of only the best parts for its heating chamber, heating element and electronic parts.

That means there is no chance foreign materials will ever contaminate the vapor coming from your botanicals.

The Puffco+ vaporizer has three temperature settings, and the all-ceramic oven and coil-free chamber help avoid combustion.

It’s one great vape worth its price range!

Best Vaporizers: 101-$149 Price Range

CF Vaporizer -$129

Sporting an 80w hybrid convection-conduction heater and powered by a super efficient battery, the Boundless CF vaporizer is here to impress.

Expect large swaths of clouds from your vaping material and longer hours of vaping time with its extra large heating chamber.

The CF Vaporizer comes with five preset temperature settings for more choices with just a few pushes of the button.

Despite being a scaled down version of the CFX, the Boundless CF never disappoints!

Vapium Summit Vaporizer -$149

The Vapium Summit Vaporizer is the number choice if you love the outdoors.

Besides its heavy-duty features, this impressive device sports a thermoplastic urethane grip for easy handling.

The LED display helps you read the vital signs of your device, and the eight temperature settings let you choose the best spot for your taste.

Love the adventure?

The Vapium Summit vaporizer is the best dry-herb vape for you.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer -$119

No buttons. No electronic features. Just pure simple design.

That’s what the Magic Flight Launch Box is all about.

Just insert the battery to activate the heating element and start vaping.

How simpler could it get?

Yet the MFLB boasts impressive vapor quality.

And the basic design (no electronic parts) means the MFLB can last for a long time.

That’s great vaping experience without the fuss!

Best  Vaporizers:  $149-$200 Price Range

 Pax 2 Vaporizer – $274

The PAX 2 vaporizer is a star.

It’s one of the most popular vapes.

Thanks to its simple design that’s comparable to the iPhone in the mobile world.

The elegant finish is just what’s on the outside. Inside is a powerhouse of highly efficient heating chamber.

Plus, the four preset temperature allows you to choose your favorite setting more easily.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer – $149

The G Pen Elite vaporizer if one of Grenco Science’s best releases to date.

It veers away from the traditional heating coil vape-pen type. With the Elite, you get to enjoy precise vaping temp adjustment.

Plus the LED display conveniently tells you the current heat setting and other indications.

But it’s the vapor quality that makes the Elite worth the buy.

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer – $199

With a glass vapor pathway and an efficient heating chamber, the Ascent ensures superb vapor quality from your favorite vaping material.

Yes, it can now support all kinds of it: dry herbs, waxes, and oils.

That’s truly remarkable for a super slim portable vape.

It has precise heat settings too!

Best  Vaporizers: $201-$250 Price Range

Arizer Air Vaporizer -$229

The Canadian-made Arizer Air is, shall, we say, a scaled down version of the Arizer Solo.

This device only has five heat settings, but still makes sure you have the perfect sport for your vaping pleasure.

The Air is more lightweight and slimmer than the Solo.

But what we truly admire about its design is the removable 18650 battery.

That means you can carry extra ones with you if you find no time to charge the used ones within the day.

How convenient is that?

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer – $249

The Haze V3 vaporizer is the answer to some customers’ complaints of having to swap heaitng chambers for dry herbs and concentrates.

With the V3, this step is removed as it already comes with a dual oven.

One for your dry flowers and the other for your favorite waxes or any other concentrate.

The four temperature settings esure you get to have the option of choosing which one fits perfectly for your taste.

Best  Vaporizers: $270 and up

PAX 3 Vaporizer – $274

If you put the PAX 3 and PAX 2 side by side, you won’t see that much difference.

But to our surprise, the PAX 3 is a lot way better with longer battery life.

Plus, it now supports concentrates!

What we don’t want to miss telling you is the faster heat up time too.

It’s as if the makers of the PAX 3 listened carefully to what you, the users, demand from a truly portable vaporizer.

All these improvements are definitely worth the price!

Crafty Vaporizer – Was $339 Now $279

The Crafty vaporizer is the scaled down version og the Mighty.

Though smaller and has lesser juice than the Mighty, vapor quality isn’t sacrificed at all.

With no electronic display, sans other features, the Crafty is the best choice for those who’d like to go on a budget but still like to experience what the Mighty can offer.

So how do you precisely control the temp?

Easy. Just install the smartphone app for the Crafty and connect it to your device!

Mighty Vaporizer – Was $399 Now $349

When it comes to awesome power, vapor quality and durability combined, there’s nothing like the MIghty portable vaporizer by Storz and Bickel.

It may not be the most discreet device, but those two cylindrical shapes in the body are the batteries that give you 90 minutes of continuous, awesome vaping experience.

The precise temperature control also lets you find your sweet spot so easily.

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