The Five Best Vaporizers for the Back to School Season
(Last Updated On: November 21, 2020)

5 Best Vaporizers This Back to School Season

The fun is back and we’re sure you missed your college buddies. It’s now time to catch up and talk about what you did last summer.It’s also now time to kick off the new school year by sharing the fun with vaporizers.

Whether you and your buddies are planning to go to that extreme adventure this school year, or maybe want to be free from your boredom while waiting for your next class, there is always the best vaporizer for the money that you and your buddies will enjoy this back to school season.

Let us take a look at our top picks for the back to school fun that you and your college friends will be proud to bring and take whenever you go.

Vaporizer #1 : Volcano Vaporizers

The volcano desktop vaporizer

You’ll never be disappointed with the amount and quality of vapor the Volcano will release. The Storz & Bickel Volcano is so great to use at college dorms because it keeps you discreet as it is portable and odorless. This is also perfect to bring to your ultimate get away or party with your college buddies.

The volcano vape heat up substances through convection but not so hot enough that it results to combustion or burning. This means no tar, no carcinogens and a cleaner healthier smoking experience.

Volcano Vaporizers are considered the most advanced in the market today. The vent balloon delivery device made the Volcano to stand apart from all the vaporizers in the market today. Recent reviews seem to be unanimous that the Volcano Vaporizers are ultimate stand-outs in terms of ease of use.

Volcano Vaporizers are made of two different valves: Easy Valve and Solid Valve. You may also choose between the Classic Volcano Vaporizer and the Digital Volcano.

What comes best with the Volcano Vaporizers?  Vaporizing your herbs will never be complete without grinding and sifting. We highly recommend the Mama P’s Grinder Anodized Color for the best vaporizing experience.

Be sure to share the fun with your school buddies as you enjoy the Volcano Vaporizer!

Smokazon Team

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Vaporizer #2: Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The best for college campus or dorm vaping! The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a new highly advanced vaporizer that is compact and lightweight – perfect for taking it everywhere. It is small enough to fit your pocket and could last for 3 hours of continuous use.

Your vaping buddies will surely envy you using the Solo vape because of the vapor quality and the taste it gives. It has a very superb consistency because the vapor is very solid and visible even at lower levels – something your buddies will drool on as you vape on your Solo. Truly one of the best portable vaporizers that creates high quality vapor on demand

You no longer have to worry about your vapor going out of control or getting hotter because it has temperature settings.

What comes best with the Arizer Solo Vaporizer? You can never go wrong vaporizing the Solo with the Kannastor 2.5” Jar Style Grinder that is very ideal for sifting, grinding and storage of your herbs.

Lay on your bed to watch the movies on a weekend, vape while you wait for your next class or let the Arizer Solo vape become your best buddy as you take on a pressuring project or homework!

Smokazon Team

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Vaporizer #1 :  Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The ultimate favorite of many Smokazon customers.It may be small, but it is no small deal for those who are enjoying Atmos.

It’s really not difficult to see why this pen vaporizer is really popular and trendsetter. Take it on the campus and vape as you wait for your next class while remaining discreet.

If you are tired of using oils and looking to use dried herbs and flowers instead, then the Atmos Raw Vaporizer pen is your best buddy this school season. That is something that other pen vaporizers are not capable to do.

It is not just your ordinary portable pen vaporizer. The Atmos Raw vape is amazingly dense and can stand up to 72 hours of continuous use. So if you are going to wrestle with your school project or homework for a whole evening, the Atmos Raw vape pen is going to be your best buddy that can last up to so many hours of continuous use.Truly, something that will never let you down.

What comes best with the Atmos Raw Vaporizer? Being portable is very important when you use the Atmos Raw Rx Vaporizer. Have the ability to grind, sift and store your herbs into one jar. We highly recommend the Kannastor 2.2” Jar Style Grinder as the perfect match for your Atmos Raw Vape. 

Take it to the campus, take it to the library, take it to the next biggest college party and take the Atmos Raw anywhere you want.

Smokazon Team

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Vaporizer #4: G-Pen Vaporizer

 G Pen Vaporizer

The game changer in the world of pen vaporizers could also become the next game changer in your campus!

One look and you may think that the G-Pen is very expensive, but don’t let the packaging fool you! As a matter of fact, it is one of the most affordable pen portable vaporizers today.        

No more need to use an actual flame to heat up concentrates or oils because the G Pen is using a rechargeable battery to heat them. You will be surprised with the vapor quality that it produces considering it is one of the most affordable pen vaporizers today. Plus, its long battery life can give you up to 400 vape hits!

The G-Pen Vaporizer is extremely user friendly, with no small pieces that can get lost. It also uses a tank system with a plastic storage cap that is easily removable when you want to load your concentrates.

The fact that the G Pen Vaporizer is one of the very first to be FDA registered brings much more credibility. This will allow you to sleep well at night knowing that your health is in good hands.

What comes best with the G-Pen Vaporizers? Since the G-Pen Vaporizer is perfect for on the go, so you should have something like the Slick Balls Mini to stock your extracts like resins and wax! Also consider Glob Mops to clean your vape pen and ensure you get the longest life out of it.

Release the stresses and the pressures of school. Release the vapor with the G-Pen Vaporizer.

Smokazon Team

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Vaporizer #5: Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

 Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is the perfect match for you if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend so much time on getting stuff to your vaporizer while your studying on the campus or dorm. Finally, a portable vaporizer that is small, fast, no torch and no lighter that you can use anywhere and anytime.

Go vape it anywhere you want. Vape it together with your college buddies and enjoy the fine consistency of vapor the Magic Flight Vapor brings.

MFLB is the best buddy to bring on your campus. You will be surprise because of its incredibly fast heat up time. If you’re on the go, you no longer have to worry about it losing power because you can always charge it anywhere with its AA Battery charger. Just make sure to use fully charged batteries to get the best possible experience with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

What comes best with the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer? For a full vaporizing experience of your Magic Flight Launch Box, we highly recommend the Kannastor Clear Crank Top 3.0 Grinder for the finest consistency of your herbs. 

Bring the most innovative and the stealth features of the Magic Flight Launch Box in your campus. You can even take it on your next college group getaway.

Smokazon Team

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If you figure that you are one of the type of the students above, then the vaporizers we recommend may be the best for you!

Did we miss any of your campus or dorm favorites from this list? If so, please let us know on the comments below. 

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