Atmos Unveils New ‘Blockbuster’ Additions R2 and Liv
(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)

This year marks another success for Atmos Technologies as it releases not only the latest vape pen, but also a portable vaporizer that boasts features never before seen in the vaping world: The Atmos R2 and the Atmos Liv vaporizers.

There are plenty of reasons why the R2 and Liv are the new sexy. So, to keep things straight to the point, here are the most notable improvements and cool features that are worth keeping an eye on:

The Atmos R2 Vaporizer

Atmos r2 vaporizer

At first glance, the Atmos R2 Vaporizer looks unmistakably Atmos Raw’s larger cousin. Indeed, this newcomer comes with a larger heating chamber and battery. Of course, bigger battery means more draws in between battery recharging. But ‘big’ isn’t just what the R2 is all about. The R2 vape pen is designed not only for dry herbs and flowers, but also for waxes and waxy oils. The anodized heating element makes this dual function possible. This new feature also results in denser flavors from your botanicals.

Coming in colors black, white, grey and black, the Atmos R2 looks sleeker and ‘sexier’ with its better contours and lightweight design. But what really sets this new model from the Atmos Raw (Rx) and the Atmos Junior? Let’s check them out:

Physical Size

Measuring 6.5 inches in length, the Atmos R2 vape pen dwarfs both the Raw Rx and the Junior, which measure 5.5 inches and 4 inches long, respectively. This means the larger size makes the R2 a little less discreet. But Atmos made it larger for good reasons.

First is the bigger heating chamber size. Screw the R2’s chamber open and compare it with that of the Atmos and you’ll see a slightly bigger diameter in the R2. That means more volume for your botanicals or waxes and of course, richer and more potent flavors.

The second thing you’ll notice is the bigger battery. Among the three, it’s the Atmos R2 that offers more draws and the longest vaping time because of the battery’s larger capacity. We’ve tested the R2 and the battery clocked around 25 minutes of continuous heating. Compare that with the raw that lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. In reality, we don’t turn the heat continuously that long, so expect hours of vaping pleasure before you start searching for a power supply.

Heating Coil

No one can simply just choose a vape pen by considering just the herb chamber size. True, a larger capacity means more of your materials placed in one vaping session. But if your vaporizer contains a relatively small heating coil, you’d get little improvements in vapor quality.

The Atmos R2, on the other hand, boasts a larger heating element. Yes, it’s larger than what the Raw Rx and Junior have. It can go hotter too, resulting in denser vapors and deeper flavors. If you’ve been used to stronger hits, then the Atmos R2 might just be what you need.

Improved Design

The moment you use the R2 vaporizer for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the plastic power button, which is made more durable than the rubber material made for the Raw RX and the Junior. And because the plastic power button protrudes a few millimeters away from the battery, it would be easier for you to locate it. Compare that with the rather flat rubber power button on the Raw and Junior, but you still need to feel with your hands and could cause just a little bit of inconvenience.

But despite some of the major improvements with the design, the Atmos R2 vaporizer still sports a rubber mouthpiece to help keep your lips comfortable while vaping. At $139,99, the R2 may be a tad pricier than the Atmos Raw, but all the improvements the R2 definitely worth the buy.

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Atmos Liv Vaporizer


Atmos liv vaporizer

In the age of smartphones and tablets, nothing could be more innovative for Atmos than to create a vaporizer that doubles as a power bank. The new Atmos Liv vaporizer not only is an ultraportable vaping device. Its extra power also promises convenience if you’re always on the go with your electronic gadgets with 2600 milliamps of charging power.

The Atmos Liv vaporizer is an all-in-one device that supports dry herbs, flowers, waxy oils and concentrates. This is made possible because of the ceramic eating chamber that’s designed to support any type of botanicals.

When it comes to discreet vaping, the Liv simply looks like a dedicated power bank because the mouthpiece can easily be tucked inside the device when not in use. And just like other power banks, this device sports cool colors too, which include green, black, blue and silver.

Because the Atmos Liv is packed with so much power for a vaporizer, it proves ideal for long hours of use outdoors. Talk about music festivals, concerts, camping and all things that keep you away from the plug.

All in all, the Liv vaporizer is a model that obviously veers away from all the pen-style vaporizers released by Atmos Technologies. But its revolutionary design comes as a surprise given its design (power bank) that unexpectedly has less to do with the usual features like temperature controls or even a much bigger chamber. But this device’s unique feature is indeed worth mentioning. Thumbs up to the Atmos Liv!

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So, which one of the two newcomers is yours? Tell us with your comments below.

Written by Kris Carter