(Last Updated On: October 6, 2015)

Probably, the best time to be a vaping enthusiast is now. Since 2006, influx of vaporizers in the market has grown significantly. These days, the choice of vaporizers out there is almost endless: from portable versions to large desktop vaporizers. Every year, new vaporizers capture the interest of vaporizer enthusiasts. So what are the best vaporizers worth investing this 2015? In no particular order, here are 6 vaporizers that you want to invest on.

Arizer Air

Arizer air

A loose-leaf vaporizer from the makers of the Solo, the Arizer Air roughly has the same dimensions with the Firefly. If you’ve been following the world of vaporizers long enough, there was a time when Firefly blew the competition away.

The design of the Arizer Air looks like a typical e-cigarette. Both the batteries and the ceramic heater are contained in matte silver or a black device. To load on the device, you simply have to pull the mouthpiece and load your loose herbs.

With a $270 price tag, Arizer Air falls on the high end portable vaporizer category. This device can be used while being charged as well. Within 2 minutes, the vaporizer can reach its maximum temperature setting. The device offers a variety of temperatures to choose from ranging from 356°F to 410°F.

A lot of vaping enthusiasts find the Arizer Air a bit sluggish compared to the Firefly. However, the Arizer Air design compensates by providing better control on the thickness of your vapor. Also, aside from its functionality as a portable vaporizer; it can also be used as an oil or herb diffuser.

The vapor quality is at par with the FireFly and other high-end vaporizers out there. A lot of users have tried midway of the available temperature settings. At around 392°F, you’ll get the most superb vapor from the device.

Pax 2


Between the original Pax that made an impact in the vaping industry, the Pax 2 vaporizer even outperformed its predecessor. Considered among the elite portable vaporizers in the market today, The Pax 2 is a loose plant vaporizer. Designed to be lighter and more compact, you’ll immediately see the difference between the first and the second Pax vaporizer. It comes with a deeper oven and a longer battery life that guarantees more vaping sessions. 

One of the best changes that occurred with the Pax 2 is its improved mouthpiece. Among the most common problem encountered with the first version was the mouthpiece clogged, rendering the device useless.

Because of the latest Pax vaporizer’s compact design, which is around 20% to 30% smaller than the first, it fits better in your pocket. Also, surprisingly, it has doubled the number of vaping sessions that you could do once you fully charged the device.  The vapor quality of Pax 2 is among the best in the market today. Pax 2 costs $280, a bit expensive for a portable vaporizer.


Volcano vaporizer

Arguably still the best vaporizer in the industry today; the Volcano desktop vaporizer has continuously evolved from the original to the digital version today. For a $670 price tag, you get exactly what you pay for. Made by Storz and Bickel, it produces the highest quality vapor.

What makes this vaporizer so unique that you spend almost close to $700? This is among the few desk vaporizers considered to be a medical device.  In Israel, Volcano is a device that can be used in hospitals for pain management.

In terms of overall construction, the Volcano is a durable piece of equipment. In fact, a lot of people who purchased the Volcano six years ago are still using the same desk vaporizer without any problem.

These days, there are two options to choose form if you wish to have a Volcano vaporizer. You can either have the classic or the digital. The digital claims to have the more accurate temperature control over the classic, though both has been highly touted in the world of vaporizers.

The Mighty

Mighty vape

Another great vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is the Mighty vaporizer, which offers the same, if not close, resemblance to the vapor experienced from the Volcano. The advantage of the Mighty over the smaller Crafty is that it lasts longer than once fully charged.  Unlike the Crafty though, the Mighty doesn’t have an app which you could tweak.

The device displays accurately the temperature that you are using as you vape. You can select from temperatures 105°F to 410°F for this particular device. And to heat up, it takes around 1:30 to 2:00 minutes in order for this vaporizer to heat up.

In terms of overall construction, the Mighty doesn’t look flimsy at all unlike other miniature vaporizers. Using both conduction and convection heating method, it operates smoothly to bring the best vapor to the user. And just like the Volcano, the Mighty is a bit expensive in contrast to the other vaporizers in the market today. It is sold for around $400, something that is a bit pricey even for the desk vaporizers.

Magic Flight Launch Box


Simple, easy to operate, and it produces superb vapor, these are the characteristics of the Magic Flight Launch Box. Basically, this vaporizer is a wooden box. Carved is a trench that serves as the herb chamber. Attached in the device are a draw hole, an air intake hole, as well as a battery port.

The Magic Flight Launch Box makes use of one AA battery. The kit includes two batteries, a charging dock, as well as a cleaning tool.

Despite that you can hardly find an electrical component on the Magic Flight Launch Box, you could tell that it is a well-made vaporizer as it gives a good vapor on your sessions. As rule of thumb when vaping with the device though, you want to grind your herb finely to increase the surface area that is exposed to the vaporizer’s heating chamber. It is highly advised that you purchase a grinder.

Zephyr Ion

Zephyr Ion vaporizer is a device made in China that runs on a $460 price tag. However, you’ll be lucky enough to see it with a $360 price tag. This vaporizer carries a number of impressive features including an enclosed ceramic heating chamber. What this ensures is the highest quality vapor for your use. It also has 32 separate heat and air channels which helps produce consistent milky vapor. The temperature option for the Zephyr Ion ranges from 100°F to 440°F.

Designed to be easy to use, it has a LED screen which shows green to indicate that the device is ready to vape and red if you need to still wait for a couple of seconds. To reach 410°F, you’ll need to wait for around three minutes. Quality of the vapor is somewhat identical to what the Volcano could offer. It offers the same consistency for every bag that it feels.

The only problem with the Zephyr Ion vaporizer is its durability. Just like anything that is made in China, it may be a good idea to stick with the Volcano if you are willing to spend this amount of money on a desk vaporizer.


There are many vaporizers in the market today. In fact, the options can be quite confusing, especially for someone who is quite new in vaping. For this year, these are some of the best vaporizers that can surely boost your vaping experience. Do you have any favorite vaporizer on your list?

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