(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)

Super Sour D is well-known for providing effects that can effectively eliminate pain and stress while fostering ecstasy and creativity. Super Sour D is also referred to as Super Silver Sour Diesel and proves to be phenomenally energizing, as such, it is regarded as a top choice for socializing or daytime use. It is a magical blend of the reigning Titans of the world of cannabis for creating a cent percent pure Sativa. It is supposed to be a cross between Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. According to Wikipedia, Sour Diesel is supposed to be a hybrid strain relating to Cannabis sativa. 

Super Sour D, an incredibly fast cerebral Sativa seems to be just the ideal choice for daytime strain since it provides an instant boost in creativity and energy. Moreover, it uplifts your mood. You can more than expect a stimulating mental experience. We understand that this lively Sativa is known for inheriting the best traits from its parents, Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. Sour Diesel is quite an esteemed name in the toking circuits and is undoubted, one of the best, powerful, sweet-smelling, and ubiquitous strains ever produced before. The Sativa energy and the typical gasoline aroma are a hot favorite, as far as, fans are concerned. Here are some facts about Super Sour D that even aficionados do not know.

Not an Ideal Option for the Inexperienced

Super Sour Diesel is a magical creation, but it may not be the ideal option for inexperienced users of marijuana. The penetrating psychoactive experience could end up making you feel introverted and slightly paranoid in the event you are consuming excessively. This strain seems to be quite potent. It automatically implies that Super Sour D may be reserved for users who enjoy a relatively higher THC tolerance since Super Sour D will be generating strong cerebral effects overpowering a novice user. Super Sour D tastes like fuel and is pungent like fuel when you are smoking it. If you are keen on alternatives to smoking, you may use Super Sour D waxes, oils, shatter, and tinctures from a host of trustworthy and reputed organizations.

 Super Sour D: Some Medical Benefits

The super potency of Super Sour D could prove to be a bit too intense for a few medical marijuana patients. However, for others, they should get assistance to combat a host of symptoms. Let us explore some medical or health benefits of Super Sour D:

· Best for people having ADD/ADHD issues since Super Sour D offers a true boost in focus

· People suffering from arthritis, migraines, chronic fatigue, and nausea, like using this superior strain

· Because of its hunger-inducing effects, Super Sour D could prove to be just right for individuals with poor appetite.


Super Sour D is pretty inspiring, as far as, effects are concerned. Experts believe that recreationally, this particular strain is just perfect for daytime use because of its energizing and stimulating effects. You may expect a rapid action ecstasy and a major boost in creativity. Moreover, users may become motivated enough to focus their attention on more complicated tasks. However, Super Sour D may trigger racing thoughts. As such, it is recommended to seasoned smokers only.

Written by Kathy Cooley