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You know it when you see pumpkins and fake spider webs and hear the howling sounds of the wolf. No doubt that it’s the start of the Halloween season! And no doubt that you are also very excited to imbibe the season, attend or organize parties or trick or treats and get your hands on the ultimate vaporizer that will surprise and scare everyone!

We checked on our ongoing decorations for our Halloween party next week. Damn, we can’t just wait to scare the hell out of each other! And while we were checking in, we have also reviewed the best vaporizers that you can bring in to any Halloween event that you are going to have with your vaper friends this weekend until the next!

Organizing or Hosting a Halloween Party

When you are organizing or hosting a Halloween party, you should keep in mind that you need a vaporizer that can be shared with everyone! At Smokazon, it is our core belief to Share the Love!

#1 : Volcano Vaporizers

The volcano digital

For someone like you who have been organizing and hosting a Halloween Vapers Party for years, you truly know that Volcano is something not to miss out. There is something with the Storz & Bickel Volcano that hold you back from breaking your affinity with it. The best part about this – is you can definitely put this as a table top either on the ledge, or at the bar and have everyone enjoy the pleasant and powerful taste the Volcano vape emits in every draw.

Besides, because Volcano Vaporizers are known to be so powerful and forced air, once you pull a draw, it can reach so many guests and get all of them ultra high.

Do whatever you want, pass it around or release a big vape that everyone enjoys. Just don’t forget to enclose it on a pumpkin for a full Halloween effect.

Get Them Here:  Volcano vaporizer 



#2 :  Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

If you have already offered Volcano Vaporizers in the last few years of hosting the Halloween Vapers Party, an extreme alternative is the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. This desktop vaporizer is on fire (without literally setting it on fire to heat up!) for having the ability to vaporize using gravity.

It’s just so hard to imagine that it took 6 years to bring the Silver Surfer Vape into life, let alone all the efforts that it took to come up with an extreme perfection and technology that no other desktop vaporizers can possibly match.

Because the SSV is so easy to use and carry – you can just pass it along to everyone on the party who wants to enjoy an authentic and clean vapor taste.

Don’t forget to dress it up as Frankenstein to add that party scare!

Get It Here: Silver Surfer Vaporizer 


Attending a Halloween Party

Okay, so you’ve probably gone tired hosting a party this year so you’ve decided to attend someone else’s for a change! Hope that didn’t scare your friends, though! But it doesn’t mean that you’re not hosting, you shouldn’t be vaping – of course you should! So why not bring the fun outside with one of these vaporizers?

#3 : Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review: 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween

The massive punch that the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer releases is one of its great features that your friends will surely envy. And who says that’s all – the fact that you can heat up both herbs and concentrates or oils on the Pinnacle Pro vape sets you so apart from other vapers. Who knows if there is a contest going on there? You gotta be prepared for that, right?

So, show off why Pinnacle Pro is your top choice for portable vaping – you will be so happy that there is now an improved 5 heating chamber because this will make vaporizing more efficient than ever.

Dress it up as a witch and we’re very sure that it look as fabulous as ever!

Get It Here: Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer 



#4 : Da Vinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Portable Vaporizer: 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween


The Da Vinci Vaporizer is small enough that it can fit your pocket! It’s a true blue hand-held pocket vaporizer. So do you where we are getting at? If you are someone who tends to be a party wallflower and you don’t want to attract much of attention, then DaVinci vape is the perfect one to bring on this weekend’s Halloween Party.


This is especially true if you are going to mingle with others who don’t really vape at all and you tend to be embarrassed when someone catches you doing it on the act. But hey, when you’re a vaper and it is Halloween – there’s nothing wrong unleashing your goofy side!


What should you dress your Da Vinci Vaporizer with? Nothing – as we said, if you tend to be discreet about your ultra lifestyle, then this one is the match made in heaven for you.

Get It Here: DaVinci vaporizer 


#5 :  Micro G-Pen

Micro G pen Vaporizer 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween
Truly lightweight, that’s what the Micro G-Pen is known for. Probably, one of the best portable vaporizers that has changed the game, it’s been taking vapers around the world in an ultra vaping experience!


Simply fill up your Micro G Pen with your favorite oil or wax and you are ready to get started vaping all the way. If you feel like it, you can even pass it around and share the fun and high that you are experiencing with the Micro G Pen vaporizer. With Micro G-Pen’s presence with you on a party, you will surely have no dull moments.


As Micro G-Pen is such a small vaporizer, it is undeniably cute and sleek, so why not try dressing it as a minion? =)

Get It Here: Micro G-Pen Vaporizer 


Party Like Crazy on a Club

#6 :  SToK Vape Pen


Stok Solo Kit Vaporizer: 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween

Partying like crazy on a club is so stoke! What’s more stoked is taking the SToK Pen Vaporizer with you! Party around, dance like there’s no tomorrow (while you’re probably dressed in the most outrageous costume in the club) and wave your SToK vape pen for everyone to see!


You will be surprised with the quality of the performance of the SToK Vaporizer. It is also compact, thin and lightweight – perfect to bring anywhere you want to be.


As the SToK is a true stand out so are your costume and dance moves! Truly, they are the perfect match for the hottest and most outrageous Halloween Club Party.

Get Them Here: SToK Vape Pen 


Trick or Treat

For busy parents out there, you may have already retired from the party scene and would rather spend the time with your children joining them in their trick or treat.

#7 : Atmos Raw Junior

Atmos Raw Junior Pen Vaporizer - 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween
The newest release from Atmos Technology, the Atmos Raw Junior vaporizer is the smallest and most lightweight pen vaporizer. Not to mention that it looks really sleek and cute – just like your children who are dressed like cute little witches or pumpkins!

Time and again, Atmos has shown that it can pull the strings and change the game of portable vaporizing. All the qualities and technology of the Atmos Raw RX have been minimized to bring this very exciting model.

The Atmos Jr pen is not just a ordinary pen vaporizer, but also a perfect accessory that can fit your Trick-or-Treat costume really well.

Get It Here: Atmos Raw Junior 

If you are convinced that these are the best vaporizers that will bring the fun this Halloween but want to learn more about them, check out some of our posts below:


It doesn’t matter what you want to do this Halloween. What matters most is that you have fun with your family, friends or children this season. Share the love and fun. And make sure to take your vaporizer with you.

Happy Halloween from the Smokazon Blog! Awoooooo!

What are your plans for the Halloween? We’d love to hear it. Share it on the comments below.  

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