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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)


A lot of people want to take their vaping experience outside of the house. This habit has created a demand triggering manufacturers to innovate their vaporizers for sale. Enter the influx of compact and handy vaporizers that can give you a quick fix anywhere you go.

The Transporter is a great innovation from Atmos.  Looking more like a flask than a vaporizer, the Atmos Transporter is a sleek and stealthy product meant for dry herbs. It is also a handy companion for those who are looking to have a discreet vaping experience. The Atmos Transporter has a ceramic heating chamber, which is termed as an embedded heating element. This simply means that just like a true vaporizer, end users will not see any exposed heating coils.

If you are a fan of different vaporizers in the market, you probably know by now that some Atmos Vaporizers tend to have a difficult time dealing with the most common complaints of combustion. Although many enthusiasts don’t mind such drawback and even find this an advantage, this reputation also hurts the brand especially for those who are very much particular with whether what comes from the vaporizer is vapor or smoke.

Atmos Raw for instance, in my experience, wasn’t really something you’ll be excited about. On the other hand, once you open the Atmos Transporter, you’ll be surprised that it has the ability to give the best vapor, without going overboard on your budget. The product falls under the $165 category. This is a sweet deal if you will ask me. If you are willing to look around, you’ll see more of this product within the price range of $120.

First impressions

Upon getting the product, you’ll notice the nice sturdy packaging with modern font type. Upon opening the box, you’ll see the Atmos Transporter immediately with all the accessories at the bottom. There’s no storage whatsoever for the unit, so yes, it could’ve been better.


What makes the product unique is that bystanders will not really notice that you are holding a vaporizer. Instead, it may look like an ordinary flask, as if it is for drinking. The downside, of course, is that it may look like you are actually carrying liquor. This could be a turn off, or a good thing, depending on who you ask.

If you are driving and carrying this around, better hide it! The surface of the product is made of a scratch resistant material. This allows you to use the vaporizer continuously while minimizing the wear and tear on its exterior.

Weighing around 6 ounces, measuring 3.25 x 2.25 x 1 inch dimensions, this is an easy to carry unassuming vaporizer. It can in fact fit in your pocket without any problem. If you will compare the size of the Atmos Transporter to the other popular vaporizers in the market, you’ll notice that hands down, this is a compact device. Pax and Solo are both bulky compared to this product.

The majority of the 6 ounce weight of the vaporizer comes from the batteries. The product contains rechargeable 2600 mAh batteries that can really last for your sessions. Fully charged battery of the Transporter allows you to use the product for two days.

The colors of the product differ depending on your preference. You can have the Transporter in gold, silver or bronze. The black part of the Transporter is plastic, which is something I personally do not approve of. As for most of the body, it is made of aluminum.

How to use the Atmos Transporter?

The bottom of the flask shaped vaporizer swivels where you could place the herb that is supposed to be heated. Just twist the bottom part, and you will see a bowl which allows the end users to place around .1-.2g of herbs. Once you open the bottom part, you’ll also see where the batter is located. It is highly recommended that when you use the product, you make use of grinded herbs. Upon grinding the herbs, you can place as much as two bowls worth of herbs on your Atmos Transporter.

Though you can carry the flask shaped Transporter anywhere due to its size, you have to deal with the fact that it is difficult to place the herb without the use of any device. You can’t lay the product flat, thus it is one of the most common complains that I have with the Atmos Transporter.  Once you have loaded the product with the necessary herbs, you have to press the button for around three seconds. The temperature will then reach a standard 380F. With this temperature, you can already use the product in just under a minute.

Holding the button firmly for around 3-4 seconds, the LED indicator will show you whether or not it is ready for use. Green means that the device is already on, but you have to remember that this only means that the device has been switched on. To make sure that the herbs are fully heated, you still have to wait a bit.

Vaping Experience

Vaping is a great experience using this product. Loading the herbs, it usually takes around 40-45 seconds to heat up. The device in its own is a mini-oven. This technology allows the users to heat the herbs without dealing with exposed coils. After waiting for approximately 40-45 seconds, you are ready to puff. The product will only tolerate the dry herbs. This means that if you are a fan of wax, this isn’t the product to go for. Either the fine or medium grind material works just fine with this product.  

The product is limited to medium draws, while the vapor is only warm. If you have used other vaporizers, this product falls on the average vaping experience. On your first draw, don’t be surprised that there’s a weird taste, others call it the “robot fart” taste.  But after that, you won’t have any problem.

Being a rebranded version of the Flowermate V7, you’ll notice a somewhat similar experience using the product. The taste is relatively close. Atmos recently bought Smiss, which allowed the company to bring in the good stuff to their offering.

If you will compare the Flowermate V7 with the Atmos Transporter, you’ll notice that the latter is a compact version of the former. Among the additions is the rubber mouthpiece on the Transporter which makes it stealthy while you are vaping.

Pros of Using the Device

A lot of vaporizers in the market suffer wear and tear because of the fact that you just can’t clean the device completely. The Transporter, with its compact design, is surprisingly easy to clean on the outside and inside the heating chamber. Using a brush, you could clean the surrounding walls of the heating chambers. With moist paper towels, you can already clean the mouthpiece component of the device.

Just like any other battery, it is highly suggested tat you fully charge the battery and plug it in only when it is already drained.

In terms of vaping, I do love the fact that the heating chamber makes use of an oven style technology. The herb and the coil won’t make contact, but instead, the herbs are heated through convection.

Also, a lot of people love to use their vaporizers in public. The size does matter for most people since they want to make it discreet. You’ll get mix reactions with the shape and overall appearance of the product. For some people, they find the flask shape a turn off since there’s a chance you’ll look like an alcoholic. On the other hand, there are people who love it for its shape.


Some of the most common complaints we’ve had so far is the seemingly fragile bottom cover that tempts you to be extra careful when loading your herbs. Also, the pathway can be quite challenging to clean especially when it gets clogged by residues. But overall, my experience with the pros far outweighs the cons, of course.

Final verdict

Should you or should you not buy the Atmos Transporter? The main reason why you should buy the product is its size. If you are after a compact and handy vaporizer, this is a strong candidate. Producing an average taste, you’ll see that this is already a good deal. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated vaporizer, then try to find another product.

If you are used on having Atmos products, don’t be surprised if this version is somewhat different. In fact, as mentioned, it is a rebranded and improved version of the Flowermate V7. This product is a standout compared to the other Atmos products in the market. It is a good call for Atmos to buy Smiss which allowed them to come up with this great device.

In terms of price, $165 is already a good deal. But of course, trying other vaporizers myself, I will have to set this product as a backup. I still prefer to have the bigger and more sophisticated vaporizers to satisfy my vaping experience. Atmos Transporter is more for traveling than my go to vaporizer.

If you are after vaporizer that you could use on the go, you’ll love the product because of its lightweight and compact design. Though it could’ve been better if it came with a pouch, it is still a decent vaporizer to purchase. Since most of the weight is just coming from the battery, it isn’t really a hassle to carry the device around. Also, it has that sleek look.

Buy it Here: Atmos Transporter Portable Vaporizer 


Written by Nancy Roberts