(Last Updated On: June 6, 2019)

The age of technology modernized every niche of our life with an aim to bring comfort, joy, and progress in a much easier and sometimes even safer way. The current trend of vaping is one such change. What started as an alternative to smoking today has a fan base of its own. There are even vaporizer liquids for non-smokers without nicotine available these days.

Just like tobacco, the practice of smoking various herbs for certain benefits has existed in various parts of the world. While some considered this as a form of medicine, there are various other reasons why smoking herbs can be beneficial. But just like in case of tobacco, eliminating the smoke by switching to vaporizer might actually turn out to be extremely beneficial.

Here are a few benefits of vaping herbs that can be very good for your overall health:

1. Improved flavor depth

Often when smoking herbs only the ones with the strongest aroma tend to dominate the general smell of smoke. In most cases, we only sense the burning smell which might not be necessarily pleasing or useful. Removing the process of combustion in vaporizers ensures that the dry herb is vaped at a prime temperature that preserves its unique flavors and aroma. It helps the substance to last longer as well as taste better. One will be able to experience the full profile of the herbs through a dry herb vaporizer without experiencing a burning feeling in their throat.

2. It can help eliminate harmful toxins while smoking

Smoking has the same effect on the lungs no matter the substance used. This is because the combustion process leaves behind a residue that harms the lungs. Although carbon-monoxide does not get completely eliminated during vaping, the levels are significantly low compared to smoking which makes this a safer option. Smoking can also deteriorate your appetite and of course, the addiction has various problems associated with it especially during withdrawal. But vaping is much lighter on the body. In fact, vaping ensures there are no deposits on the lungs and throat which makes it healthier. This is why vaping cannabis sativa is considered much safer than smoking it. This way toxins from combustion are eliminated and the health benefits of herbs can be achieved from dry herb vaping.

Also, smoking products leave residue in the body that is called the tar. There are other carcinogenic substances that also start depositing. As vaping eliminates the process of combustion, the amount of tar or carcinogens is significantly lower. The residue gets deposited in the vapor’s chambers instead which can be cleaned and reused.

3. Vaporizers are easier to use

Unlike smoking herbs where preparing the roll is important and might be difficult to make for the beginners, vaping is straightforward and easy to use. Vape pens come with a simple mechanism and are easy to carry around and use. There are pocket vaporizers, mod vaporizers, and vape pens, etc, which offer a wide range of choices to pick from based on your personal preference. Any residue is easy to remove and dispose of in case of vaporizers and most of them come with adjustable temperatures to make the experience customized and comfortable for the user.  

4. The effects are instant

When it comes to consuming herbs, marijuana seeds or related products like full-spectrum CBD oil, we expect the effects to kick in immediately. This is only possible while vaping. The juices directly enter your body and introduce the effect much faster as compared to other methods such as smoking. This way the amount of substance required will also be less and you can enjoy a quick kick in of the effects. This also does not leave any stench on your clothes or other items unlike during smoking.

5. Easier to control the levels

Controlling the amount of substance you use is important to ensure you do not overuse. And in the case of the best desktop vaporizers, it hands you more power to control the exact amount of dry herbs you require. You can start with small dosages and gradually enhance it by controlling the total substance. You also have control over the heat at which it vaporizes and hence you can experiment to find your rhythm. For beginners experimenting with different levels can be easier and more efficient in case of a vaporizer as compared to any other method.

6. It is more efficient for medicinal purposes

Micro-dosing has become quite common in herbal vaping. Vaporizers make consuming very small amounts that do not affect the body but achieve a cellular response possible. This method has been particularly beneficial for patients requiring cannabis-based treatments. It also makes consuming these herbal substances easier and controls their levels which is essential for medicinal purposes.

7. It is cost-effective

A vaporizer is a one-time investment which might seem slightly expensive at the beginning. But a vaporizer involves minimal repetitive cost which makes it more cost effective in the long run as opposed to smoking. Also, when we talk about marijuana, we observe that THC conversion is about 46% in the case of vaporizers as opposed to 25% in the case of smoking. ABV or already vaped bud is reusable in case of vaporizers. This means you can draw all the juice out of your herbs without having to exhaust them all at one go. The leftovers, although may not be as efficient to vape again can be reused to create other products such as creams, smoothies, etc, which makes it cost effective.

With plenty of choices to improve many popular vaporizers like Mighty Vaporizer are leading their way into spreading the vaping trend. This move aims at reducing the use of tobacco which is one of the most important benefits of herbal vaping. Vaporizers are slowly gaining popularity across the world. By exploring the wide choice of herbal extracts and juices to vape you can enjoy the benefits of these herbs without facing side effects.


Written by Kathy Cooley