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Here’s a fact:

Because of the popularity of cannabis, a lot of users are now using oil rather than dry herbs.

Whenever the term “oil” is used in the vaping industry, it pertains mainly to extracts that originated from hemp.

For a more technical description of what “oil” is, it pertains to three things namely hemp oil, CBD oil, and Marijuana oil.

Now, the oils differ from each other with based on its content.

CBD oil, for instance, is filled with a low dose of THC and high doses of cannabidiol.

Marijuana oil, on the other hand, is the opposite as it pertains to the extract containing a high amount of THC.

And lastly, hemp oil is the oil that comes from the seed of hemp plants itself.

These vape pens are known for their compact appearance, not to mention their ability to deliver superb performance to its users.

And today I have something that will make you feel like you have Wax superpowers:

The Top 9 best Dab Pen Vaporizers on today’s market.

Best For:  Wax $69

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit is a vape pen specifically for wax concentrates.

What makes this vaporizer unique is its atomizer’s construction that is made of high resistance titanium and the ability to work in lower temperatures
This helps keep the vapor smooth, not to mention, flavorful for its users.

It has been designed to wrap evenly around the wick for quality vaping sessions and prevent the material from getting burned.

Included in Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit are two atomizers. Each atomizer can last around a month of regular vaping sessions.

This particular wax vaporizer comes with different glass accessories. One of which is the glass globe attachment that allows you to see the vapor as it is getting produced.

It also has the percolator and the recycler attachment. Both of these contraptions make it possible for the users to enjoy concentrates through small amounts of water.
This helps smoothen the vapor a bit better when it goes to the water. The small amount of water also allows filtration without drastically changing the flavor of your vapor.

As for its battery, a fully charged unit can give you approximately 200 to 300 draws. But of course, it varies depending on how often you vape.

For regular users, they can get a few days on a single charge which can be a good thing for Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit.

As for charging, it needs approximately two hours to charge the unit when it is completely drained.

Best For:  Wax $49

The phenomenal SToK R Series vaporizer comes as a pleasant surprise to the vaping world.

At times when price dictates the quality of vaporizers, the SToK R Series defies this notion.

Why? because with tag price below $50, the SToK R2 offers you superb vapor quality from your waxy oils.

The heating chamber of the SToK R Series vaporizer comes with a polycarbonate material.

It might feel plastic and rather cheap-looking, but this durable material does a decent job in being heat-resistant and keeping the vapors fresh and clean.

You’ll be amazed at how the heating element stacks up the clouds of vapor from the bottom up.

The SToK R Series vaporizer comes in a very lightweight design with a black finish for added stealth.

What’s really noticeable with this device though is the thick clouds of vapor that give you that ultimate satisfaction each and every time.

As SToK slogan says, this thing really “rips!”

Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer

Best For:  Oil and Wax   $44

After the success of Atmos RX vaporizer, there’s a lot of hype behind the use of Atmos Optimus.

Exclusively designed for oils, wax, and e-liquids, this vaporizer doesn’t disappoint especially among vape connoisseurs with very high expectations from Atmos. Initial impression might make you question its size. It is a bit bigger than other average vape pens in the market.

However, it is a user-friendly version with its graduated chamber not to mention easy to attach mouthpiece.

As mentioned, it makes use of a clear transparent chamber that allows you to see the remaining contents as you vape.

It also offers a ceramic heating element that allows even vaporization of oil.

The vapor it delivers is completely odorless and with no sign of burning. You also don’t have to wait too long in order to use the Atmos Optimus. It heats up in just around 10 seconds.

You can get the Atmos Optimus Vaporizer for just $49.95.

Yes, this vaporizer pen for oils by Atmos comes with a reasonable price tag but with a sturdy body and a cartridge case that’s made of glass. It’s worth the investment if you’d like to try oils the first time.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer (Coil-Free Chamber)

Best For:  Wax $99

Puffco Plus is made by a Brooklyn based company. To put it simply, Puffco built a better Wax Pen Vape than any other company. 

Puffco Plus offer small innovations that make a huge difference, especially to someone who tried different kinds of vape pens over the years.

The wire typically located by the pen atomizer has been moved outside the chamber. This idea has been used in larger portable vaporizers but hasn’t been utilized as much on smaller vape pens.

In addition to this, it makes use of a ceramic heating element that has lower thermal conductivity.

The mouthpiece has a ceramic insert that looks like a round disc with a dart sticking from it.

According to Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky, this design serves two main functions:

One, As soon as the dart has been loaded into the chamber, this helps to press the oil into the ceramic.

Secondly, it helps to direct the air that going through the chamber.

Another big improvement to like about the Puffco Plus is its large bowl.

As for the taste, we couldn’t be more satisfied. You get a superb vapor from the Puffco Plus.

The Puffco Plus features three temperature settings for your preference. You can also have a 12-second continuous heating that is dubbed as “sesh mode”. 

Like any other vaporizer, the Puffco has still some points to improve.

For instance, while we were using the device it got a bit too hot to a point we couldn’t even hold it.

In addition to this, it also becomes a bit messy because of the dart that spreads the oil away from the middle part of the vape’s chamber.

And although it has quick release threads that make it easy for users to check the oil, this is also the part where oil could spill into your pockets if you are a bit reckless.

Atmos Junior Vaporizer 

Best For:  Wax $49

A more compact version of the Atmos RX, The Atmos Junior is a stand out for a lot of vape pen enthusiasts.

Though its size has significantly sized down by two-inches from the Atmos Raw’s six-inch frame, it offers the same experience in vaping sessions.

One of the best things about the Atmos Junior is the fact that you don’t get to experience any burnt taste from your sessions.

It makes use of a microchip technology that helps control the temperature of the device preventing any possibility of overheating. And of course, it allows you to get big draws.

By removing the cap, you will be able to see the Atmos Junior’s ceramic chamber and its coil.

It is noticeable how both the coil and the ceramic chamber have significantly decreased in size from the Atmos RX.

However, it is easier to load up the waxy material, which is something that you should look forward to.

Included in the Atmos Junior is a mouthpiece made from environmentally friendly rubber. This gives the user an easier time during sessions.

When it comes to its battery life, the Atmos Junior’s lithium battery can last a long time.

As for things that the company can improve on, they can definitely do something with its controls.

You have to deal with the small buttons when it comes to operating the Atmos Junior. And mainly due to its size, things can be a bit frustrating at times.


Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Best For:  Wax $99

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is an entry level vape pen for those individuals in need of a discreet option when it comes to their concentrates.

It is one of those sub-$100 products that really make sense for a lot of consumers today.

Let’s first start by describing its appearance. The Aurora Vaporizer has a matte black appearance that looks classy from the outside.

It is also handy in case you want to be discreet whenever you are doing your sessions.

The construction of the Dr. Dabber Aurora is composed of three parts namely the mouthpiece, battery, and the atomizer.

Unlike other vaporizers that are connected by threads that can get worn out over time, the Dr. Dabber Aurora is connected by magnets.

This makes it also easy to maintain and load materials. Unfortunately, the temperature that they claim is most likely hotter than 232°C-343°C or 450°F-650°F range. It is something that you may want to consider if you are health conscious. It is also good idea if you use the quartz atomizer. This makes it so much easier to clean.

It is also said that the best temperature is when the color of Dr. Dabber Aurora turns green which it claims to be its lowest temperature.

If you are someone who rarely does vaping, this is the perfect product that you might want to invest on. It is affordable and can get the job done. For heavy vaping sessions though, this might not be what you are looking for.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer 

Best For:  Wax $69

Another discreet option by Atmos and yet very powerful option is the Atmos Jump.

Unlike other pen vaporizers, the Atmos Jump runs on a powerful 1200 mah battery, while it features a single temperature setting.

For starters, loading is simple with this device. You just have to open the top counter clockwise to see the heating chamber.

To instruction to turn and operate the device is pretty straight forward.

By pressing the button three times quickly, the device starts to heats up once the orange LED light comes on.

Once the right temperature has been reached, the orange light then turns to green and you are ready to go.

Since the device was designed for short sessions, it automatically shuts down after five minutes in order to preserve the battery of your device.

Now, if you wish to turn off the device, all you need to do is just press the button three times quickly.

Based on the manual, the temperature setting for the Atmos Jump is at 395°F/200°C.

The vapor that Atmos Jump produces is in-between of thick and thin vapor which can be something that users can really enjoy.

Unfortunately, due to its size and short path, you can expect the vapor to be a bit warm. However, it is not as harsh as other vape pens we reviewed. 

In terms of the product’s construction, it is a sturdy product made of carbon fiber.

While the chamber makes use of anodized steel, the unit itself is something well-built and could definitely last for a number of sessions.

Micro G pen Vaporizer 

Best For:  Wax $69

The Micro G Pen has become popular for its simple and straightforward one button design.

This button controls the power and the heating element.

Press the unit three times, and you will be able to unlock it.

And by pressing it again, you will be able to engage the heating coil found in its “wax tank.”

The mouthpiece slides off and allows you to load up the chamber with your wax.

The heating element makes use of a coil and ceramic wick, the same material that has been utilized in the Micro G Herbal.

One downside to the Micro G Pen is its one temperature setting.

This can be understandable given the simple operations of the device.

The good thing is that it produces enough heat to provide an average vapor without burning the concentrates.

Unfortunately, while we were using it, it wouldn’t vaporize everything that we place inside it.

Moreover, after a few uses, we noticed that residue start to build up. Eventually, it is the same residue that is going to affect how it performs.

As for the materials of the Micro G Pen, it is made of metal and is covered in silicone. The silicone guarantee that it will withstand the usual wear and tear required from a vape pen.

heating element, it makes use of a coil and ceramic wick, the same material that has been utilized in the Micro G Herbal.

Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer 

Best For:  Wax $99

The Kandy Pens Galaxy is an elegant looking vape pen that allows you to use both wax and oil concentrates without a problem.

Measuring around 10.5 cm, it has a convenient design that fits perfectly in your jeans.

One of the things that make it stand out is its quartz atomizer. This allows the KandyPens Galaxy to produce thick clouds despite short draws.

It also has a quartz crystal-lined chamber and designed to have the two quartz rod almost near the bottom of this device. The rods are then wrapped in titanium coil.

Quartz is the perfect material due to its ability not to absorb concentrates. It has been known among experts as the material that produces the purest taste in terms of vapor.

That means you won’t feel any burnt taste, not to mention easy maintenance after every vaping session.

To clean it after your vaping session, all you need to do is simply soak it in ISO alcohol, and you would have it like a brand new vape all again.

The atomizer’s capacity is at 0.3 grams. However, make sure that you don’t push it to its limit every time if you don’t want the chances of clogging the device.

Loading the device with 0.1 to 0.2 grams of concentrates can already get around 5 to 30 hits depending on how you draw.

The 2016 version of the Kandy Pens Galaxy has been updated. The air intake holes were transferred to a higher position on the walls.

They then sealed off the holes by the bottom of the Kandy Pens Galaxy which drastically improved its airflow. This design also helped prevent leaks from seeping into the battery.

As far as the battery, you can get around 8 to 15 sessions once it’s fully charged. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge it once you drain the battery completely.

However, it is suggested that you bring along USB charger if you plan on using it all day long, or just get an extra battery and have a piece of mind.

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What is Dab Pen Vaporizer

And How They Work

Vaporizer pens, whether designed for dry ground material or concentrates, share similar general parts.

First, we have the mouthpiece where the vapor passes through and out of the device.

Then comes the rechargeable battery to provide energy to the heating element.

The third and most important part of the device in terms of vapor quality is the atomizer or clearomizer.

With oil vaporizer pens, the main difference lies in the heating chamber.

The heating element, which still usually comes in a metal or ceramic coil, is specially designed to work for liquids efficiently.

One additional component in a heating chamber for oils is the “wick” or fiber.

This part, which stays inside the coil, absorbs part of the e-juice or oil to help control the amount of concentrate vaporized.

The heating chamber of a vape pen for oils may come in an opaque or transparent shell.

Vapers who prefer discreet vaping sessions usually prefer solid-colored oil cartridges.

But a transparent version, also called the clearomizer, is much more preferred because it’s the only way to know how much oil or e-juice you have left in your tank.

Without any visual gauge, the only way you’ll know your oil is almost used up is when the vapor starts to exude that slightly burnt smell.

How to Choose the Ideal  

Dab Pen Vaporizer?

There are many options when it comes to oil and waxy vaporizers in the market today.

<“p1”>In fact, don’t be surprised if it becomes overwhelming on your part.

There are different types of vaping enthusiasts, not to mention different oil vaporizer designs.

From the thickness of the vapor to the overall durability of the product, these are just some of the things usually considered by oil pen vape enthusiasts.

1. What Type of Material You’ll You Use?

There are different types of oils to choose from.

Depending on the effect that you want, you can choose from three types of oils.

For instance, if you are looking not to get high and simply get the benefits of cannabis, then perhaps you can stick with the CBD oils.

On the other hand, if you want more THC on your sessions, you can go for the marijuana oil that is also popular for treating pain conditions.

2. Compactness and Portability

The vape pen should most likely fit in your pocket.

This allows you to carry it around and use it without getting too much attention.

3. Price

When buying a new vaporizer, you don’t want to go over your budget.

The good news is that you can find different products with different price range. All the dab pen vaporizers mention above are starting at as little as $49 and no more than $99.  

4. Battery Life and Charging 

It is important to check the battery life of Dab Pen Vapes mainly for the reason that it is portable.

A lot of vape pens have auto shut off feature every few seconds in order to conserve energy whenever you are not actively using the device. 

5. Warranty and Quality

One of the things to look for if you are particular about the quality of your vape pen is its warranty.

The longer the company is willing to give a warranty to their product, the more likely that it is well-built.

But of course, you still want to read the fine print when it comes to what is included in the warranty.

6. Appearance and Build Quality

You should take design into consideration when looking for your new dab pen vaporizer.

For instance: What types of materials were used on the exterior and the internal components?

These things will give you an idea about the vapor quality and the overall performance of the device.

Dry Herb Vape Pens VS

Dab Pen Vaporizers

Although vaporizer pens for dry herbs remain the most sought-after models, Wax vape pens Are gaining popularity quickly.

This shifting happen because vaporizing oils/wax is much easier than doing it with dry herbs.

For one, you won’t have to grind your vaping material before you start your session.

Also, if you happen to get a high-quality Dab Pen vaporizer, you’ll enjoy a really good-quality vapor and you won’t experience any spillovers (with well-designed models).

However, you must take note that oils contain much higher concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids than dry herbs.

So, if you’re a beginner trying to switch from smoking tobacco (or would want to use cannabis for medical reasons), you might start with dry herbs.

When higher tolerance starts kicking in, you can try concentrates in smaller amounts.

Then, gradually increase the amount of the vaping material and the frequency of hits.

If you’re not just into oils and would also like to use dry herbs and concentrates interchangeably, we recommend vaporizer pens that can double as oil vape and ground-herb vape.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Atmos RX doubles as an oil vaporizer when a separate oil attachment is used instead of the regular herb chamber.

If you also like the flavors coming out from e-juices, go for these vaporizer pens for liquids.

Perhaps one advantage you’ll get with these concentrates is that you get to choose flavors — even the fruity ones.

These kinds of flavorful pleasure are something you just can’t get with plain, dry herbs. In other words, you’d experience more versatility with oils and other concentrates.

Just make sure you get the ones with really good quality.

Dab Pen Vaporizer 


Q. What is an oil vape pen?

A: Similar to a vaporizer, an oil vape pen particularly deals with concentrates. It has the basic parts of a heating element, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. Typically, the vape pens can reach higher temperatures since concentrates need higher temperatures in order to get vaporized.

Q. How much is an oil vaporizer?

A: The price range for Dab vaporizer is as little as $49 to $99 for the most advance vape.

Q. Is it hard to load this kind of vaporizer?

A: There are different designs to choose from. Some have been designed better than others.

There are vaporizers that make it easy for the users to load their materials.

When choosing your Vaporizer, you should look into how easy is to load it up.

Q. When does it become practical to use this kind of handy vaporizer?

A: Vape pens come in handy if you are looking for a specific type of cannabinoid during your sessions.

It also works well when you like higher concentrations of these specific cannabinoids.

And most importantly, unlike desktop vaporizers, you can bring dab vaporizers anywhere you like.

Final Thought 

Vaporizer pens for oils are a good way of experiencing the benefits of medical cannabis in a much higher, more potent level.

Of course, dry herbs remain popular, probably because you reap the full benefits of all the cannabinoids present in the natural, unprocessed plant.

But recent improvements in processing cannabis make oils a good alternative to dry materials.

Oils are more convenient materials to handle because just a few drops of it can give you really good effects.

And when handled properly, you always experience neat vaping sessions.

There’s no need to use separate grinder just to finely grind dry herbs.

There’s absolutely no mess, which you would otherwise experience when replacing used-up materials with fresh ones.

In general, Dab vaporizers are cheaper too. So, you gain more freedom to try different models and finally stick with the device that gives you the biggest hits.

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