(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

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The Good / The Arizer Air  Vaporizer boasts the same quality you loved about the Solo, but this time, with all the trimmed design, lightweight body and more mouthpiece options. The temperature options are also simplified down to five from Solo’s seven heat settings. What’s not to like with the new Air from Arizer?

The Bad / A lower price point (right now, it’s pricier than the Solo) could have made the Arizer more popular especially with its slimmer design.

The Bottom Line / If you want superb vapor quality, the best craftsmanship for a portable vaporizer model and longer battery life, the Arizer Air Vaporizer is an excellent choice. This model might be a tad less discreet than vape pens, but it indeed rocks with excellent performance.

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These times, we simply want the best vaping experience not just in the comfort of our homes, but anywhere possible. And with the increasing number of legislations legalizing the use of medical and recreational cannabis, the possibility of vaping in public now means greater demand for portable vaporizers.
So, this is the perfect time to shop and pick what’s best for you. And trust us when we say that the Arizer Air is one vaporizer we’d highly recommend for all the reasons we’d want you to read below. Here are the highlights of this new portable vape from Canadian-based Arizer:


If you liked the Arizer Solo, then probably, you’ll be surprised by the technologies and the improvements the company applied to the Arizer Air.

The Air measures around 122mm long by 29mm wide. This makes the Arizer Air truly portable vape and offers a more conventional shape for its kind. It isn’t a flask looking, smartphone looking or other out of this world concept that we already saw in other portable vaporizers.

In terms of weight, it is also handy, and it makes a perfect easy to carry a piece of vaping equipment. As far as the look and the feel of the device, it doesn’t look flimsy at all. There is also a protective skin that comes with the box, which protects your vaporizer from scratches, not to mention it gives you a good grip. For those who worry about the heat, this also functions as an insulator, which protects your hands.

#1: Quality and Performance

One of the things worth discussing the Arizer Air is its size. The Solo, though among the best portable vaporizers in the market in terms of vapor quality, is too big. The issue with the Arizer Solo was the glass mouthpiece. But thankfully, the Arizer company listen to their fans and came up with the thinner, more lightweight Air. The new device could easily fit in your pocket, which makes it a discreet option if you want to vape on the fly.

Another remarkable improvement found in the Arizer Air is the mouthpiece, or rather, mouthpieces because you now have more options! You’ll have the short (6.5 inches), medium (7 inches) or large (8.75 inches) mouthpiece to choose from. Aside from the mouthpiece, you also get the GonG adapter and hydro tube that could make a huge difference with your vaping experience.

When it comes to performance, the ceramic heating element remains the major advantage of both the Solo and the Air. Plus, the good thing with this particular vaporizer is that it could reach up to 5 different heat settings. It could range from 338 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the 5-settings seemed to be a downgrade from the 7-settings that the Solo boasts. But still, we’ve tried the Air, and there is really no difference in vapor quality regardless of the more limited temperature options.

For those who are using the Arizer Air Portable for cannabis, its ceramic heating element makes it perfect for this purpose of vaporizing herbs. The five temperature settings are represented by five different colors. Blue, White, Green, Orange, and Red indicate the five different temperatures.

1. Blue – 365 F/180 C
2. White – 374 F/190 C
3. Green – 392 F/200 C
4. Orange – 401 F /205 C
5. Red – 410 F /210 C

The overall design of the Arizer Air Vaporizer is unique. Aside from removable Li-on batteries, it is also possible to make use of this vaporizer while you charge it. This is a feature that isn’t commonly seen in portable vaporizers.

For the vaporizer to reach its highest temperature, though, you may have to wait a bit. It takes roughly around 2 minutes to get to the highest temperature. In contrast to the Firefly’s 10-15 second start up to reach 400 degrees, the Arizer Air is relatively slower in this aspect.

The battery life is somewhat lower compared to the solo. But of course, you could always just remove the battery and have a spare if you want to continuously use the device for your sessions. One of the more exciting updates made by the company is that you could purchase a charging dock, as well as additional batteries for the device.

#2: User-Friendly Features

The Arizer Air is overall a user-friendly device compared to other portable vaporizers in the market. For instance, you could quickly load the herbs on this device. All that you need to do with the Arizer Air Portable is to dip the fine grind herb into the bowl partition located at the base of unit’s mouthpiece. After doing this, you could now return the mouthpiece back into the unit.

Because the Air requires no specialized picking tool in the loading process of the herb, this reduces the mess that you encounter whenever you are using the unit. However, you have to make sure that you have your own grinder before you purchase this particular vaporizer.

Another great characteristic of the Arizer Air vaporizer is the fact that you could easily clean it. No need for the complex disassembly or expensive accessories. You even have some glass pieces of varying measurements, which could serve as an alternative whenever you are going to clean a glass piece.

#3: Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is basically at par with some of the best products in the market. However, if you are going to start using the device, it is a good idea that you stick to the mid setting. Both blue and white setting is a bit weak. It gets better once it steps up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, which is midway of the settings. Once it gets to this particular setting, you’ll notice a thick vapor and a pure tasting flavor.
If you just started vaping, it is advisable that you don’t hurry the vaporizer.

Instead, it is a good idea that you let the glass even out with the core temperature of your vaporizer. This will ensure that you get the right temperature for every draw.


For a lot of people who are wondering if the Arizer Air is a good investment, it is a good vaporizer. In fact, it could be considered among the best that appeared in the market in recent months. It offers some things you won’t see from other products such as a removable battery, not to mention usability even if the vaporizer is charging. As for the quality of vaping experience, it offers solid vaping experience, but it still doesn’t fit the profile of the best portable vaporizer on the market. There are still some areas that should be improved.
In areas of portability, not to mention the size and quality of vapor, there are significant points on the Arizer Air that makes it a good investment. Though it is also not that cheap, this still makes a good investment especially for people who are looking for a way to vape outside his or her home.

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Written by James Rubio