Arizer solo – The Volcano of the portable
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Now that you’ve got probably the world’s best portable vaporizer, it’s time to get yourself started and enjoy the best hits with your very own Arizer Solo, no less. 

We’ve shared with you some good reviews with the Solo ,it’s high time we also give you some tips to maximize your vaping experience and keep your device at its optimal performance.

About the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Standing 4 inches tall with a wide, handheld-comfy cylindrical shape, the Solo isn’t designed for the discreet. Obviously, it was built to show-off, as if telling everybody that you’ve got the best vaporizer handy with you. So, it’s a far cry from the walkie-talkie DaVinci or the asthma inhaler Puffit X design.

Indeed, use one Arizer for your own and you’re surely catch the curiosity and attention of many vaping enthusiasts and beginners because of its elegant black or silver finish with a well-constructed body and beautifully set temperature controls.

Performance-wise, the Arizer Solo may be the best vape in terms of vapor quality. We attest to it too just like many of our followers. The latest version sports a stainless steel cover to the heating element, which results in vapors that do not exude any foreign materials coming from the internal parts of the device.

The Arizer Solo’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery also packs enough power to keep you vaporizing for about three to four hours, depending on your desired temperature. We also suggest you make sure to buy the latest model as the charger allows you to vape even while charging the device. That’s cool enough if you just can’t stop enjoying your herbs’ flavors!

Unfortunately, the Arizer Solo vaporizer is originally intended for use with dry, ground herbs. But here’s a little trick some of our friends recommend (although we don’t officially promote it): Put a few drops of your oil into a small cotton ball and place it into the herb chamber as if just vaping dry botanicals.

How to Use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

It doesn’t take much rocket science to use the Arizer Solo. After unboxing it, just read the manual and charge the device for the first time. You will know the battery has enough juice when the red charging indicator light turns green.

Once fully charged, open the device and fill the chamber with your favorite herbs. Make sure you don’t cram everything inside. Leave about ¾ space to let the air circulate inside as you take the draw. Take note that the herb you use should not be too fine to keep the particles from falling into the heating element.

Then the next step is to turn the device on by pressing the up and down arrow buttons at the same time. Pressing the buttons quickly heats the device at a standby temperature so it would be easier to reach your desired heat setting later on.

After turning on the device, it’s time to get those hits! Press the desired heat setting by pressing the arrow up or down button. The lights indicate which heat level is currently activated. For the Arizer, achieving the set temperature may take 1.5 to 2 minutes. If you’re new to the Arizer Solo, it will be a bit tricky to get that perfect heat setting because you need to balance the kind and amount of herbs you pack into the chamber and that right temperature for you. Just so you know, each of the following heat settings have the corresponding temperature: Level 1: 50 °C, Level 2: 185 °C, Level 3: 190 °C, Level 4: 195 °C, Level 5: 200 °C, Level 6: 205 °C, Level 7: 210 °C.

Just so you know, Arizer limits the vaping temperature to 210 °C, which is comfortable hot enough for the flavors to exude, but not too hot to burn the herbs inside. This means the Arizer is indeed a true vaporizer, avoiding any risk of combustion. This is good news for health-conscious enthusiasts.

When drawing the vapors, make sure to pull gently and not too hard so as not to force the particles into the glass stem. You would not want any of the material ending up in your mouth in the first place.

Once done, make sure to replace the herbs if you want to continue vaping once the flavors turn blunt or when the materials inside turn dark brown. Or, if you want to stop vaping, empty out the chamber to prevent residual buildup. This makes future cleaning easier to do.

Did You Know? Some Important Tips

The latest version of the Arizer Solo allows you to continue your vaporizing session even when charging the device. You’ll read a lot of user reviews sharing this information because, of course, we don’t want to interrupt pleasure just because the battery goes dead.

By default, you can hear audio every time you press the buttons. If you’re annoyed with it, turn it off by pressing and holding the up button for at least two seconds.

As we mentioned earlier, the Arizer Solo is designed exclusively for dried herbs and flowers only. We do not officially recommend dipping oils into a cotton ball and placing it into the chamber to vaporize. Although users report equally satisfying results, this might affect the warranty of the product.

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Written by Kris Carter