(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

The recreational use of marijuana brings forth a feeling of enhanced sensory perception that can light up your mood, and give you a high buzz. However, what happens when you overdo it? The paranoiac feelings might take over, leaving you in a state of utter confusion, and some of us might stress over it way too much than necessary. 

Multiple reasons can cause intense cannabis high. Sometimes, the edibles kick in late or you may have a strain of high potency. Therefore, choose the right kind of cannabis from a trusted company like Eagle Moon Hemp Vertically Integrated farm that handles everything from seed to complete product. uses Lab For Hemp Processing and get the best out of it.

If by accident or in utter confusion, you have had more cannabis than your body can handle, these little tricks can help you bring back on track. 

  1. Relax

The first and foremost thing to remember while you are feeling distressed is to keep calm. Most of the paranoiac feelings subside after a couple of hours, eventually leaving you with a buzz and drowsiness later on. It is in some cases that someone may need medical support. At least we know, cannabis is not fatal as there are no reported deaths from the use of cannabis. So, take some deep breaths and be rest assured. You can alternatively choose to listen to a piece of relaxing music or watch some calming videos. The trick is to breathe easy and not worry too much about it. 

  1. Go for CBD

Sometimes due to overeating cannabis edibles or perhaps because of a potent cannabis strain, you might end up with more THC in your system than you can handle. The spiked up THC levels can induce restlessness and anxiety. To counteract these side-effects try ingesting CBD of some form.CBD is another component found in the cannabis plant that can work quite opposite of THC by binding with different nerve receptors. Studies suggest that CBD is a great anti-anxiety agent. Therefore, it can help settle panic attacks and induce sleep. A quick way to get CBD in your system is by taking it in the form of a sublingual tincture. 

  1. Try Lemons

This citrusy fruit is probably the best-known solution to manage the high that comes from over drinking. But do you know it can also help you tame the restlessness that comes from excessive use of personalized cannabis? The limonene compound in lemon has a calming effect that can subside the psychoactive effects of THC. You can squeeze a lemon directly or add it to the water and drink up. Since the peel contains high amounts of limonene, you can also add some zest to your lemon water or go for a lemon peel brew. 

  1. Have Something to Eat and Drink

The feeling of being high and anxiety is often aggravated due to dehydration and low fuel in your system. There might be a lack of scientific evidence to justify this but a light snack can help you feel settled and grounded. Munching on food can help divert your attention while stimulating your senses. Likewise, sipping water, juice or any replenishing liquid can help avoid dry mouth. The simple act of chewing and drinking can allow you to be more mindful and less compulsive. However, you should refrain from any alcoholic beverage as it can increase your THC levels and amplify your anxiety. 

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  1. Grab Some Black Peppercorns

If you are struggling with an intense high, one common ingredient in the kitchen that can be useful is peppercorns. It may sound old school but peppercorns can mitigate the high from cannabis and are backed by science. Natural terpenes in peppercorns are chemically similar to that in Cannabis, which combines with the body’s receptors to produce an entourage effect against THC and provide relief. Pepper also has phytocannabinoid-terpenoids that can help fight anxiety and stress. Many people confirm the relieving properties of peppercorns. You can simply sniff peppercorns or chew a few to feel instant relief.  

  1. Go for a Walk

Fixating on a thought pattern can be the most annoying thing about the cannabis high. While most of the time these feelings pass, too much worry may seem that every minute is ceaseless. So, one of the best ways to let these feelings pass is by engaging in any destructive activity. A light walk can help lower your blood pressure and calm down the high energy. A little change in the environment along some fresh air can lift your spirits. 

The Bottom Line

You can keep some of these resources handy to overcome such situations. Remember staying collected and getting some rest can help in most cases. It is important to try cannabis in a safe environment and it’s always wise to have total control over the amount you consume. 

Written by Kathy Cooley