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(Last Updated On: July 5, 2015)

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The Arizer Solo may be one of the best portable all-Canadian vaporizers to hit the U.S. market because of its excellent vapor quality and good build quality. That said, we at immediately tested this model and see it if this truly is, shall we say, the ultimate portable vaporizer in terms of producing good-quality vapors and overall design. Let’s do a thorough review per category.

Vapor Quality

Score: 9.0/10

The Arizer Solo scored an almost perfect score in terms of vapor quality because we simply see the vaporizer as deserving of its high ratings among our connoisseurs and portable vaporizer enthusiasts. The consistent, clean and smooth vapors prove to be very impressive with the Solo vape and, thus far, this is still beyond compare with other portable vaporizers.

The Solo vaporizer owes such good quality to the ceramic heating element, the most popular type among many models because the material itself has very high melting point that it does not vaporize on its own, which means you only get pure vapors coming only from the botanicals. So, even at low heat settings, the vapor you inhale is simply clean, crisp and all natural, without the plastic smell.

Arizer Solo Manufacturing Quality

Score: 9.5/10

One obvious reason for the Arizer Solo’s excellent vapor quality is the superb build quality. Canadian-based Arizer has indeed put manufacturing quality in mind to place the Arizer at the top of all portable vaporizers. At first glance, you would immediately notice the attractive aluminum casing, which comes in silver or black finish. And because it’s metal, it is of course durable.

And as we’ve mentioned earlier, the ceramic heating element inside offers the cleanest vapors. Even the insulations and other internal parts are strategically put in place and are made of materials that withstand extreme heat. Compare that with cheap vaporizers with plastic covering and cheap solders, which in turn gives off foreign or plastic smell.

And because the interior of the Solo is well-insulated, the battery spends less power to produce and maintain the desired temperature output, making the portable vape last for hours in between recharge times.

Portability and Discreet Design

Score: 8/10

Despite some critics claiming that the Arizer is less of a ‘portable’ portable vaporizer because of its delicate glass stem or the Arizer Solo mouthpiece, we say the Solo is light enough and is small enough to fit inside a pocket or small bag. The fact that it can heat up your vaping materials with its built in Lithium battery makes it a good portable vape anywhere you are. The wide chamber may be turn off for those who love pen-style vaporizers, but this comes with a purpose: more room for herbs, and in turn, denser and stronger vapor.

One setback of this rather large body is compromised discreetness.  It could relatively easily be seen as a vaporizer after a few glances. So we give the Arizer Solo the following score for portability and discreetness:

Temperature Control and Flexibility

Score: 8/10

The Solo vape temps have seven temperature control settings, the most commonly used range of which is 4 to 7. The maximum temperature, at level 7, reaches 210 degrees Celsius. That’s just hot enough to vaporize but not too hot to burn your botanicals. The Solo also does a good job of quickly reaching the desired temperature — at an average of 90 seconds. Overall, we think this vaporizer could do better by providing more accurate temperature control, way beyond the seven choices. And a digital display would be a nice-to-have feature to show the exact temperature reading. Thus we give this vape the following score:


So, what then would be your vaping experience with the Arizer Solo? We say its overall performance would be an 8 out of 10. All hands down to the vapor quality with its dense yet clean vapors — all thanks to the ceramic heating element, the high-quality insulation and the overall craftsmanship of the Arizer. The aluminum body also adds to the look and feel of durability.

If there is one or two setbacks of the Arizer Solo, it’s the rather delicate glass drawing stem, which you need to take extra care of given the vaporizer’s portability anywhere. The vape is also less discreet in design. In addition, Arizer could improve the limited temperature setting, maybe on the next vaporizer.

But all these setbacks would mean nothing if what you really are looking for is excellent flavors and powerful punches from your dry botanicals and concentrates. That said, we highly recommend the Arizer Solo for those who wish to get more pleasure than the rather simplistic vape pens. Once you get to experience its true performance, you’ll never have to go back to your old pen-style or portable vaporizer ever again. Get yours today at and experience quality vaporizing anywhere with the Arizer Solo.

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