Alice in Vaporland
(Last Updated On: April 26, 2015)

One day we got this interesting email from a mother who wants to share her experiences with us, and all of our readers. She said that being new to vaporizing and cannabis in general, she has read most of our articles and found them very helpful in learning more about cannabis, vaporizers, vaporizing etc.. and asked if she can share her personal experiences with our readers and fans from a mother’s perspective. We are a very diverse team and we are always looking for authentic reviews and thoughts that we can share with our readers for their reading pleasure, and we welcomed it with open arms. So without further ado, allow us to introduce our guest blogger this week, Rebecca Jones.

Confessions of an insomniac

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I am a mother of three. Like most mothers I have a pretty busy life. Between work, carpools and all the other jobs that come along with motherhood, I barely have time to breathe. I used to have a really hard time winding down at night; It would literally take me hours to fall asleep.  I always thought about going to the doctor and getting some sleeping pills, but then I quickly dismissed that idea since I am a bit of a health nut. My husband suggested that I try a healthier route and try cannabis. I did tons of research, and he had to do a lot of convincing, but when I finally tried some of his magical medicine, I was really happy with the results. It was the first time in years that I fell asleep so quickly and I slept deeply the whole night. It was amazing! I was hooked! I felt calm, relaxed and my insomnia disappeared. The better I slept the better I felt during the day. I was no longer the grumpy grouchy mother/wife. However, it always bothered me that on one hand I’m taking the “healthier approach” and using a natural plant rather than chemically created pills, but on the flip side, I’m smoking and ruining my lungs! For the longest time, it bothered me to the point that I wanted to stop. As soon as I discovered the vaporizer, I was completely guilt free of using it and now truly the healthier approach. Over the past couple years I have tried many different methods of taking this magical medicine, so let me share some of my feelings and opinions about my different experiences.

My first vaporizer experience; The Vapor Brothers vaporizer

The first vaporizer I ever tried was the good ole classic vaporbrothers tabletop vaporizer. I really liked it a lot for a couple reasons: First of all, like I said before I am kind of a health nut and I really wanted the effects of the THC without making my lungs black (if you know what I mean), so purely for the fact that it vaporized very clean vapor with zero combustion was a plus for me. Secondly, since it was very cold weather outside at the time, I loved the fact that I did not have to freeze my …. off Outside, and instead able to medicate inside in my warm bedroom. I could vape while I was in the comfort of my bed or while I was lounging on my couch watching a movie. I also felt like I only needed a couple of hits and I was good for the night. The down side is it needs to be plugged in so you can’t walk around with it. It was very easy to use and it was super quiet too. 

Then we upgraded to the king of vaporizers: The Volcano Vaporizer

The second vaporizer I used was the volcano vaporizer. I liked this one for the same reasons of it being healthier then smoking and basically odorless and I could use it in the comfort and warmth of my own home. I also liked the fact that once the bag is full and ready to go, you can simply detach it and easily carry it anywhere you want. The only down side was the bag was kinda loud when you get to the end as it starts to make a crinkling sound. But I guess that only worries paranoid people like me. lol It is worth every penny as I look at it like a long term investment. Once you own a volcano, it’s a bit hard to go back to anything else  at least in the table top category. It is built like a tank, and the vapor is the best of the best!

 Summer time is the G Pen Vaporizer time

We love being outside in my family. Every night my husband and I look forward to chilling on our front or back porch and a time when we wouldn’t want to be stuck to vaping inside. That’s why the third vaporizer I used was the G pen vaporizer. It almost looks and feels like a pen and if someone would see it laying around your house or office they would never know what it was. While the other vaporizers are a lot more bulky and obvious, the pen vaporizer is small, light, and easy to transport wherever you go. Easy to conceal if that is your wish. And of course really easy to use. When you are inhaling it kinda of feels like a puffer for people with asthma. I absolutely love it! I also like that it offers a different feeling than conventional vaporizers as it can work with concentrates when the classic style vaporizers generally are used with the flower based herbs.


So in conclusion, if you want to take a healthier route to enjoying your cannabis, then these are three fantastic ways of getting your daily medicine without ruining your body in the process. SO many of my fiends have followed suit and they have also gotten most of their husbands to switch over to vaporizing and no more smoking. I am very excited though to try something else that just came to our industry, and that is the magical butter botanical extractor. It enables you to easily add cannabis to any food or desert under the sun! Its super easy to use, clean, set up and it opens up a whole new world of edible opportunity. I just ordered mine this week and I hope to write about my experience with it soon.



Written by RebeccaJones