(Last Updated On: August 15, 2021)

Not everyone has an idea on smoking hash despite its long history. This is the oldest cannabis concentrate first introduced in the 11th century. It was common in the Middle East while remaining exotic and mysterious to Americans until recently. Lately, hash has spread worldwide as marijuana concentrate.

Back then, people took hash orally as edibles before they thought of smoking it. Today, there are different ways of smoking it. You can use traditional smoking devices or modern high-tech solutions. Here is a description of the five primary methods of consuming hash.

  1. Hookah
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A hookah is one of the oldest devices used to smoke hash. It was available before they introduced tobacco to Asia and remains a popular means of hash smoking. A hookah pipe is essentially a water pipe with a hose used to smoke shisha during social smoking. Dirty hookah is a term that describes adding marijuana to shisha and inhaling it out of a hookah pipe. It has become common among young people to enjoy the freedom to smoke what they want.

People have been using this method when smoking with friends because of multiple mouthpieces. Just ensure you clean it well to avoid making a mess out of it. There are many benefits of using a hookah to smoke hash. For example, the device is designed to ensure you smoke slowly, thus offering a more mellow experience. It also has a water filtration feature similar to bongs.

  1. Bong
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Using bongs is excellent for consuming bubble hash. This is a specific type of hash made with ice water. The device filters out residual plant matter to prevent it from reaching your lungs. Therefore, you will get a smooth hit when using a bong to smoke hash compared to pipes. Just fill the bong with water and load the material into the bowl. Sometimes they have a metal mesh screen to prevent clogging.

Essentially, the bong is a type of water pipe with a thick hose, allowing users to contain additional smoke. It results in a rapid, powerful effect, with people getting stoned from two bong hits. Bongs come in various sizes and designs, including glass and acrylic options. Today, they are common among experienced smokers who need a faster effect.

  1. Bowl and pipe

A bowl is one of the convenient ways to smoke hash. It is a small hand pipe providing smaller doses of the concentrate. You can smoke a ball of hash in a pipe alone or with something else such as concentrates. For example, put some hash in the pipe, light it up, and smoke away. The hash will continue to smolder after lighting up.

Pipes are small and portable over bongs, meaning you can have them at hand whenever needed. However, they have harsher hits than the bongs, thus not ideal for amateurs. Bowls and pipes are made of glass, though you can find ceramic and metal materials. While they were used for smoking tobacco, you can use them to consume hash and have the same effect. Ensure the bowl is clean before using a hash to enjoy the smoking.

  1. Vaporizer
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Vaporizers are modern inventions that allow users to enjoy a clean vaping experience. The vape cartridge minimizes the risk of harmful toxins getting to your lungs. It’s designed to remove combustion from the equation, meaning you won’t consume tar and carbon monoxide. Just load your hash, let the device get warm, and smoke.

There are different vaporizers on the market, including portable and table-top devices. Today, you can find portable vaporizers like vape pens that offer a discreet way of smoking hash. The only requirement with vaporizers is to clean its chamber regularly. The sticky residues can cake up inside the vape and affect its functioning. Therefore, make sure the device is clean.

  1. Joint and blunt
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Joints are an easy way of consuming hash and the most common method. They are easy to make as you only need rolling paper and buds from reputable seed banks. Simply roll the marijuana buds in the paper and light it up to smoke. You can use joints to smoke hash alone or mix with other smokables. They produce more harsh smoke than vaporizers, so ensure you go slow on them.

Blunts have been used for a long time when smoking hash. They are popular among cannabis consumers because of their ability to smoke solo or with friends. These methods are all about sharing the hash. For example, hash joints are common means of getting high with your friends. You can fit a ton of hash into a paper and share it with several of your friends.

The Bottom Line

This is not a comprehensive list of all the methods you can use to smoke hash. There are many other ways for you to enjoy the concentrate. This list comprises the most common ways that will give you a fascinating experience. You can purchase several forms of hash at a weed dispensary or make your own using collected kief. People are increasingly inventing new ways of consuming this concentrate. Regardless of the method, the result is to feel high. However, before consuming hash, ensure you get quality products that will give you the ultimate experience. 

Written by Kathy Cooley