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(Last Updated On: June 9, 2015)

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High-quality marijuana documentaries have become increasingly popular. For those who want an inside look into the business behind cannabis—the manufacturing, the cultural reaction and the effects on the human mind—look no further than this comprehensive collection of marijuana docs.

7 Illuminating Marijuana Documentaries

By Smokazon

Good-quality weed documentaries have become increasingly popular over the past generation. For those who want an inside look into the business behind cannabis, the manufacturing, the cultural reaction, and the effects on the human mind, look no further than this comprehensive collection of marijuana docs.

  • Grass: The History of Marijuana (1999)

    By Smokazon

    This is a good documentary to start with. Grass: A History Of Marijuana discusses how propaganda has led to the spending of billions of dollars on the War On Drugs as well as the imprisonment of thousands of people.

  • The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

    By Smokazon

    This popular documentary explores the underground marijuana market and shows how the industry is able to function while remaining illegal. From growers to buyers, doctors to politicians, economists to icons of pop culture—the many faces of the world of marijuana are represented. Well worth the watch.

  • Weed 3 (2015)

    By Smokazon

    The third installment of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s marijuana documentary series, Weed 3 examines a growing number of cases where marijuana is aiding Americans, including U.S. military veterans suffering from PTSD, depression and sleep disorders.

  • Stoned Kids (2013)

    By Smokazon

    This VICE documentary tells the story of Mykayla, an eight-year-old diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7. After she started consuming a daily gram of cannabis oil, the leukemia went into remission and Mykayla was able to cope with the debilitating symptoms associated with her traditional cancer treatments.

  • High Profits (2015)

    By Smokazon

    High Profits is an eight-episode CNN documentary series that examines the booming business of legal marijuana in Colorado. It follows the story of Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire, founders of the Breckenridge Cannabis Club (a small venture that has grown into a chain of pot businesses in Colorado mountain towns). 

  • Super High Me (2007)

    By Smokazon

    Comedian Doug Benson knows a thing or two about weed. In this take-off of Morgan Spurlock’s Super-Size Me, Benson smokes weed for 30 days straight while enduring medical, IQ, and physical evaluations along the way. He also performs across the country and hangs out with some of his comedian contemporaries. Super High Me offers a hilarious perspective of an always-controversial subject.

  • A NORML Life (2011)

    By Smokazon

    NORML, which stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is an American non-profit organization who works to move public opinion regarding marijuana use. This doc features interviews with patients who benefit from cannabis, as well as discussions with activists, caregivers and doctors.

Written by Kevin Parker