(Last Updated On: November 18, 2020)

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There are dozens of destinations around the world for just about everyone and their inclinations. But what about those who can’t separate their passion for weed and travel? If you’re one of those people looking for the perfect destination to explore your love for weed, then you’re in luck. 

This is because you can now explore your love for cannabis and have a fantastic travel experience at any of the five destinations listed in this article. 

The fact is, more countries have either legalized weed or, in the process of doing so, loosening the regulations for marijuana tourism. Today, you can indulge in high-quality cannabis while exploring scenic views, and making new friends without fear of arrest. But first, you need to know which destinations to pick. 

Here are five of the most weed-friendly destinations you should be visiting in 2021. 

5 Weed Friendly Havens From Around the Round

  1. Colorado, USA

Image by Ben Frieden from Pixabay

It would be unfair to travelers and natives if Colorado isn’t mentioned among the list of great weed destinations. Since 2012, the state has made recreational weed legal. Colorado has since become a center of attraction for many weed lovers from around the U.S and other countries. You’ll find over 450 weed dispensaries selling the best weeds money can buy. 

But weed smoking isn’t the only thing Colorado has to offer its visitors. Tourists can indulge in other fun activities such as cannabis cooking lessons, marijuana tasting, and joint-rolling lessons. Also, there are many exclusive places, especially in Denver, where you can smoke good quality joints since it’s illegal to smoke in public. You only need the right Denver hotel bookings to reserve a spot. 

  1. Kingston, Jamaica

Photo by Logan Kirschner from Pexels

Long before weed became a household substance in many parts of the world, Rastafarians used it for religious purposes. Jamaica was one of the first countries places that called for the legalization of weed according to the lyrics of popular reggae musician Culture “Legalization of the ganja herb.”  

Today, the country is famous for its weed culture. Tourists all over the world resonate with the Rastafarian and reggae lifestyle. Here, tourists will learn how sacred the herb is to the people and why it’s ingrained in the culture. 

Aside from this, Jamaica is one of the beautiful Caribbean islands. It has attractive relief features like majestic mountains. You’ll also find pearly sand beaches, lush forests, and the right climate for the perfect weed escape. Should you find yourself in Kingston, don’t forget to visit the Kaya Herb House. It’s a haven for all weed lovers that set foot on Jamaican soil. 

  1. Toronto, Canada

If you’re looking for a friendly, peaceful, and crime-free country that has recently legalized weed, then Canada is your ideal destination. Due to the federal legalization of the herb, many weed lovers have flocked to Canada, searching for adventure and good weed experiences. 

But the Canadian government isn’t the only party to loosen their regulatory outlook on cannabis possession and usage. You will find the natives of the country very indulging and open-minded. In Canada, you can use marijuana both for medicinal and recreational purposes. It depends solely on your inclinations. Even though not many people will travel several miles just to use weed for therapeutic reasons. 

However, those looking for vibrant nightlife, classy views, and high-quality joints can head to Toronto. To be more specific, you’ll find lots of good cafes in the Kensington Market of Toronto where you’ll be offered all the weed you can smoke.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

If you’ve been a weed enthusiast for a while, you must have heard that Amsterdam is the place to be for many reasons. As a country, The Netherlands has been among the best locations any weed lover can visit since the 1970s. The country considers Cannabis a soft drug. Therefore, users enjoy a nationwide Policy of Tolerance, and you don’t have to ever worry about owning, selling, or buying weed in the Netherlands. 

Perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to visit a weed dispensary shop to buy the herb. Anyone can purchase high-grade cannabis and other edibles in any renowned coffee shop in the city. 

  1. Madrid, Spains

Spain offers a unique experience for weed users. Instead of coffee shops like Amsterdam and herb spots like Jamaica, visitors can explore their love for cannabis in social clubs. There is one major difference; you’ll need to have a membership card to access these clubs and purchase weed. 

For the best experience, be sure to land in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. In Barcelona alone, you can find more than 200 clubs. You’ll only need to pay a membership fee, and you’re free to enjoy weed within the premises. The country also hosts fun activities like High Life Expo and Spannabis, which can always add fun and excitement to your experience.  


Today, you don’t have to look far to realize that weed is riding a high tide in many nations around the world, in most cases, for good reasons too. Many people worldwide can’t wait to travel to their favorite destinations in the coming days and months. If you’re looking to enjoy some new strains of cannabis overseas and have the fun of a lifetime, do check out these five weed destinations. Until then, stay safe!


Written by Kathy Cooley