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The goal of this blog is simple: promote the best smoking gear and accessories on the web. We focus on best of best because we’ve seen first hand that there is a clutter of junk out there that you must watch out for!
Created in 2013, this blog contains our experiences and knowledge in our industry. Although our focus is centered around the web, our overarching message is meant for all audiences.

What we like talking about

Everything you read on our blog is based on our own knowledge and experience. We like to provide practical reviews that help our audience make better buying decisions as they are on their quest for new gear. We will also talk about the innovations in our market and the up and coming products that we need to keep our eyes on!

Who we are

Smokazon.com is a diverse team where there are no ranks! Everyone is treated as equals and no task is any more important then the next. We are developers, strategists, and entrepreneurs who love people, and want to bring an easy to use shopping experience to consumers all over the world! We’re headquartered in Michigan, and proud to be! Go Motown! Learn more about what we do here.
Pros: The Atmos Raw Rx comes with a strong build and is also known to exude dense vapors without palstic or foreign smell because of the stainless steel heating chamber.