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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Smoakzon Atmos Orbit vaporizer editor rating

The Good / The Atmos Orbit vaporizer promises zero combustion. That means you get only true vapors from your dry herbs. This is made possible because of the embedded heating element, preventing direct contact with your botanicals. Also, the improved unlocking mechanism requires you to rapidly press the power button only three times. This gives more convenience rather than the five-clicks required by other models.

The Bad / A bulkier body means less discreet vaping. It’s even slightly larger than the Atmos R2. Also, the Atmos Orbit vaporizer pen only has one preset temperature setting. More options could have been a nice-to-have feature. The Orbit is also priced way above the average vaporizer pen, so a lower price would also be more appealing.

The Bottom Line / If you prefer smooth and clean vapor, the Atmos Orbit best fits that category of pure vaporizers. The larger size may be quite a setback, but it’s still better than the far bulkier portable vaporizers. Atmos Technology did a very good job at taking vape pens to a higher level, proving to the vaping world that despite the small size of pens, advanced features like true vaporization are not impossible to achieve. So, it’s all thumbs up for the Orbit vaporizer pen by Atmos.

Atmos orbit overall rating

Introduction to the New Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

The demand for a handy vaporizer is so strong that companies try to fill in the market with these products. Options for pen-shaped vaporizers can be quite diverse. Pen shaped vaporizers made it possible for people to vape just about anywhere they are. Nowadays, these devices saturated the market, making it hard to follow new products that come our way.

Whenever I hear the brand Atmos, one thing comes to mind. I always associate Atmos with a combustion device rather than a vaporizer. This bad reputation from the company changed when Atmos introduced the Atmos Orbit along with the Transporter.

Utilizing a different technology, they had a different thing in mind. Atmos decided to absorb Smiss, the company that released the Flowermate V7. Here, Atmos adopted technology used by Flowermate V7 how it heats the dry herbs.   

Both Atmos Orbit and Transporter heat dry herbs through direct contact.  However, unlike most vaporizers that use coils, Atmos utilized an embedded heating element. This design makes it perfect for those end users who prefer to draw without the use of wax or any accessory. The company simplified the creation of quality vapor.

So far, Atmos improved their technology in order to get rid of their reputation as a combustion device. What does an embedded heating device mean? This means that through direct contact with ceramic heating elements, it vaporizes the dried herbs.  This has the same concept as an oven.

Initial Impression

Receiving the Atmos Orbit, you’ll notice a sturdy packaging with the print Atmos in front. It comes with rubber mouthpiece, chamber connector, charger, a user manual and the Orbit vaporizer unit. Reading the user manual, we suggest that you keep it. It comes in handy especially when cleaning the device or when you are quite new to vaping.

Atmos Orbit is comparable to the flask-shaped Atmos Transporter. Both vaporizers came out approximately at the same time. It makes use of the same mechanism, of an embedded heating element. In terms of the size though, the Atmos Orbit is bigger. With length of around 7 inches and around half an inch in diameter, it is not the handiest vaporizer in the market today. In addition to this, most of its volume is consumed by the battery.

If you will compare the size of the pen vaporizer to the Atmos R2, Orbit is even a bulkier version. With a 7.4v battery needed to generate the needed heat, it may not suit the handy vaporizer you have in mind. In terms of the overall construction, the Atmos Orbit is well built and is pretty much durable in contrast to other devices. 

There are two main parts to the Atmos Orbit. It is the mouth piece and main chamber that is connected to the battery. It differs slightly when it comes to the Transporter as you don’t have to separate anything with the Transporter but instead just swing the bottom part.

How the Atmos Orbit Works

The Atmos Orbit requires that you grind the dried herb. Once you have prepared the dried herb, you can now place the material on the vaporizer’s chamber. You have to hold the button around 5 seconds to begin heating the elements inside the chamber. After this, you will need approximately a minute in order to start taking hits. The red LED light will turn green which means that the device is ready.

The device can load as much as two bowls of dried herbs. If you are the type who really doesn’t grind the materials, you can fill a large bowl worth of material on your chamber. To fill the chamber, you have to disconnect the two parts.

Vaping Experience with the Atmos Orbit

What is interesting about the both Atmos Orbit and Transporter is that it makes use of one heat setting. Is it a bad thing? Not really. This means that the Atmos Orbit and Transporter have the ability to hit a high temperature needed for creating optimal vaping experience. Upon inspecting the herbs, it is safe to say that both vaporizers have the ability to generate heat reaching around 370F.

If you are the type of person with diverse preferences in heating temperature, this is not the product that you want to stick around with. Since it caters to one pre-set temperature, you may want to try it first before buying it.

It is normal to see a yellowish orange matter on the chamber after using it given the 370F temperature that this device produces. Based on my experience using the Orbit vaporizer for quite some time, I will highly recommend that you stir the herb mid session in order to get better results. Using a stick, you can stir the herb on the chamber midway before using it again.

You can fill the chamber with approximately 0.3-.04 grams of dried herbs. Just like any other vaporizers in the market, this works best with a full chamber. If you try packing with half the chamber capacity, you will notice that the vapor is quite hot. This is something that you will probably not like. Also, another thing that you may not like with a half filled chamber is the fact that you only have limited draws. With a full chamber, it is possible to get as much as 15-20 draws.   

If you will look at the rubber mouthpiece, it has a ceramic filter which provides a better draw for the user. It is easily connected to the chamber’s mesh. What sets this product apart from other pen type vaporizers in the market is the design of the unit that allows you to see what is inside the chamber. This is a great feature if you are somewhat conscious about maintaining your unit. Once you power the unit, you will see the LED light through the heating chamber allowing you to notice left over herbs whenever you are cleaning the device. Charging the device is also easy. If you’ll look at the device, you can even have a pen holder to hold the device erect as you charge the battery of the Orbit.

Is it worth it?

If you will inspect the overall structure and features of the vaporizer, for around $160, it is safe to say that it is a good back up as a portable vaporizer. If there’s someone new to the vaporizers, I will most likely suggest the Atmos Orbit vaporizer as an entry-level device.  It has no springs or a lot of moving parts that can be vulnerable in the long run. Also, it creates more vape in contrast to the Transporter, which is a good thing. However, as mentioned, you will only have to deal with one preset temperature.

However if you are very particular about the quality of hits that you take, it is suggested that you invest on the larger and more expensive vaporizers. Try to invest on those items that will allow you to choose the temperature.

How to Use the Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

1. The new device right from the box may hold enough charge for vaping, but we recommend fully charging the unit first before anything else.
2. After the vaporizer is fully charged, unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber.
3. Fill the heating chamber with your finely ground, dry herbs without over-packing to allow enough air to pass through the tank.
4. Screw the mouthpiece back to the unit.
5. To turn the vaporizer on, rapidly press the power button five times.
6. Press and hold the power button to sustain heat, and start vaping.
7. Enjoy. 

Pros and cons

What I love about the product is the fact that it has a simplified construction. No springs, glasses or any other unnecessary parts. Also, another thing that you will love about this is that it is pretty much easy to use. It takes common sense to make use of the product, making it a user-friendly product especially for those who are new to vaping. In terms of the quality of vape that they are offering, it produces a relatively thicker vapor in contrast to the smaller Atmos Transporter, or even the Flowermate V7.

If there is anything that Atmos can improve on, the company should’ve made variety of temperatures available. Given the bulky size of the Atmos Orbit, I do prefer to have the Transporter instead whenever going out. The best thing about the product is the heating element. Using a ceramic material, it cooks dried herbs similar to how an oven operates — of course, without the burning and smoke. And given the 7.4v battery, it can give you a decent power and heating capacity. If you will notice the herbs after heating, there is no ash. This means that it doesn’t go up too high that you are already getting the carbon.

Final Verdict

If you are the type who is looking to find high quality draws with a medium sized vaporizer, then you should consider Atmos Orbit. Though you can only get the device to a fixed temperature, this can still give you quality vapes.

The Atmos Orbit is classified as a portable pen vaporizer. In contrast to the other vaporizers in the market, it is quite bulky. Is it discreet to use the product? Yes, if we take size and shape into consideration. Overall, it’s an all-thumbs-up for the Atmos Orbit vaporizer.

Kris Carter

Written by Kris Carter