Taking The Arizer V-Tower Advantage
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
Arizer, the Canadian company that brought you the Extreme-Q and the Arizer Solo vaporizers, now proudly features the Arizer V-Tower, which completes the company’s line of vapes that range from the high-end desktop category to one of the most widely admired portable vaporizers among connoisseurs and newbies alike.  The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer fits snugly into its rightful place in the Arizer family as one of the most affordable desktop vaporizers. And with its extreme durability, this vape is indeed a steal. 

Here at Smokazon, we thoroughly test our vapes and accessories to give our vaping enthusiasts the much-needed details of every product we offer. So, here’s what we have to say about the Arizer V-Tower:

A Closer Look At the Design

At first glance, the Arizer V-Tower appears similar to the Extreme-Q in terms of its dimension and size, and perhaps the only noticeable difference is the distinct midnight chrome finish of the V-Tower’s aluminum surface. But as for the rest of the external features, both models share the same LCD screen and temperature controls, only that the Extreme Q comes with a remote control for you to adjust the heat settings more easily.

As you examine the V-Tower more closely, you’ll notice the sturdy aluminum body, which already gives you the first impression that this isn’t just another ordinary, delicate plastic vape. The Arizer ceramic heating element also sits comfortably just a tad lower than the surrounding black ring at the top. The slightly lowered position of the heating element helps protect it from any sudden impact that might otherwise easily damage it. At the bottom of the V-Tower lies a wide circular base that prevents the body from easily tipping over. There are also for rubber tips underneath the base to hold it in place especially on smooth surfaces. You’d begin to appreciate this humble feature especially when the vaporizer whip is pulled around more aggressively while socializing with your friends.

All these mean that great design and durability are two qualities for which Arizer has always been known in the vaping world.

How Durable Is The Arizer V-Tower?

The undeniable quality of the V-Tower’s aluminum body, the ceramic heating element and the rest of the V tower parts make it one of the most formidable vapes when it comes to long-term use.

And here’s more: Arizer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the V Tower’s heating element. This means that the company itself is confident enough to tell you that they’re serious with their business of bringing to you only the best and nothing less. Looks like a great deal indeed!

The Arizer V-Tower Vaping Experience

First things first: The fact that Arizer uses only the most durable and the cleanest materials for their vaporizers means that you’re sure to have one of the best vapor qualities, thus experiencing more punch from your favorite blends of herbs.

The only notable downside is that the tower cannot support a balloon because of the absence of a fan that would otherwise push the vapor out from the chamber. That’s quite a disappointment for some, but if there’s one accidental advantage of not having a fan inside the vaporizer, it’s the absence of any noise from the vape while using it. So, you can discreetly use it in any occasions.

Whip aficionados would definitely find this vape worthy of its price. The V Tower vape couldn’t get any louder with its fondness of the whip system with its three-foot long medical grade tube, and that’s almost twice as long as that of its counterparts. So the result is more clearance space for the hot vapor to cool down as it passes along the tube.

The Arizer’s glass Cyclone bowl is also one of its major selling points as it allows you to heat your aromatic oils or herbs to disperse their aroma within your living room. So, you can freshen up your home first as you wait for your friends to come over for your vaping session. You may even leave the V-Tower all powered up without having to worry about the risk of fire because it is specially designed to shut off automatically with its safety timer.

 Using the V-Tower Vaporizer For the First Time

Operating the V-Tower vaporizer is as easy as plugging it in, turning it on, and controlling the buttons to set the temperature to your desired level. The LED temperature display provides an accurate temperature reading. Once you find that perfect temp, you can just set your vaporizer to that specific heat level every time you use it. The Arizer V-Tower takes about three to four minutes to light up. Let’s say you wish to use the Cyclone bowl to add pleasant aroma to your room. All you have to do is to pack your ground material into the glass bowl, filling it up to half its maximum capacity. Then place the ground glass end of the bowl to the top of the vaporizer. Just leave it open to release all the fragrant vapors. If you like to go ahead with vaping, just connect the whip to the cyclone bowl and you’re good to go. Just pull some vapors gently without drawing too much force to keep the herbs from bouncing around. The trick is to draw a slower, longer pull. After the vaping session, cleaning the glass bowl is actually a breeze because its smooth surface easily lets go of any residue when you throw the used up herb. But be careful with handling the Cyclone bowl as it could get too hot after a few minutes of use.

The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer ‘s Vapor Quality

Let’s get straight to the point: The V-Tower does produce superior vapor quality with no one complaining about any plastic smell coming out from the chamber. Yes, some can’t help but compare the V-Tower with high-end vapes, but still, the worst review it can get is that the quality is “close enough” to, say, the Volcano. But we, at Smokazon, say that it does give an awesome punch. The trick is getting the right temp and the right draw that fits to your liking. If you tried the Extreme-Q before and loved its vapor quality, then you’d fall for the V-Tower vaporizer as well. While some like the fan, which helps push the flavors out of the chamber, others just savor the sensation by manually making slow but steady pulls. After all, it’s all about our subjective vaping experience.

So, What Is the Main Score Between the V-Tower and The Extreme Q?

The rest of the V-Tower’s external features — from the LCD screen to the heating controls — look similar to that of the Extreme-Q, except that the Extreme Q comes with a remote control as we mentioned earlier. But the V-Tower does not have an internal fan that would have otherwise allowed the vaper to use a balloon. The V-Tower’s main focus lies on the whip and also the option to use a glass bowl, in which you can stuff it in with your favorite potpourri or essential oils.

The Perfect Match For the V-Tower

Can’t seem to get enough of your vaping sessions at home? You can always complement your table-top V-Tower with the Arizer Solo, which you can take anywhere with you. And its lasting battery power can power up your vape to up to three hours of continuous use. And of course, don’t forget to pair your Arizer babies with the Kannastor Grinder, which can come in handy to grind your herbs finely as what the Arizer vaporizers require for rich vapor and aroma.

Well, here’s another tip: If you happen to be on the go for most of the time, grinding herbs in frequent intervals might just annoy you. The solution is to grind them at one time in larger volume and store them in a 420 glass jars .

This way, you’re sure to have lasting supply of your materials any time of the day.

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The Conclusion

Overall, it’s two thumbs up for the Arizer V-Tower for its very affordable price. You can’t beat that given its remarkable durability and the high-quality vapor it exudes.  As we mentioned earlier, this vape may not carry some of the arsenals that the Arizer Extreme-Q has, such as the remote control and balloon support, but it really was intended to be designed that way — a rather affordable version of the Extreme-Q that provides fans of the whip system a simpler way to vaporize and nothing more. After all, not all vapers prefer the balloon system, choosing rather to draw warm, freshly “brewed” vapor coming right from the herbs.

Vaping enthusiasts and newbies all agree that the Arizer V-Tower is worth your buck, and we couldn’t agree more! Plus, with the limited lifetime warranty for the ceramic heating element, you’re sure to have a lasting vape, guaranteed to give you not only that pleasurable sensation with every draw, but great savings right into your pocket.

I hope you all enjoyed our Arizer V-tower Vaporizer review!


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